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Tanganjiaksee 720 10/2012
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
150x80x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Tanganjiaksee 720 10/2012
Tanganjiaksee 720 10/2012
Tanganjikasee 720 (Tropheus tank)
Tanganjikasee 720 (Tropheus tank)
Tanganjikasee 720 (Tropheus tank)
Größe Aquarium
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Aquarium decoration:
river sand and riverbed
Special features of the facility:
The background is made by hand.

Tools and Supplies Needed for the production:

Extruded polystyrene green scalloped - edited to better than normal and does not make such a mess
-PU Foam - a normal installation

The manufacturing process:

It is well located to a smaller sketch of how the background looks at what points will do. It is necessary to count with holes for filtration, when we hide behind the filter and other devices. If you do not want the fish to get into the background, the holes offer a coarse mesh. I am not hinder fish-entry for the background, I think it is even better if they hide behind something, if something waterlily.

Now that the sketch is finished, we go into production background. At first we worked, polystyrene, and gradually it will cut and paste PU foam. Once we have done, recheck the dimensions of the background, so that we in the aquarium. Exactly I do not think nelepím behind the glass. If we have the aquarium glass struts, so they can be wonderfully decorative appeal and the outflow of water, which ensures that the background is not fixed, and the chance to swim.

If everything fits, and to move to the aesthetic presentation, which gives the background more natural feeling. White cement mix with DUVILAX and water (ratio 1: 8 8 1duvilax water) and we use a weaker layer on polystyrene. Then let allow to dry the cement for 2 days and repeat the coating.

Once the cement has hardened, so we can paint Balakryl. I recommend buying the basic colors and then mix the desired color shades. And he is nebád imagination. Only to be reckoned with, that when put into the background and nasvítíme fluorescent aquarium, it will be a little brighter. It's good to make a little darker. I recommend paint sample and immersed in the tank, when this possibility.

Finally, several paint color DUVILAX (1: 8 ratio of water 1duvilax 8 water). It is important to painted him during drying brush the white spots remain, which, when soaked in water, only to reappear.

The next day, rinse with water behind it and make sure that no DUVILAX spots. If everything is correct, we can insert a background into the aquarium.
Tanganjikasee 720 (Tropheus tank) - wallpaper from black to blue
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Tanganyika 720 CZ
Aquarium equipment:
2x36W Sylvania Aquastar
External filter: EHEIM 2080 profesional 3 XL, EHEIM filter media - EHFIMECH 4l, 8l SUBSTRATpro, 1x Blue-Liner, 1x white liner)

Inner-filters: 202 head + Atman filter foam No.4
Other equipment:
Heating: Jäger 250W Variable
Tanganjikasee 720 (Tropheus tank)
Tanganyika 720 CZ
SIS-PMS Silver Shield Programmable Power Outlet Strip (GEMBIRD)
EHEIM 2080 profesional 3 XL
füttern und filtration
28x Tropheus Duboisi Maswa F1
35x Tropheus moorii "Ilangi yellow - Nkamba Bay" F1 - 35x
8x Eretmodus cyanostictus "Kigoma" F1
Eretmodus cyanostictus `Kigoma` F1 10/2012
Tropheus moorii `Ilangi yellow - Nkamba Bay` F1 and Eretmodus cyanostictus `Kigoma`
Eretmodus cyanostictus `Kigoma` F1
Tropheus Duboisi Maswa
Tropheus moorii `Ilangi yellow - Nkamba Bay` F1
Tropheus Duboisi Maswa F1
Eretmodus cyanostictus `Kigoma` F1
Tropheus Duboisi Maswa F2 juveline
Water parameters:
NO3: 8mg / l
NO2: 0mg / l
GH: 20 ° d
pH: 8
Temp: 26 ° C

Water chemistry (pH and GH) treated with Epsom salt and baking powder.
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