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So sah es beim Vorbesitzer aus...bei mir nur ohne Pflanzen
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
130x50x50 = 325 liters ~ 85 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium was bought second-hand and has a (currently) closed piping.
Aquarium decoration:
25kg medium brown fine aquarium sand, grain 0.5 - 2mm.
Special features of the facility:
Back to Nature modules & "No Name" modules
Aquarium equipment:
GHL highlight bar Giesemann tubes, separately dimmable. Controlled by the GHL Profilux.

It will burn only one tube of 18-24 clock.
Rear wall filtering a la Back to Nature. 50 liters Filter Matt dice.
In addition Eheim 2026 filled with Siporax, hidden behind the rear panel.
Other equipment:
Flow pump Tunze Nano Stream 6015, 1,800 liters / hour

Water "alarm" annunciator (strikes, once a certain amount of moisture occurs on the sensors; normally intended for washing machines, etc.
Ordered the breeder are 4/5 Aulonocara sp. red raspberry and 2/4 Labidochromis yellow "kakusa"
Water parameters:
GH: 11.9
KH: 9.4
PH: 7.7
Nitrate: 16
Nitrite: below 0.005
Temperature 25 degrees

Planned water changes: 20% every 14 days
SÖLL cichlids flakes
Hikari cichlids food
special color granulated feed