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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Der erste Versuch
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Rechte Seitenscheibe
Frontal rechte Seite
Frontal linke Seite
Linke Seitenscheibe
Aquarium decoration:
9.4kg DeponitMix Professional
Rounded 50 kg Dennerle Gravel, hardness free, CO2, lightfast, water neutral, grain 1-2mm, edges
20 kg in color Diamond Black, 30 kg in color fawn
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - Brazilian Grass (front right)
Alternanthera reineckii RED - Broad, red parrot leaf (left and right edge of the pool in the middle / rear)
Hydrocotyle leucocephala - Brasiliansicher pennywort (left and right edge of the pool in the middle)
Microsorum pteropus - Javafarn (at the root)
Vallisneria gigantea - Giant - sump bolt (back to the rear wheel along)
Echinodorus bleheri - Big Amazonas - sword plant (Rear)
. Echinodorus jungle Star No. 10 - water plantain "Red Leopard" (Dennerle; Rear)
. Echinodorus jungle Star # 2 - sword plant "Little Bear" (Dennerle; Rear)
Coco Shell with Anubias + Java moss - overgrown coconut half (Dennerle, center)
Bamboo Stick with Java moss maxi - bamboo - stick with large Java moss (Dennerle; ajar vertically behind the root)
2 different types of Cryptocoryne (front left)
Special features of the facility:
3 small mangrove overgrown roots, 2 blocks, 1 half overgrown coconut, covered 1 bamboo pole
Dekoration im Aquarium Der erste Versuch
Aquarium equipment:
2x 30 watt T8, with reflectors, controlled by timer from 7-12 clock and 15-20 clock
1x Dennerle TROCAL-de Luxe Special-Plant, 1x Dennerle TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon Day
EHEIM professionel 3 electronic 450 (2076)

For aquariums up to about 240-450 l
Pump capacity approx 1700L / h
Power 10-35W
Container volume 12,5L
Filter volume 6l + 0.6L (prefilter)

Filter runs only at half-three-quarter flow rate (12h biofunction), unfortunately the 1st generation model without USB interface connector

Filter media: the lowest and medium filter basket: EHEIM Mech, top filter basket: EHEIM substrate per, plus the Vorfilterschwann from EHEIM, filter fleece was completely omitted since the electronics in any light pollution already goes into another program and reports an error.
Other equipment:
Co2: Dennerle pH controller Evolution DeLuxe, 2kg refillable reservoir bottle with night off and Flipper as adding device.
Heating: Dennerle Duomat Evolution DeLuxe with 25 Watt DENNERLE Bodenfluter 24 Volt and 150 Watt Jäger heater
Bodenheizung verlegt
CO2-Flipper, Temperatursonde und Filter-Saugseite
Eheim professionel 3 electronic 2076
Technik im Aquarium Der erste Versuch
4 pcs. Pterophyllum scalare - scalar Blue Diamond
12 pcs Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis -. Lemon tetra
14 pcs Corydoras (C. adoldi and C. schwartzii) -. Adolfo's catfish and Schwartzii-cory
1 pc Hyphessobrycon eques -. Serpae tetra, is a remnant
1 pc Parotocinclus jumbo "Pitbull" -. LDA 25, also a remnant

9 pcs. Antlers Augers / Clithon sp.
Corydoras adolfoi
Skalar mit Laich
Skalarpaar Blue Diamond
Skalar mit freischwimmenden Jungen
LDA 25
12.11.11 - Skalare beginnen mit dem Laichen
12.11.11 - Vollständiges Geläge
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis - Zitronensalmler
Adolfos Panzerwels
Besatz im Aquarium Der erste Versuch
Water parameters:
pH 6.6-6.8; digitally displayed on Dennerle pH Controller Evolution DeLuxe-
Temp .: 25-26 ° C, night setback to 24-25 ° C, also displayed digitally on Dennerle Duomat Evolution DeLuxe
Frozen Food: Vitamin Plus Quartet (red and white mosquito larvae, Artemia and Daphnia)
Live food: red and white mosquito larvae, Enchyträn
approximately every 2-3 weeks, there are 3-4 days by live food
Further information:
Fertilizer: Easy Life PriFito 15ml / week, Easy Life Ferro 10ml / week
Water change about 25% every 2 weeks treated with Dennelre Avera,
2 Seemandelbaumblätter and 7-8 alder cones per water change