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aktuelle Ansicht 4.7.2011
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
200x 80x 60 = 960 liters ~ 253 gallons (us)
Specific features:

12mm float glass / Stoßverklebt / safety stitch / solid crossbars / 1 central bar / 2-part base plate / pad: 1cm Styrofoam and then a 6mm Aquarium Pad


6mm plexiglass with cutouts for the filter outlet and intake and the cables from the heating rods.


glued 3D rear wall / base of Y-Tong stones / covered with OSB boards and Plexiglas / back of the aquarium covered with 5cm thick Styrofoam panels

The pelvis should readjust a little flooded stream in the Amazon.
Discus habitats are free of vegetation generally. But structured by roots, dead wood, thick fall foliage layers or flooded land vegetation. Occasionally floating plants cover their habitats.
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Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
linke Beckenseite
rechte Beckenseite
Aquarium decoration:
approx 125 kg fine sand 0.1-0.5 mm
Vallisneria gigantea (Giant Vallisneria)

-Schwierigkeit: Easy
-Lichtbedarf: Medium high
Genus of: Vallisneria
Family: Hydrocharitaceae - hydrocharitaceae
-German Name: Giant Vallis
-Pflanzentyp: Rosette
-Herkunftsland: Philippines
Zone of Origin: Southeast Asia
Dissemination or Location: Philippines
Height: 100-180 cm
-Temperature: 18-28 ° C
-Location In the aquarium: Background
-Pflanzung: In group
-Growth: Medium
Proliferation: Streamers plants

Pistia stratiotes (water lettuce / water lettuce)

-Schwierigkeit: Medium
-Lichtbedarf: Medium high
Genus of: Pistia
Family: Araceae - Arum
-German Name: Muschelblume / water lettuce
-Pflanzentyp: Afloat
Zone of Origin: Tropics, Africa, Asia, South Asia, East Asia, America, North America, Central America, South America, Australia
-width: 5-20 + cm
-Temperature: 17-30 ° C
-pH value tolerance: 5-8
Hardness tolerance: very soft to very hard
-Pflanzung: In group
-Growth: Fast
Proliferation: Streamers

Lemna minor Small duckweed

-Schwierigkeit: Very easy
-Lichtbedarf: Medium high
Genus of: Lemna
Family: Araceae - Arum
-German Name: duckweed, duckweed, duckweed, germ .: duckweed
-Pflanzentyp: Afloat
-Region: worldwide
-width: About 0.25 cm
Temperature: 10-30 ° C
-pH value tolerance: 5-8
Hardness tolerance: very soft to very hard
-Pflanzung: In group
-Growth: Very fast
Proliferation: by itself (development of shoot limbs)

Source: Flowgrow
Blick auf die Wasseroberfläche
Special features of the facility:
Moorkienwurzeln of about 1m length to very small, and more.

Seemandelbaumblätter ca 10- 15 pieces The Seemandelbaumblätter be replaced every 3-4 weeks.
Dekoration im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Aquarium equipment:
Aqua Styl LED + Daylight Simulator 2010 with 4 fixed programs. I currently run program. 3

The highlight bar is equipped with warm white LEDs.

8:00 to 9:00 morning light illumination, Morgenrot
9:00 to 10:00 Sunrise
10:00 to 12:00 Slow transition to daylight
12:00 to 21:30 full daylight, no lunch break
21:30 to 21:40 Dusk
9:40 p.m. to 23:00 sunset, sunset
23:00 to 0:00 at night the moonlight (light illumination)

The highlight bar is 1800mm long and has 360 meters per Led`s.
In addition, a power supply is needed. I use a 60 W power supply.
The highlight bar is suspended by chains from the ceiling and suspended about 20 cm above the aquarium.

The LED lighting is not quite cheap to buy, but much less energy.

Here is a link to the manufacturer:

Aqua Styl Light RBG
1x Eheiem professionel 3e 2078

* For aquariums up to 700 liters
* Pumping capacity. 1,850 liters / hour
* Power 10 - 35 Watts
* Container capacity 14.5 liters
* Delivery height 2.6 m Hmax

1x Eheiem professionel 3e 2076

* for aquarium 400 liters
* Pumping capacity. 1,650 liters / hour
* Power 10-35 watts
* Container capacity 12.5 liters
* Delivery height 2.4 m Hmax

* Gradual increase / reduction of the water flow at the push of a button. The maximum power of this model greatly exceeds the values ​​for conventional filters.
* Increasing soiling of the filter detects the electronics and automatically regulates the output after you set. This guarantees lasting constant flow rates and very long service life
* The electronically controlled alternating flow in the aquarium makes for natural flow conditions, the permanent change
* Electronic switching between 2 adjustable flow rates on a 12-hour cycle
* By pressing a button the time is indicative until the next cleaning
* Air trapped under the pump head is automatically detected and removed via a special program
* USB connectivity for programming and updating of the filter via the EHEIM ControlCenter with the Eheim USB Interface!

