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Malawi Palace
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
1000x60x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The biggest feature of the beautiful pool is that it has a depth of 60 cm :-)
I can only say it is for me as a new experience to maintain a deep pool and I must say it's a class thing, I would not want to swap.
Ok with 1m length, it is not exactly one of the biggest pool, but believe me, the depth of the basin makes it all away.
Der Klotz
Rechte seite
Aquarium decoration:
Silica sand from the Baumarktk

Grain 0.1-0.5
1 Anubia
1 Jawafarn
Special features of the facility:
I chose here as well for stone constructions, noteworthy is the large stone in the center of the basin. In my eyes, a beautiful white limestone (hole stone) with many holes and ideal for a mbuna tank.
Der Grosse Stein
Aquarium equipment:
1 Afrikan Lake tube 89.5 cm long
A 1200 l / h External Filter.
Other equipment:
A hunter heater 250W
Aussenfilter 1200l/h
The Preliminary stocking looks like
5 Demansoni
13 CH44 (junior)
5 Synodontis Multipunktatus

But it will change quite soon as the young (Ch 44) is large.
Ch 44 Weibchen Beschützungs Färbung
Mutter mit Jungen
Der Wurf ch 44 20min alt
Darf ich mich Vorstellen
Ich bin Hugo ^^(kleiner Demansoni)
wir 4 zeigen uns mal ^^
Wir zeigen uns nicht Gerne (Synodontis)
Water parameters:
Temperature 25 °
3 times a day of powdered food Mikrovit
Further information:
What else is there to say, as mentioned above, it is currently a "breeding tank" for the 13 CH Haplocromis 44th
In addition, 5 small Demansoni joined to 3-5 cm tall.
Since I have also decided to keep a larger group Synodontis Multipunktatus, there are also here 5 juveniles 4-5 cm tall.

For pool in:
I have long wondered whether I a 1m pool would really rich, but when I saw it, this really powerful cube I had to have it.
Having a 60cm deep in a pool is already a special I think. Since I was still stuck in children's aquarists shoes, I'm really excited. It has so many options, equipment, stones, arrange plants or other things in the basin, so really nothing to be desired.

Right now it's a bit meager furnishings, but is because I do not want to expect so much stress the pups.

All images is to say, once the female front what's gone on the pictures, is no longer in the pool. Secondly, apologized that I "so many" images have reingesetzt of the few little ones, but I am a little proud of the rascals and wanted to give to you a little bit of it.
The videos show the small 2min after the spit (excuse the quality, the camera is scrap ^^)
So rejoice in the final device :-)