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Nature Dreams
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
45x24x16 = 17 liters ~ 4 gallons (us)
Specific features:
• .¸¸¸.¤ Bonsai pool
• .¸¸¸.¤ of high-quality float glass
• .¸¸¸.¤ round edges
• .¸¸¸.¤ extraordinary dimensions

Inspired by the nature aquarium in Amano - I have style here my pelvis trying similar ending up. I tried to make a water garden arise as it is not meticulously tailored layout, but actually gives a natural impression.

Quite fascinating, I found a statement by Amano which states that a top - aquarist makes the art, to give not only the human observers of a basin the impression that they actually take a look at the nature, but to deceive the fish about that they swim in an aquarium.
If one succeeds, he has the ultimate goal of fighting dogs reached ..
trocken Layout
von vorne
frisch bepflanzt
komplett eingerichtet und bepflanzt
erste Aufnahme - noch mit schwarzer Rückwand
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Becken mit samt Beleuchtung
Aquarium decoration:
• .¸¸¸.¤ in planted area: black pebbles reason for better plant growth. I have deliberately avoided nutritious bottom, as this at the last device was too strong for the small pool in my opinion. The future will show how to develop the plant.

• .¸¸¸.¤ in the foreground: sand from Sylt.

this was purely introduced for reasons of appearance to give the example of a more natural impression.
!! Submerged !!

• .¸¸¸.¤ Echinodorus latifolius / Grassy dwarf sword plant

Echinodorus latifolius is one of the highly recommended and undemanding dwarf sword plant. It is the ideal foreground plant. The grassy dwarf sword plant forms readily foothills. If they are similar between stones plants, their growth is dense. In an intense lighting the plants wake close to the ground surface. A Propagation is by Runners at rhizome - adventitious.

• .¸¸¸.¤ Hygrophila corymbosa compact

Hygrophila corymbosa Compact is a diminutive form of the breed originating from Southeast Asia marsh plant Hygrophila corymbosa. It was created by the deliberate propagation of plants, which had the characteristics of a dense and small lasting growth. The German name Kurzstängeliger water friend points out the specific growth form of Hygrophila corymbosa compact. Even today there are individual plants of this kind that show again approaches to their original growth, whereby the genetic relationship is confirmed to the original plant.

• .¸¸¸.¤ Eleocharis

ocharis acicularis, the needle ledges is spread almost worldwide. In Germany, it is at times to find on pond shores and in shallow water. She is known for many years as an aquarium plant and also regularly as a garden pond plant trade.
The hair-like thin, rather straight blades are medium green colored in the submerged shape and are about 10-20 cm long.
The similar Eleocharis pusilla (as "E. parvula" in the trade) is colored Alike submerged bright green, low (about 5 cm high) and has curved blades.

• .¸¸¸.¤ Taxiphyllum Barbieri

Taxiphyllum Barbieri is the moss species, which is now the most common "java moss" known worldwide, and is also the most common aquarium moss at all. They are often mistaken for Vesicularia dubyana, but in 1982, the moss expert Zennosuke Iwatsuki "Javamoos" by aquarists identified as Taxiphyllum Barbieri. This was made generally known a few years ago (Benito C. Tan & al., 2004); It was called T. Barbieri Java moss and the real Vesicularia dubyana Singapore moss.
Unfortunately, the authors did not know that the original, already more than 50 years ago cultivated in Europe "Javamoos" Vesicularia dubyana was and largely supplanted by the later introduced, schnellwüchsigeren Taxiphyllum Barbieri was actually.
T. Barbieri in 1969 presented by G. Benl as "Bogormoos" mistakenly "Glossadelphus zollingeri". It is therefore appropriate to re-call Vesicularia dubyana Java moss and T. Barbieri Bogormoos.
Under the name "java moss" are commercially any further moss species found, for example Vesicularia montagnei, also known as "Christmas Moss" known. Especially great resemblance T. Barbieri with Taxiphyllum sp. "Giant Moss" and the Taiwan Moss (Taxiphyllum alternans).

But how the moss also likes to call it - Taxiphyllum Barbieri has long been a firm place conquered in many aquariums, and rightly so. His handsome looks and his very small demands on water conditions and lighting make it a well-liked foster child.
T. Barbieri grows under varying conditions when it has once acclimated. Although this Moss tolerates temperatures up to 30 ° C, but is growing rapidly and looks healthier in cooler water of about 24 ° C. While it is dense and lush at high light intensities, it takes at lower light intensity a darker, "schlaksigeres" look at. Fertilizer and CO2 gifts help the growth on the jumps, but are not absolutely necessary. But if you want a healthy, strong-colored moss in its aquarium, you should use an iron fertilizer least.

The moss grows with its rhizoids (adhesive organs; the little brown tuft of hair on the bottom of the shoots) quickly to any surfaces firmly, even on plastic and veralgten discs, and therefore with a nylon cord fixed well used in the aquarium for decoration of roots and rocks are , Even a hamburger mat filter is ideal as a base for the plant and disappears [...]
Anubias congensis Kongo-Speerblatt / Emers
im Vordergrund -Eleocharis /Nadelsimse
Echinodorus latifolius / Grasartige Zwergschwertpflanze
Hygrophila corymbosa kompakt
Hygrophila corymbosa kompakt
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Taxiphyllum barbieri / Javamoos
aeschynomene fluitans (mit geöffneten Blättern)
Berührung (siehe Pflanzenbeschreibung)
Berührung (siehe Pflanzenbeschreibung)
aeschynomene fluitans (mit geschlossenen Blättern)
siehe Pflanzenbeschreibung und Foto
Special features of the facility:
• .¸¸¸.¤ stones / pebbles and black lava rock from Fuerteventura

the stones I've gathered, I am an old penny pincher and the stones in the trade are far too overpriced. In addition, damage a few hours. In the fresh air no !!

