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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Das Eckparadies
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
120x60/30x45 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Soooo ... on a new one. Long enough hat's lasted, but the human offspring had priority Uno and the new pool was `NEN year in the basement.
Like everything else in this project and the pool a special design, but more on that later.
It all began with the birth of my son and the view of my Government that out of the office, a nursery should be. It followed that the computer will be banned from the room and therefore needs to create a workplace in the living room.
After much back and forth we finally came to the compromise: My "cockatoos Park" must give way to a workplace that is tilted bed and behind it gets a new pool its place.
Ok I geb's to zuzimmern the promise still ne stone wall behind it, has helped a little to convince owner ;-)
The planning completed, I ordered the pool with my Auarienbauer and I made my way down to the hardware store. OSB boards on the wall, priming it and going stick we went with stones. Just for the pools gab's ne recess, which is also within a short time had finished (Thanks Andre). The whole looked even without Aqua already good, because that was first NEN year in the basement.
- Baustop -
In late November, I finally found the time to finish that project finally.
No sooner said than done - built substructure laid into electricity and at the same time working around the pelvis.
Unfortunately the Lütten has wrecked the camera, so you have to make do with my planning drawings, since I could not be documented pictorially the build. In principle, it was but, as with my other projects. Build back wall itself, to see under the Premisse as little technology as possible in the final product.
Now time for the pool:
It is a Eckbecken with special dimensions. 1.20 m wide with a 60 cm and 30 cm deep side and two holes in the base. Built by Andre Geschwill. Can the man recommend anyone - absolutely clean work in a short time to hammer prices.
As with all my other pool, the rear wall itself is also built here. Unlike some others, I build the rear walls always directly determined in the pool and not outside.
At first I stuck a the Plexiglas boards for interior filters and piping. Then all nonsense disappeared as always behind polystyrene and expanding foam and yoghurt pots. Ready modeled gab's `NEN coating of cement and a little bit of color. After drying, the whole was sealed with Epoxitharz, color pigments and sprinkling material. What happened in detail, I try in the following topic areas represent closer.
Becken mit eingeklebtem Plexilas Überlauf
Becken aufgestellt
Aquarium decoration:
The ground I have made different in this basin. Sounds more complicated than it is, since I now times each "Planzflächen" to be counted.
The main reason consists of three layers. As a first layer I have 10 liters AquaBasis Plus mixed one to one with a former ground of Kakadu Park. This was followed by 25kg ** De le gravel black in black and on top 10kg Zanzibar.
In the yogurt cups came, depending on plant Gümmersand, cotton wool or a mixture of AquaBasis Plus and sand.
Dwarf Cardinal Flower / Lobelia cardinalis Mini
Vallisneria americana Mini Twister / twisted Vallisneria
Flat-leaf water screw / Vallisneria spiralis
Java moss / Vesicularia dubyana
Green Tiger Lotus / Nymphaea lotus var. Viridis
Red Tiger Lotus / Nymphaea lotus var. Rubra
Broad Dwarf Amazon / Echinodorus quadricostatus
Black Amazon Sword Plant / Echinodorus parviflorus - peruensis
Ruby red Ludwigia / Ludwigia repens RUBIN
Dwarf Peer Journal / Anubias Nana
Petchs Water Goblet / Cryptocoryne beckettii 'petchii' '
Rainers Kitty Amazon sword plant / Echinodorus x "Rainers Kitty"
Special features of the facility:
Since it is this time for the time being be no cavity nesters, I have refrained from introducing coconut halves etc.. In addition to the rear wall, there are only a few roots.
For the left side I got a matching rear wall bog-wood.
The right side graces the big mangrove wood root of the "cockatoos Park" and for the center I found at my local dealer a second big mangrove root.
Aquarium equipment:
10:00 to 22:00 1x T5 Osram FH 21W / 830 HE High Efficiency LUMILUX Warm White G5
- 3000 Kelvin
- 1900 lumens

1x Beamworks HI-Lumen LED Luminaire 120 - 3140 lumens connected:
08:00 to 10:30 Blue
10:30 to 21:30 white
21:30 to 00:00 Blue
As in all my tanks there are also here a double filtering, which has proven itself due to optical and practical reasons with me very much.

The main filter is a 2071 Eheim External Filter Professionel 3 of how the design drawings so, draws on three places in Aqua and two feeds again. In return, an external Sera CO² is additionally installed reactor.

As a second filter I use as in all of my pool, a self-built indoor filter that is built into the back wall. The overflow comb serves as inlet and a Sicce Micra Universal pump returns. Equipped this filter is only a hunter automatic heater 100W and Aqua Medic Multiballs, filled with Sera Superpeat Peat.
Other equipment:
In order to ensure the temperature of about 26 ° C, there is a 100 W heater hunters usually hidden in the inner filter. Controlled This is a hobby BioThermPro whose second channel controls the nightlight.
Thus, the plants thrive, there ne CO² pressure gas system with solenoid valve for night shutdown. Is fed by the CO² external Sera CO² reactor in return of the external filter.
Verrohrung für den Außenfilter
Verrohrung komplett
1m / 1w Laetacara dorsigera

35 Caridina japonica

Otocinclus affinis 12
Water parameters:
Ph: 6.4
GH: 4
KH: 2
NO2: nn
NO3: <10
Temp: 25.4 ° C
Artemia (own breeding)
Brine shrimp larvae (own breeding)
Enchytraeen (own breeding)
Daphnia (own breeding)
black Muelas (from the water butt)
White Muelas (alive / frost)
Springtails (own breeding)
Microworms (own breeding)
Turbatrix aceti (own breeding)
Drosophila melanogaster (own breeding)
Drosophila hydei (own breeding)

SERA Wels Chips
SERA Vipachips
Sera vipan
JBL Novo GranoMix