The filters are filled with zeolite and filter sponges (fine, medium, coarse). At the Ansaunstutzen filter sponges are attached to the filter prior to coarse dirt or food residues to protect.

Eheim Eheim Control Center and USB Interface

Simple and easy programing of the filter, from the comfort of your computer.

With the USB converter (EHEIM Interface), it is possible EHEIM professionel 3e external filter to be connected via the USB interface with a computer. With the EHEIM ControlCenter software, the functions can easily control, monitor and upgrade.
The EHEIM ControlCenter allows not only the convenient control of the EHEIM professionel 3e filter but also informs about the exact flow rate, the duration, the degree of soiling and much more.
Other equipment:
- 300 Watt Jäger adjustable heater (set at 31 degrees Celsius)

- 2x 300 Watt Sera heater thermostat (turned alternate to 28 degrees Celsius)

And I use 3 heating elements, because the aquarium is in an unheated basement room. And a heater is not sufficient to keep the pelvis on temperature.

- HAILEA HX 6520 circulation pump: The pump, the water is pumped to stand in the garden of the Aquarium in rain barrels and used for watering plants.

- Compact demineralizer 2 columns a` 3 liter resin 13500 liters hardness:
Capacity ca 900 liters demineralized water with an average water hardness.

- "Noname" air pump with 2m hose and air stone.

- Aquarium glass thermometers
Technik im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
ein Teil vom Zubehör,Futter und Messzeugs
Technik im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
at the moment:

7x discus [1x Stendker red aqua / 3x Santarem / 1x unknown]
30x Corydoras sterbai
4x L134 Peckoltia spec
15x Rummy
1x L165 Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps

Stocking wish list
siehts actually been like that should be increased to 10 pieces, the discus and even to move 1x L134. Otherwise, I'll let the stocking time being that way. Except it does not have who NEN tip for me;)

General information on stocking
It harmonizes far everything very well with each other, unless one of the two discussion has spawned couple again and the other discus get too close gibts ne short "wrangling".
Also on the ground with the Corydoras and the L134 and L165 which there no problems so far. The L134 are little stormy wenns are lining but otherwise each other everything perfectly. Should anything change of course I will act. And adjust the stocking.
Santarem Pärchen
Santarem Pärchen
Rot Türkis Weibchen und L165
Santarem Pärchen mit Laich
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
Besatz im Aquarium Amazonas In this river...
die 2 Neuen. ca 20 cm im Durchmesser
Water parameters:
C ° in the daytime 28-29 degrees / night dropping to 27 degrees

PH 7
KH 3
GH 5
NO3 1mg / L
No2 <0.01 mg / L
FE <0.02
O2 10mg / L
Po4 <0.02 mg / L

All values ​​with JBL droplets tests determined. The values ​​before and a few hours as measured by the change of water. In addition, the tap water is measured before every water change.


Weekly water changes of at least 50%

about 1 part tap water and 2 parts of demineralized water. (something more, sometimes less)

The desalinated water is in front of the Fill the aquarium or mixing with tap water in a rain barrel vented to expel CO2 (Desalinated water approximately 40mg / L Co2). Then the pH value fluctuates as an intermediate 6.8 and 7. FIG.

Water is treated with Easy Life (320ml per water change) and sera blackwater aquatan (as required xx ml).
Dried fodder:

Lyophilized Astra bloodworm
JBL Grano mini mix
JBL Novo tab
JBL Grand Discus Premium
Tetra delicia Daphien
TetraNatura bloodworm mix
Tetra Pleco Min
Sera Vipan
Sera vipagran
Sera granulate menu
Sera Catfish Chips
Söll Shrimp Sticks
Söll Kelp Tabs


Tetra Natura Brine Shrimp Mix
TetraNatura bloodworm mix
Tetra Cyclops Block

Frozen food:

Tropical Sextet
Black mosquito larvae
Tropical Mixfutter
White mosquito larvae
Loricariids special food (peas, lettuce, corn, soybeans, potatoes, carrots, spinach, spirulina, shrimp meat,
Clam Meat, Weichholzraspel)

Live food:

white mosquito larvae
black mosquito larvae
bloodworms (rarely fed)
And as for the rain barrel still so hergibt)


> Is peeled, boiled and then in blender
Cucumber slices
Alder cones
Shell Flowers (seems to love my Wabi)
JBL Ativitol
Sera fishtamin

Lined is 1x daily and Sunday is day of fasting.