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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Mein Wohnzimmersee
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
180 x 130 x 70 = 1600 liters ~ 422 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin was stuck suburb from 12 mm glass. Also floor plate 12mm glass from 3 Teilen.An the crossbars were 2 provisional rails glued to the cover plates.
In the basin is a central overflow shaft with 3 holes for the installation of 1x and 2x Zu. expiry.
The pool is "free" in the room on an approximately 45 cm high self masonry base.
On this one 19mm Glued, with foam rubber tape from drywall, "floating" mounted to the slight unevenness of Poroton bricks was auszugleichen.Unter the basin is a 15 mm polystyrene plate.
Die Gutachter.....Puppe Mara, das Töchterchen und das Kuscheltier Vivi
Ansicht vom Flur/Eingangsbereich
Ansicht von der TV/Sitzgruppe
Ansicht vom Essbereich
Ansicht von der Terassenseite wurde mit diesem Digitaldruckposter gegen die einfallende
Aquarium decoration:
80 kg of fine quartz sand 0.8 to 2 mm
Anubias gracilis and odorates, Vallisneria Rubra Serpenta, Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia and cilata
Special features of the facility:
A self-made rock in 3 parts and approximately 100 kg Kalkstein.Der central DIYs rock also serves as a pleasant side effect, the optical lamination of Überlaufschachtes.Ich have set out Styrodurresten the basic shape and then this was covered with PVC lathwork and coated several times with decorative cement .After the layer structure of at least 3cm, the contours and the surface were of a painter (with artistic ambitions) gestaltet.Nach the entgültigem curing was the cement modeled after the original stones color gefinisht.Abschließend were 2 partial 3 layers of food grade epoxy resin inside and outside applied.
A large Decowood of hobby on the "TV Aspect" and a Rockzolid Type C on the "room side".
Both roots are made of synthetic resin and affect the water values ​​in any way !!! Furthermore, the deadwood my LAB was what in many diving video to see the lake Seeehr is decorative. Most will know what to do Man (n) if something woman sooooooo much like ........ ;-)
Draufsicht vor dem Sand und dem Wasser
Aquarium equipment:
In 2 self-built from bamboo strips "light boxes" are 4 x 12 Watt LED Beamswork 600.Die lamp boxes were fitted with 2 adrigem highly flexible speaker cable in copper / Transparent to, specially over the pelvis, attached bar with oligo rope suspension. It is 1 of the suspension wire and the 2.the power.
Each 60-min.Sonnenauf. bzw.Untergangssimulation by GHL ProfiLux II.
7. clock is the sun and from 21.00 clock unter.Der dimming from 1% to 95% and 95% to 1% will take about 1 hour.
Per GHL Profilux is noon "the sun" in 15% runtergeregelt and about 180 min. Long cloud / rain simulated dhin 30min from 95% to 15% that remains ca.120min and then again dimmed to 100% 30min long.
From 21.55 clock the LED moonlight ProfiLuxMoon DB is the GHL the moon phase simulation to switch.
Depending on the phase of the moon is the pool lit up at night with "Voll.-half or New Moon" and conjures up great effects in the basin.
Is filtered by 6 chamber filter tank in the basement below. Dimensions of FB 150x50x50.
1 chamber of the dirt collector with 2 inlets and 2 sequences. Depending on an AB and feed the emergency backups.
2-5 chamber with a total of 200 l foam cubes 50x50mm in PPI 20 gefüllt.Kammer 2-4 are using 50mm Ausströmerkugel additionally ventilated (in chamber 2 & 4 in counterflow principle) which the filter bacteria brings extra oxygen.
6 chamber is the clear water chamber with current in-testing AquaForte Forza ECO 8000. This pump can be controlled 3-8 thousand liter capacity and at 13-75 watts power consumption.
the pump is currently running at 80% ie ca.63 Watts to 1600l / h back to promote in the basin.
About the FB is via a bypass 30 watt UV clarifier installed DeBary traversed with about 500l / h.
Other equipment:
DeBary UV clarifier 30 watts running 24 hours a day and the UV tube is exchanged in the annual rhythm.
A Tunze Nano Stream 6055 for the additional flow in the basin.
This is set by Tunze Controller on pulsing 1000-4500 l / h (I'll try if all fish are used).
DeBary 30 Watt UV
Einlauf ins FB
Klarwasserkammer mit neuer RD 3+ Steuerung und max. 80 Watt
Hängeleuchten im DiYs Verfahren
Hängeleuchte installiert und angeschlossen
Planned stocking:

- 20 WF Tropheus moori Ilangi + ca.25 adult WFNZ from its own inventory
- 10-12 Young WF Benthochromis tricoti Burundi
- 10/10 Cyprichromis Pavo Moliro
- 2/3 WFNZ Cyathopharynx Foa Magara
- 6-8 WFNZ Synodontis polli (2 animals must be supported already in the basin to the insertion of the filter tank)

The purely carnivorous Altolamprologus and Neolamprologus been removed from the proposed list ..........
2/3 WFNZ Cyathopharynx foae magara kurz nach dem einsetzen
WFNZ Cyathopharynx foae magara Gruppe mit Rohbaukratern
Cyathopharynx foae Magara WFNZ Langsam kommt Farbe ins Spiel
Cyathopharynx foae magara WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Cyprichromis pavo Moliro WF/WFNZ
Tanganicodus irasacae Kibishi WF
Tanganicodus irasacae Kibishi WF
Das 2. brütende Mädel !
Das 1. brütende Mädel, hier wurde die Brut schon an den Papa übergeben
Lamprologus Signatus Pärchen
Benthochromis Tricoti Burundi
Benthochromis Tricoti Burundi Male
Tropheus moori Ilangi WFNZ
Tropheus moori Ilangi WFNZ
Tropheus moori Ilangi WFNZ
Cyathopharynx foae Magara Balz
Benthochromis Tricoti Burundi Juveniles Männchen
Water parameters:
PH 8
GH 12-15
KH 8-10
NO2 undetectable
NO3 to 20 mg / l
PO4 to 0.5 mg / l
Conductance to 700 ms
Temperature: 24-27 ° C
(Addition of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and zeolite in the ratio 3: 1: 0.5 for the preservation of water values)
Staple food:
-Tropical Spirulina Flakes
-Tropical Spirulina granules
-Guggenbühl Breeders Bits and Sticks
-Tropical SPIRUTABIN A and B
-Cyclop Eeze