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Hauptbild 12.06.2013
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160x70x70 = 784 liters ~ 206 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool is located on a steel substructure. The delusion of the substructure made of 10mm chipboard, which were coated white also on the sawn edges. The delusion of the substructure was simply moored with special magnets on steel and can be completely removed within küzester time.
Aquarium Mai 2011
Aquarium Mai 2011
Becken aktuell Juni 2009
Becken nach der Neueinrichtung Juni 2008
Aquarium decoration:
Sand from a nearby gravel pit.
No more
War ein Versuch. Hat leider nicht überlebt.
Pflanzen im Aquarium Malawibecken 784 Liter
Special features of the facility:
River Stones of Rockzolid : Module F, G, H, J
Some larger chunks of limestone from the Upper Palatinate Jura.
Rear wall of Rockset.
Jurakalk mit allen electras
Rockzolid Riverstones
Aquarium equipment:
Coverage of Friedeberg ATD with 2x80 watt T5
Glued 3-chamber biofilter. Volume approx 55 liters, being alone in the bio chamber more than 30 liters of space is. Filled the filter with about 20 liters zeolite, the complete filling of a Eheim 2028 and a jewel Jumbo inner filter and an additional 25 liters of foam mat is coarse. An Eheim Compact with 2000 liters ensures the circulation. The capacity of the pump has been somewhat restricted.
Other equipment:
Automatic heater 300 Watts
2x Tunze Nano Stream 6045 with 4.500l / h
Through cooling Aqua Medic Titan 250
0/1 Placidochromis electra NZ
1/1 Mylochromis spec. Mchuse WF
1/2 Cyrtocara moorii NZ
0/2 Otopharynx tetrastigma NZ
1/2 Placidochromis John Toni "solo" F1
1/4 Metriaclima fainzilberi Lundu (female OB)
2/2 Metriaclima callainos Pearl White
1/1 Melanochromis paralellus
1/3 Labeotropheus fuelleborni Namalenji
0/4 Pseudotropheus msobo Magunga
6x synodontis petricola
Dimidiochromis compressiceps m
Placidochromis electra m
Otopharynx tetrastigma m
Otopharynx tetrastigma m
Cyrtocara Moorii m + w
Cyrtocara Moorii m
Mylochromis spec. Mchuse w
Mylochromis spec. Mchuse m
Placidochromis Johnstoni `solo` m + w
Mylochromis spec. Mchuse w + Otopharynx tetrastigma m
Mylochromis spec. Mchuse w + Otopharynx tetrastigma m
Einzige überlebende Nachzucht seit 3 Jahren: Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Placidochromis electra m
Placidochromis electra m
Placidochromis electra w mit vollem Maul
Cyrtocara Moorii m
Otopharynx tetrastigma w
Otopharynx tetrastigma w
Mylochromis spec mchuse m
Dimidiochromis compressiceps w
Water parameters:
PH: 8.2
GH: 7 °
KH: 14 °
Nitrate: 20mg
Nitrite: undetectable
Temperature: 26 ° C
Dry: Sticks, spirulina flake, flakes various mixtures of several providers in exchange

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