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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Diskus-Tank
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
160x70x60 = 672 liters ~ 177 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Furniture own design
27mm solid wood, 60 screws, donated with glue. ABS Coated.

Basin L-Design at Mass
4 longitudinal struts
1 cross brace
Puffernabe on ground glass

Is replaced: 250l South America
Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Aquarium decoration:
75kg 0,1-0,3mm quartz sand, burnt, Carlos Bernasconi
Red Tiger Lotus

Easy-Life ProFito
Easy-Life Potassium (high potassium deficiency)
Special features of the facility:
BTN slimline rear wall, red
4xWelsröhren (some with side entrance) Ø8x25cm
8xWelsröhren Ø5x20
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 58W T8, 865 + 865
1 x LED Strip moonlight

09: 00-13: 00
17: 00-23: 00
22: 00-10: 00 LED Strip
Eheim 2075 with 1250L / h over 36W UVC clarifier
2 x basket MECHpro
1 x basket BioMech
1 x basket Mech
1 x filter mat

JBL Cristal E1501 with 1400L / h
2 x basket Siporax
2 x basket mat

Quick filter (s) 1500L / h
1 x basket Siporax
3 x basket mat
1,5l MP600
Other equipment:
36W UVC clarifier
Thermo Controller
300W Jäger heater
Flow pump 4000l / h, Ø45mm
UOA - 1440l / day
210l barrel with submersible pump & Boilers
Sooo viel Platz :)
8 x Diskus Tefe Green by Alex Piwowarski
2 x Scalar WFNZ
7 x L200 LowFin WF
20 x Corydoras Adolfois
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
Besatz im Aquarium Diskus-Tank
L200 am drohen ;-)
Water parameters:
pH: 6.2
kH: 1
GH: 3
no2: nN
NO3: 20mg / l
Temperature: 28.2 ° C

WW: 250l / week
Montmorillonite as a binder
Mineral as a pH buffer
Aqua Herb

5 XXL Seemandelbaumblätter / month
Artemia (live - Frost) *
Enchys (live) *
Tropical discus granules *
Tabs of all kinds

* With Aqua Herb
Further information:
Discus-buying abroad (for Switzerland)

It was a long search for the discus that I personally
most liked. It is around the green
Discus from the Rio Tefe.

In the first few weeks I have several dealers
scoured. Among Swiss Tropical Fish (Niederönz) and
TFC Malters. Since I only breed forms the stores themselves
found I was by the respective merchants directly
passed on to farmers.
So it took me then to Glarus, Bern and St. Gallen.
Since I was able to find was concerned what wild forms. Unfortunately,
but almost exclusively brown.

Through a tip in the forum I am aware of iez Bayer
become. This imports and distributes fish of all kinds,
mostly WF. Since this is not the
red-spotted variant concerned continued search. By
Ändu I was then made aware of Frank Tinnes.
This provides the real Tefe red spotted green on.
Beautiful Wild. However, the prices made me afraid
finally starting. Meanwhile, I have realized that it
gives a somewhat "crass" pricing policy especially in wild specimens.

Almost abandoned I am in various international fora
landed on the side of Alex Piwowarski. Beautiful
Discus, Champions, great breed forms! "Too bad," I thought.
Out of curiosity further clicked on the website was in the
Stock list what unexpected ... "green red spotted / Tefe".

After a few emails then was made 8 green ought to be!

Now other factors were added
Shipping 130 euros, Packaging per box 15 euros, 20 euros
Customs declaration ...
Too expensive for 20km driving distance to the border!

I have reported at EUR back to about you
order and then pick up in D.
Everything was counted by the under the consignment to the
BUT: What about the tax.?
No refunds!
So again called and Mr. Piwowarski
calculated. With the 11% VAT. Deducting it came to the
same price as for Euro return.

Meanwhile, Heinz Pfiffner has entered and has
opted for Rottürkis. So suddenly were
from 8 discus 16th

After much back and forth, it was clear now.
The money was transferred, set a shipping date.
The animals are on the eve of the delivery
Paraded customs office and then sent. This calculated
then the necessary additional payment of VAT. So when fall
pay 19% off. 8% then by mail from the customs office

1 day

10:00 it is ringing

10:15 Two Thermoboxes arrived, per 8 pieces packed,
each disc packed in 3 bags, clear-black-clear.
Temperature about 27 ° C, time of transport, according to forwarding agent stamp
+ - 14h. On the box the instructions unplanned
Delays. Replace oxygen, feed, replacement bags.
Thus, the shipper knows what to do, if not all
Running smoothly.

10:17 I have found that I Heinz's Box
have opened. My first reaction to the Rottürkis:
"Wow ..."

10:20 Finally the correct box get open (BombenFest
packed), very nervous to cut open the first bag
to see the beautiful specimen. FINALLY!

10:30 bag placed in the aquarium. Slow
Aquarium water poured into the bag.

13:00 Discus used Putzmunter and actively, directly on
Exploring, slightly increased respiration

20:00 first feeding trials, are completely ignored.
Artemia, granules, flakes ...

Day 2

10:00 coloring and brilliance unique! No fear
shadows, movements ...

13:00 lining will continue to be ignored

Day 3

10:00 drive to Kölle Zoo: Live Artemia, red- & white
Muelas, Tubifex etc shopped.

17:00 survivors Muelas fed. Behold, eat them

22:00 Artemia Frost verfütter. Again greedy on seizure

23:00 I regret to have taken only 8 pieces.
Incredible group behavior. 10-12 would be better


This guide is not intended to advertise Alex
Piwowarski, [...]