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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
40x25x25 = 25 liters ~ 6 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- Standard 25L tank
- The cover is made of glass craft
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rechte Seite, zu Beginn
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Aquarium decoration:
6cm black, rounded gravel (now the front about 3 cm, back about 6 cm)
The exact name I unfortunately do not know him.
- Taxiphyllum Barbieri - Java moss (tied to root)
- Anubias nana barteri - dwarf sheet Peer (bound to the root)
- Pogostemon erectus
- Hygrophila polysperma - Indian water friend
- Blyxa japonica - Japanese herb thread
- Hydrocotyle sp Japan - Shamrock (?)
- Elantine hydropiper
- Rotala macrandra - Large Rotala
- Pistia stratiotes - Muschelblume
- Ludwigia repens (?) - Creeping Ludwigia
so sah es anfangs aus
so sah es anfangs aus
Special features of the facility:
Furthermore, a bog-wood, on the Taxiphyllum Barbieri and Anubias nana barteri are still bound. The Taxiphyllum Barbieri is a network firm kept (bathroom sponge, therefore the blue color).
In addition, always a Seemandelbaumblatt and 2 alder cones in it!
Aquarium equipment:
2 times 8 watt fluorescent tube. Both equipped with reflectors.
The first lamp of 8: 45Uhr to 20: 45Uhr and second lights from 9am to 21h.
Dennerle Nano corner filter with stocking coating)
- Pump capacity 150 l / h, infinitely variable
- Power consumption: 2 Watt
Other equipment:
Otherwise is not a technique or in the pelvis.
Sole Type:
- About 15 Neocaridina heteropoda var red (Red Fire).
- It was time for 6 days a couple Fundulopanchax gardneri in the basin. As I noted a few days ago, are now about 5 juveniles in the basin. Lined with these powdered food.
Besatz im Aquarium Es hängt
Besatz im Aquarium Es hängt
Besatz im Aquarium Es hängt
Besatz im Aquarium Es hängt
Water parameters:
According Waterworks:
PH: 8.1
Nitrates: 17 mg / L
KH: 3,8 ° dH
GH: 6.8 ° dH

KH: 3 ° dH
GH: 7 ° dH
PH: 7
Nitrite: nn

Nitrate I can not measure currently. According waterworks the nitrate level is 17 mg / l.
The water temperature is 24 ° C.

TWW every week 50%.
red pepper, cucumber, flake food, freeze-dried Tubifex, powdered food (sera micron)