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Description of the aquarium:
Central America
Tank size:
150x60x60 = 540 liters ~ 142 gallons (us)
Ausschnitt des Beckens-linke Seite
Ausschnitt des Beckens-rechte Seite
Aquarium decoration:
As substrate I have dark, rounded aquarium gravel used with a grain size of 1-2 mm of Aqua-Global
The layer thickness of the base substrate is an average of about 8 cm with the use of 80 kg gravel
Cryptocoryne lutea
Cryptocoryne affinis
Cryptocoryne wendtii "Tropica"
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Hygrophila corymbosa '' Compact ''

The various Cryptocoryne species remain only "incidentally" in the pool, unless they are from or buried.
The Hygrophila Likes halt optically very good, it grows well and takes no offense when it is dug up times of the bass, because they just always can re stuck.
Thus, it is intended to represent the actual main planting.
Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornkraut)
Echinodorus uruguayensis
Special features of the facility:
For decoration I have used 4 large mangrove roots and various stones

Rear wall
As a back wall, I decided for the "Back to Nature" Slim-Line back wall modules
The color version of the modules is lighter sandstone and I have 2 times Module A and B 1 time module used.

I like it visually actually very good and it is a good compromise in terms of optics and space claim of the back wall, I find.
Aquarium equipment:
As lighting serve me two T5 tubes with each 54 watts
Came to use: 1x Dennerle Amazon Day (back)
1x Dennerle ColorPlus (front)
Both tubes are equipped with reflectors JEWEL
As the main filter runs with me a EHEIM 2180 with:
- A pumping capacity of 1,700 l / h
- A container volume of 25 l
- A filter volume of 12 l 1.5 l prefilter
- A heat output of 500 watts and a power consumption of 25 watts
- The filter media I have foam (pre-filter), fine filter fleece, fine filter wool and ceramic tubes used (from top to bottom)
A JBL Crystal e900 addition runs parallel with:
- A pump capacity of 900 l / h
- A container volume of 7.6 l
- A filter volume of 4.7 l
- A power consumption of 15 watts
- The filter media I have ceramic tubes, large-pored foam and fine-pored foam used (bottom-up)
Other equipment:
JBL ProFlora CO2 SET Profi 2
- 2 kg CO2 pressure bottle
- Precision pressure regulator
- CO2-vario diffusion reactor
- Safety valve
- Connecting hose 4 / 6mm
- CO2 endurance test
- Solenoid valve with 12V transformer
Eheim 2180 und JBL Pro Flora CO2-Anlage
JBL Cristal Profi e900
1/1 "Cichlasoma" Salvini (location variant: "Rio Chacamax")
1/1 Archocentrus Sajica
1/2 (?) Rocio octofasciatum var. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (juvenile)
5 "Cichlasoma" Salvini (location variant: "Rio Almoyola") (still remaining NZ, which will soon take off)
1 Labeo frenatus
Rocio octofasciatum var. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
`Cichlasoma` salvini (Standortvariante:`Rio Almoyola`)-Weibchen
`Cichlasoma` salvini (Standortvariante:`Rio Almoyola`)-Männchen
`Cichlasoma` salvini beim ablaichen
`Cichlasoma` salvini-Weibchen mit Nachwuchs
`Cichlasoma` salvini-Männchen mit Nachwuchs
Amatitlania siquia (xanthorische Form)-Weibchen
Amatitlania siquia (xanthorische Form)-Männchen
Amatitlania siquia (Standortvariante:`Nicaragua`)-Weibchen
Amatitlania siquia(Standortvariante:`Nicaragua`)-Männchen
Clarias batrachus(nicht mehr im Besatz)
Clarias batrachus(nicht mehr im Besatz)
Water parameters:
Total hardness (GH) - 15 ° dH
Carbonate hardness (KH) - 10 ° dH
pH - 7.0
Nitrate (NO3) - 10mg / l
Phosphate content (PO 4) - 0mg / l
Nitrite (NO2) - undetectable
Iron (Fe) - 0.2 mg / l
Carbon dioxide (CO2) - 20mg / l
Water temperature - 25 ° C

For water treatment, I use ordinary water conditioner trade of Tetra.
If, then I use for fertilization of aquatic plants Easy Life "Pro Fito"
-Handelsübliches Dry food in different variations (eg Tropical Cichlid Sticks "Red & Green")
- At least 1x daily live food (Artemia [pear shrimp], white mosquito larvae, Enchytraen, bloodworms, daphnia)
Further information:
Profile is still in the revision phase!