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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Diskuseum
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
120 x 40 x 50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
10mm glass thickness stoßverklebt
Gesamtansicht stand 04.10.11
Gesamtansicht stand 04.10.2011
Aquarium Diskuseum
Gesamtlayout ohne Pflanzen. Nach langem Probieren hab ich mich hierfür entschieden
Aquarium decoration:
35 kg washed and decalcified quartz sand; In my first bowl I had also such a quartz sand. This time I have refrained from the use of tower snails. The reason for this is the aim of the parasite-free attitude of my discs. There is no guarantee that the TDS parasites transmitted or pass; I hope that the sand does not rot within a year.
I ordered parasite-free plant at Carmen Damer from Berlin. Here I would again be a special greeting los !!! I can only recommend !!! This time I have taken in the choice of Falzes more on the arrangement and appearance. I am aware that it does not concern South American plants ... I hope the problem is forgiven in my pool type.


Eleocharus acicular - needle ledges -
Vesicularia dubyana - Java moss -
Echinodorus Ocelot - water plantain
Limnophila heterophylla - small Ambulia
Cryptocoryne cordata
Eleocharus aciculares - Nadelsimse - Sie wächst ganz gut und zieht sich so langsam
Cryptocoryne cordata; schöne Farben - von gelb bis dunkelgrün. Die Disken wedeln
Echinodorus Ozelot - der Froschlöffel
Javamoos auf Wurzel aufgebunden. Mittlerweile ist sie festgewachsen und wächst langsam
Limnophila heterophylla - kleine Ambulia; Wachsen, wachsen und wachsen.. und müssen
Special features of the facility:
1 large bog-wood
3 small Moorkienwurzeln
Wurzel mit aufgebundenem Javamoos
Aquarium equipment:
1x T8 38 Watt - Tropical Amazon Day (Dennerle)
1x T8 38 Watt - Tropical ColorPlus (Dennerle)
Lighting from 11.00 until 22.00 clock clock
1x Eheim Professional External Filter to 1000 ltr
1x Eheim Biopower Internal Filter to 240 ltr
Other equipment:
1x CO2 system with overnight shutdown, 2kg bottle and indoor Co2 reactor

11 watt UVC clarifier for the reduction of pollutants and suspended solids

Weekly. Water purification progresses through IBL reverse osmosis system; This creates 380 liters per day; Since we have very hard water, at any WW 60% (osmosis water) is blended to 40% (tap water);
Eheim-Außenfilter mit UVC-Klärer
Co2-Anlage mit Magnetventil - angeschlossen an Zeitschaltuhr - mit Licht gekoppelt
11x discus;
Color varieties: 4x Red Turquoise and 7x Leopard
When using 6cm tall;

I realize that some of the stocking density - are hanging - as measured by the AQ-size. However, the disks show a very good social behavior in this large group. They eat and are as great. My breeder (Mr. Oswald Hanke) carries the same opinion! If the animals are fully grown, I'm going to reduce the stocking to 8 pieces.
zwei der Bavaria Spottet
Disken warten was kommt.... stand 04.10.11
Besatz im Aquarium Diskuseum
Water parameters:
GH: 10
KH: 6
PH: 7.2
No2: undetectable
No3: undetectable
Temperature: 30 degrees

Values ​​are measured with the drop test from JBL.
Frozen food: beef heart mixed with clam meat
Truthanherzmischung with garlic extract

Dry food mixed with discus minerals;
Further information:
In October last year I was with Oswald Hanke and have fallen in love there in his fish. Until July this year, I have not dared to venture I to the discs. Now I have but wrestled me to through. My goal was the caging of parasite-free discs. So I have my old stocking abandoned completely. Then the pool was (all heated to 60 degrees and let it cool down) with the heat method treats. The accessories (landing net etc.) cooked with. The lightbar and the coverage I have washed with 70% alcohol solution and allowed to dry. After this effort the basin was set again. In the running-in phase I could think about the design. It was clear that even parasite-free plants had the basin. This I ordered at Carmen Damer from Berlin. I wanted to get as much swimming space for the fish and have therefore chosen a shallow root. This I have planted with Java moss. In the background I have chosen higher ............. growing. On the left side I have planned a small carpet with needle ledges. Behind a Echinondurus ocelot. The ....... I got kindly donated for free by Mrs Damer.

For stocking: The discs are made of parasite-free breeding of Oswald Hanke. For stocking I've already said everything above. For this purpose there are enough different opinions ... Further trimming is not planned. Unless I come parasite-free L201 it in his fingers.

To water: In my region, the water is filtered through the Jura mountains before it can win the local water suppliers. It is therefore very hard. For this reason I have decided to use an osmosis system. I change every week 50% water. So I get the values ​​as I imagine it.
The water is treated with Easy Life.

For the plants I have introduced FertilizerBalls of Dennerle the ground. At a nutrient soil I have deliberately omitted, since it comes after the time on the sand surface. It looks terrible. Further, the plants with ProFito and Ferro are fertilized.

Otherwise, no chemistry is introduced.

So that's it for now. I hope for many constructive suggestions and comments.