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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawi Homezone / aufgelöst
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150 x 60 x 50 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin of aquariums Black, Göttingen
I have as a cover resting 2 glass top

The cabinet is a complete self-made from 21mm thick furniture panels and 4 tubular steel table legs.
Test ;o)
06.07.2013 mit neuer Beleuchtung/Einrichtung
06.09.2013 geändertes Layout
Ansicht 03.11.2013
Ansicht linke Seite
Ansicht rechts
Vollansicht 5.11.2013 ohne blaue LED
Aquarium decoration:
30kg beige river sand with 10 kg of black sand mixed, total 40kg
Special features of the facility:
Glass fiber-structure rear wall, max. Depth 3cm. 120cm long,
2. Structure rear wall at the left end face as a sunscreen, about 50 x 24 cm high / wide
4 artificial rocks made of GRP
2 artificial stones made of GRP
several major river pebble from the environment
Stones are on a 10mm polystyrene plate
The rock is an art to the left on the rear panel and has been built which he is still hinterschwimmbar.
Additionally, I have pinched one of the artificial stones on the right between the rocks and the rear wall at the last TWW. This suggests a cave entrance on the rear right side.
On 07.03.2013 built two new rocks, while the second clamped GfK-stone on the left between the rocks.
The two new rocks are durchschwimmbar.
Felsen neu 1
Felsen neu 2
Aquarium equipment:
DIY-hanging lamp from shelves
operated with 1x3 SMD LED cool white, 8000K
Lighting period from 13:00 bis 23:30 clock
Data to the LED:
Emitting Color: Cold White
Power: 0.72W / 60mA
Supply Voltage: 12V DC
Color Temperature (K): 8000K
Working temperature: -20 ° C + 60 ° C
Dimensions LxWxH in mm. 72 x 17 x 8.2
Light angle: 120 °
Waterproof IP 68
HMF with 1200l / h throughput, which makes a three-fold circulation of the net volume per hour.
Pore ​​size of the mat: 20ppi
2 bags (Neylonstrümpfe) zeolite inside hanging
additional flow pump 2000l / h

Why filtering an HMF?

I wanted a both effective as well as cost of power consumption filtering my aquarium.
Many are indeed of the opinion that especially Malawi and Lake Tanganyika-Aqua's not good enough purified over a hamburger mat filter due to higher food gift and too many in the water suspended solids are included and it is not really clear, but this I can not confirm.
In the beginning it is true that the proportion of particulate matter is a little higher especially after feeding, but if the filter is retracted properly, this is no longer the case.
It has been my first experience in a South Basin, I've never had in the previous period such stable and good water values. Therefore I decided on the structure of this basin to the HMF and can only draw a positive conclusion.
The water levels are also here super stable, the suspended solids is virtually non-existent, because I go so far as to predict less than with an external filter, perhaps the greater if one operates the HMF with an airlift. But that eludes my knowledge because I have no experience with it. Only the space required in the pool has to serve as a negative thing.
But this is more likely in the Corner design as a problem with me than with the variant on the side windows.
In addition, one can also put behind heating which in turn has an optical advantage.
I run the HMF with a garden pond pump consumption 15 Watt, if I want to achieve a comparable effective filtering with an external filter, I'm min. twice as high in consumption.
I have calculated the required size of the mat and the required pump output using the side of: O. Baltz
Other equipment:
200 Watt rod heaters
set at 24 degrees
Mattenfilter von oben
1/2 Sciaenochromis fryeri
2/4 Placidochromis electra
1/1 Aulonacara baenschi benga
1/1 Aulonacara hansbaenschi RedFlush
1/2 Copadichromis Borley "Kadango"
2/4 Labidochromis caeruleus "yellow"
4 synodontis petricola, gender unknown

Are offspring of Aulonacara, if any, do not come into circulation, the possibility of hybrids is given due to the impurities yes.
But so far it has not managed to get through juvenile fish.
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi Homezone / aufgelöst
C. borley Männchen
C. borley Männchen und im Vordergrund eins der Weiber
C. borley Weibchen
Artentafel Sciaenochromis fryeri
Der CHEF ;o)
Der Becken-Chef in Nahaufnahme
Beide fryeri-Böcke
Artentafel Labidochromis caeruleus
Labidochromis caeruleus yellow Bock
Artentafel Placidochromis electra
Placidochromis electra Bock
Placidochromis electra Bock die 2.
2 Placidochromis electra Weibchen mit vollem Maul
Artentafel Aulonacara baenschi
Aulonocara baenschi benga Bock
Aulonocara baenschi benga mit Weib
Aulonocara baenschi benga
Synodontis petricola
Aulonocara hansbaenschi redflusch
Frau hansbaenschi mit vollem Maul
Mal ein Einblick von oben
Mal ein Einblick von oben die 2.
Water parameters:
Temperature between 24 and 26 degrees
PH: 8.2
Nitrate: 8mg / l
Nitrite: nN
GH: 8
KH: 5
NH3: nN
NH4: nN

Each week 50% water change
Every third time 80%
Salt addition of about 200 gr.
Tropical Malawi
Tropical Tanganyika
Tropical Cichlid Color
Tropical D50
JBL Novo Tanganyika
Black and white Muela's (in summer as live food from the garden, otherwise than frozen food)

Every week one or two fasts.
Further information: