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Becken im August 2011
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x45x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
- Internal filter of the pelvis was removed
- Plexiglass plate to protect from stones
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Im Sonnenlicht
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Aquarium decoration:
Fine-grained quartz sand 45kg - size 0.7 - 1.2 mm
6x Anubias barteri var. Barteri
Anubias bartensis
Special features of the facility:
- 100 kg of volcanic stone red 150-400mm www.wasserundsteine.de
Wonderful stones, while not perfect but good harmony with the rear wall!
The stones are arranged so that in the middle of a "cairn" is can be defended in all directions.

- 3D backplane ROCK 120cm x 50cm
Rear wall is provided with several differently sized holes and were masked with flyscreen - Consequently, a continuous exchange of water from both sides of the rear wall is ensured and the water is not behind it.

- Ammonite fossil from the Blautopf in Blaubeuren - about 400 million years old - Just as a decorative ;-)
Die 3D-Struktur-Rückwand
Aquarium equipment:
Front: 90cm LED lamp daylight white

- Power: 14,4W / meter
- Angle of radiation: 120 °
- Luminosity: 900lm (manufacturer information)
- Colour: white 6500-8000K
- Lifespan:> 50,000 hours at 12V (manufacturer information)

The LED lighting is wrapped around the left and right with 15 cm aluminum foil, since the light intensity with only one LED lamp is too strong even!
The video below shows the basin still without this change - why it seems a bit too bright !!!! New videos and images coming soon

Continuous lighting (summer): 08:00 clock - 22:00 clock
Continuous lighting (Winter): 10:00 clock - 20:00 clock
Moonlight is also daytime (Is a nice effect) and comes to approx 1:00 am from.

Rear: moonlight with 16 ultra bright blue LED
ca. 53 cm long
Luminosity of about 11.000mcd.
JBL Cristal Profi E1500

- External filter for aquariums up to 600 l or 150 cm in length
- With overhead prefilter for quick cleaning
- Start button for easy siphoning.
- Filter Volume: 12 l
- L x W x H: 20 x 23.5 x 46 cm.
- Detachable hose adapter with hose connections
- Inlet and outlet: 16/22 mm
- Power consumption: 35W
Other equipment:
- Timer for lighting and for the moon-light LED

- 300W heater from Dennerle (In summer from)

- Tunze Turbelle Nano Stream 6045
for aquariums from 40 - 500L
Flow Rate: 1,500 - 4.500l / h
Energy Consumption: 5 - 7W
Technik im Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Pseudotropheus saulosi ♂ 1/4 ♀
Metriaclima estherae ♂ 1/4 ♀
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi 240 mbuna
Water parameters:
pH: 7.8 to 8.0
KH: 12 ° d
GH: 15 ° d
NO³: Undetectable
NO²: Undetectable

Water is treated with "Tropic Marin Pro-Cichlid Mineral" salt (6.5 g per 20 liters of water).
- JBL Novo Malawi flakes (38% spirulina)
- JBL Novo Rift

- Cucumber 2x / week
- From time to time, and Cyclops Mysis

1 day of fasting a week! (Always different)
Further information:
The pool is my first Malawi Basin - So it probably will not be perfect but I really try all advice to heed.
I'm open to all suggestions and tips!

Total power consumption:

LED Lighting: | 12,96W
Moonlight: | 6,00W
Tunze: | 6,50W
JBL Cristal 1500: | 35,00W
Eheim 100 Puftpumpe: | 3,50W