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Aquarium Hauptansicht von NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
1,20-40-55 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin of Juwel Rio 240 Decor: Dark-Brown stoßverklebt,
Aquarium decoration:
20kg Dennerle Crystal quartz gravel 1-2mm Black
-Härtefrei -CO2 Rounded edges Resistant

Ceratophyllum demersum `Foxtail has no real roots, but can still be planted in the ground layer. `Foxtail` differs by more closely sessile leaves and side shoots, which gives the plant an attractive and compact design. It is characterized also by the fact that it is more robust and remain intact because they do not break as easily as other Ceratophyllum variants.

FAMILY: Ceratophyllaceae
ORIGIN: cosmopolitan
Height: 5 cm - 80 cm
WIDTH: 5 cm - 15 cm
Temperature: 10 - 28 ° C
PH: 6 - 9
Growth: fast
Plainness: Easy
Special features of the facility:
2 roots Moorkien Wood Size M

Jewel -Aquarienrückwände with their pronounced bark structure enhance the depth of the aquarium

4 coconuts

Divided Artificial hole rock in half

Aquarium equipment:
T5 fluorescent lamps of jewel 1047 mm 2 x 54 W

1. The light color Nature corresponds to the light color warm tone and created with a color temperature of 4100 Kelvin a warm natural light. High-Lite Nature tube promoting plant growth with natural colors.

2. The light color Day matches the light color daylight and produces a color temperature of 9000 Kelvin, a cool and bright light. High-Lite tubes Day promote plant growth with natural colors.

Lighting from 10:00 - 22:30 clock
Juwel Bioflow 3.0, Bio filter including pump and filtermedia
Heater (not in operation), the pump Multi-Set 600 with a capacity of about 600 l / h

EHEIM professionel 3 600 external filter 2075, 1250L / h
Other equipment:
Dennerle Nanotherm, mini-thermometer
[BChanna sp. "Inle"]
DNZ 1 male & 1 female
Inle Lake snakehead fish
Origin: Myanmar should come from Inle Lake or one of its tributaries
Overall length: 18 cm Shall Be
Current length: 12 cm
Reproduction: mouth brood care

This snakehead is currently considered one of the smallest of its kind, but should for permanent care not fall below an edge length of 100 cm.

3 Ancistrus dolichopterus Atennenwels

1 males 2 females
Origin: Amazon Basin, Rio Negro basin, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname
Total length: 13-15 cm
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Besatz im Aquarium NUR NOCH  BEISPIEL
Water parameters:
value of Tetra
NO3-mg / 25
NO2 mg / 0
GH - 16
KH - 6
pH - 8
Cl2 Mg / 0

Water changes every 5-7 days for 30 percent
Live food: mealworms, ornamental fish

Frozen food: bloodworm, mussel meat

Dry food: cichlids granules, Aquatic Turtle Food (sticks)

Zucchini for catfish
Further information:
Fertilizing EasyCarbo of Easy Life 2 ml a day

Tetra pH / KH Minus at 240 L water for the first time 50 ml