• .¸¸¸.¤ wood / peat woods of AMTRA a total of two major and several smaller give the big picture

the wood was fixed by the stones and so held under water without water this long before.
Holz mit aufgebundenem Javafarn
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kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem Becken
rechte Seite
von der Seite
Aquarium equipment:
• .¸¸¸.¤ 1 x Mini ATB-PL bulb 18 Watt

Aufsteckleuchte - splashproof
21 cm long
MINI PL light - the light brings the colors of the plants and animals perfectly expressed

• .¸¸¸.¤ Beleuchtzeit: from 13:00 till 00:00 clock (11h)
• .¸¸¸.¤ ATB Hang on filter FM 60 (backpack filter) 60 l / hr
# Hedged intake with nylon stocking


Extremely quiet nanofilters for pools up to 30 liters. (Right) The external filter is hung directly on the rear wall, thereby offering maximum security against Spouts. The filter sponges are easy to change.

Technical specifications:

4 Watt
Flow adjustable
60 l / h

80x50x105 LxWxH
Other equipment:
• .¸¸¸.¤ CO 2 - Bio of Dennerle - Glasausströmer

• .¸¸¸.¤ nano-heater is switched off in summer
das komplette Werk
Hang On Filter
Austeckleuchte 18 Watt
• .¸¸¸.¤ 7 pcs. Microrasboras Galaxi:

the animals are recommended from 40 cm pelvic length and are approximately 2 to 2.5 cm and no giant.

nat. it would be better if the pool had more height, but with the length and the depth it provides the animals more floor space and swimming space than many other nano basin.

Here would be ideal 60 cm pelvic length and a small swarm of min. 10 animals. I am a little compromise entered into with my conscience and tried to come up against at least the animals by designing something.

By constantly changing the water, the water values ​​keep very stable and I hope the animals in order to allow a comfortable existence possible.

• .¸¸¸.¤ bladder snails - fed with the plants
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
Microrasboras Galaxi
im Visier
Water parameters:
• .¸¸¸.¤ temperature: 24 degrees Celsius,
• .¸¸¸.¤ pH: 6.9
• .¸¸¸.¤ kH: 5 °
• .¸¸¸.¤ GH: 8 °
• .¸¸¸.¤ NO2: 0
• .¸¸¸.¤ NO3: <12
• .¸¸¸.¤ water change: every other day to be replaced 2 liter.
Dry Food

• .¸¸¸.¤ Söll Organix Power Flakes
• .¸¸¸.¤ Söll Organix Flakes


Staple food for all ornamental fish

On the menu of fish are vital nutrients, such as those found in their habitat in nature and composition. Just ornamental fish that live in aquariums, must have at least an equally high-quality food as their relatives in the wild.

With Söll Organix® your pets get just that - in a unique quality: fresh ingredients from the cold, nutrient-rich waters of Alaska and unloaded deliver first-class proteins, immune tonic unsaturated fatty acids, natural trace elements, pigment components and a high level of vitamins.

A real treat - for healthy growth, bright colors, active defenses, and a long life.

Whole salmon, whole halibut, whole cod, whole herring, whole shrimp, wheat flour, fresh kelp, Euphausia superba.

Additives (per 1000g):
Astaxanthin (600 mg), vitamin A (14,000 IU), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU), vitamin E (La-tocopherol acetate) (680 mg), vitamin B12 (50 ug), vitamin C (800 mg), riboflavin (20 mg), niacin (100 mg), inositol (100 mg). With approved in the EC and antioxidant additives.

The proportion of unsaturated Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids is at least 3%. 8 humidity, 5%.

I feed the Söllprodukte also in the big pool and the fish take it to me almost out of my hand!


• .¸¸¸.¤ Artemia

• .¸¸¸.¤ bosminids (had schaun first time what is there; o)

here's the explanation:

Bosminids also called trunk amphipod, belong to the family of the little ones and live like this in pools, only they are much smaller (<2 mm) and are therefore ideal for growing fish, invertebrates and corals.

• .¸¸¸.¤ cockle meat

there are in small packs frozen for example 100 g
Further information:
• .¸¸¸.¤ for crabs too small !!

• .¸¸¸.¤ and the snail has a pigsty done that it was ne ware splendor !!

I think because of the words of Benni; "Beautiful animal - but the worm makes filth" and it's true. After two weeks of vacation looked the pool than would have taken a bomb and thus the worm is now back in the garden pond !! and I once again hand created ..

• .¸¸¸.¤ Nature Aquarium - Amano:

Among the technology - images you can see a picture of a book which I can only recommend. The recordings can be a breath away and give again and again suggestions for Beck's design:

Here the description of the book:

Amano's Nature Aquarium have since a term in aquatics. They reflect the scenic beauty of the landscape and nature and are simultaneously functioning ecosystems for fish and other aquarium inhabitants. This retrospective includes 185 aquariums layouts - many previously unpublished - in impressive pictures. At length the establishment of the pelvis is described along the lines of nature and technology, plants and trimming described in detail. Lovers of this unique art of aquarium design received new insights into the work of Takashi Amano and many design ideas for your own aquarium layout.
It is a book for each plant aquarium lovers and aquascaper. This book offers besides much information about design, and recommendations for fish stock to the respective layouts. So necessarily access, because the older books Amano there rarely and then very very expensive.
"Nature Aquarium" - The complete works 1985-2009, Takashi Amano
266 pages, 250 color photos, hardcover published by Dähne-Verlag