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Aquarium Hauptansicht von little dark african
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
80x35x40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Gem Stone Granite backplane (individual modules) completely revised
DIY modules adapted to the existing
built small cascades

The pool is designed with a emersed (above water) portion

I try to represent a small stream

because I care for Killis me quite a long time, I have decided to dissolve my invertebrates such pools.
My Nelen are in another pool
Aquarium little dark african
Aquarium little dark african
Aquarium little dark african
Aquarium little dark african
künstliche Wurzel
Aquarium little dark african
linke Beckenseite
Aquarium decoration:
JBL Manado

ca 8 Kg

Graining 1-2 mm

Anubia congensis
right shows long narrow leaves and is with me in the penumbra. I had also been to emersed culture, which went quite well, but then you should always make sure that the roots are in water.

Microsorum pteropus
see below

Taxiphyllum spec spikey

Anubia nana
see below

Eleocharis accicularis
is an unpretentious but attractive plant that forms readily and quickly foothills. For me it is in partial shade and you get so far quite well.

Egeria densa Tropic (tropical species)
own experience with this pretty plant I have to do yet. So far, it shows very fast vigorous, bright green and quite undemanding. Unlike the normal Egeria densa the Tropical species is much more leafy, what makes them so attractive. A stem plant that can be normally set in the ground. For me it has become for so long that they flooded to the surface and so the inhabitants provides a little extra shade.


Ficus pumilla
The climber has quite thin and brown woody branches. On the branches are 1-2cm small round to heart-shaped leaves. It forms numerous adventitious roots that adhere well to my back wall. The roots are in constant contact with the water. If they grow too fast times, the pruning is not a problem. She likes it light to partial shade.

Taxiphyllum spec spikey
The moss in the emergent part offers the decoration also has the added effect of filtering, because the water does not flow directly back into the pool, but must first pass through the planting.

Hygrophila corymbosa "compact"
actually a plant Asian Ursrungs, but it was available to me and I wanted to test how emersed so does time. I have to say that when it grows emersed me, much better like, because in submerged attitude (so my experience), it grows up quickly, is "down around" fast ugly. The emersed growth form, it shows quite different, it does not grow as fast in the air and at a good light supply some leaves are pink. Again, the root system is in the water.

Microsorum pteropus
this plant likes it rather half-shade to shade, but I think it also in emergent part and there is more sun, but also their causes no problems if it is with their roots in water and submerged a medium high humidity available steht.Im use should be untied as all epiphytes, is best suited for this purpose Miscellaneous wood where their roots adhere fairly quickly.

There are many different types. Some species have specialized to absorb the nutrients through their roots on. Others take on the nutrients on the cup, as well as in my. They are simply "plugged" or between clamped. One should therefore always make sure the water is in the cup.

Anubia nana
like all Anubien, it is a epiphyte, which one is best aufbindet on stone or burl. The Rhizomstock should never be covered with gravel, otherwise they begin to rot. Otherwise it is very undemanding and grateful. In the blazing sun, they should not be, however, because the leaves to burn otherwise tend.

Anubia nana petit bonsai
a really very undemanding and uncomplicated plant. With me they already grew in the emergent and submerged in the field without any problem, the conversion caused her no worries. Ansich she likes it rather half-shade to shade, but also a little more light on it assumes like, at least I had this experience. Since it is a epiphyte, they should not be planted in the ground, at least should not be covered by the gravel Rhizomstock because otherwise it starts to stall faulen.Am best between bricks or to tie on wood. For me it is growing at the time and is emersed with the roots in the water.

Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Spikey Moos
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Anubia nana submers
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Anubia congensis
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Egeria densa `tropic`
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Microsorum pteropus submers
Pflanzen im Aquarium little dark african
Eleocharis accicularis
linke Beckenseite--submers
Special features of the facility:
a large artificial root

artificial tree bark (planted)

small round stones



dried banana tree leaves



Alder cones
Microsorum pteropus und Hygrophila
Dekoration im Aquarium little dark african
Anubia nana
Dekoration im Aquarium little dark african
linke obere Beckenseite
Dekoration im Aquarium little dark african
submerser Teil
Anubia nana emers
Hygrophila emers
Dekoration im Aquarium little dark african
Anubia nana bonsai
Hygrophila corymbosa kompakt
Aquarium equipment:
Aqua LED Light Styl


2x cool white
1x warm white

the bar is quite far to the rear, to shine above nice and keep little shade below.

Lighting time 9: 30h - 21: 30h
rear left corner a plexiglass plate is glued
it is provided with approx 4mm holes for sucking

JBL E900

Top pre-filter
Filter volume 6.1 L
Consumption 15 Watt
900 L / h

runs on full power, since the outlets are split through the casing, which is not too much

equipped with fine, coarse foam filter wool in the prefilter

Seemandelbaumkonzentrat (in sachets)

Zeolite as a biofilter

the piping is guided over the complete length Beck, having a spray tube, which has some holes, so that the water runs down on the rear wall
at the end of the tube is still an elbow attached so that even in the last corner is still running a little water
so on the left side of the pelvis and the water can flow, a small spray pipe is also attached.

for fast filtering and easier surface movement:

Dennerle Eckfilter

filled with medium coarse filter wool

running at full capacity 150L / h

at only 2 watts consumption (currently not connected!)
Other equipment:
Pressure CO² with overnight shutdown

the CO² is initiated by a zeolite reactor
This solves the CO² completely in the water of the reactor.
This reactor is also no problem to clean it, you can take it apart and rinse (unlike eg Lindenholzausströmern, these need to be replaced)

the reactor is located in the suction chamber

Hobby Aqua Cooler

this is only in summer in use

cools aquariums up to 120L
Ventillatoren separately to 55 ° tilt
with safety cover
seawater suitable as stainless aluminum

Power: 12V 5,2Watt

Revolutions per minute 3000

is turned on only when needed
Aufbereitung mit Kati+Ani
Aphyosemion australe gold Cape Lopez
1M / 4 W

The golden version is australe a cultivated form of Aphyosemion.
He is an insectivore, who lives in the flat, shady streams of Küstenniederrung Gabon rainforest. The males can be very different from the females because the males are very colorful and have long extended fin tips, while females appear quite monotonous yellowish.
A floating vegetation in the basin is advantageous because it attenuates the light and the fine roots of floating plants offers safe hiding place and.
In my pelvis is also home burl, are tied up in the plant. This, too, you can structure the pelvis Center and provide protection, which is important because the males are constantly looking for a wife, and the females anbalzen.
Out of sight can actually even come a little rest.
Is also very important to cover the pelvis well, because the Killis are very happy spring!
Keep my Killis in a species tank, because they have the opportunity to show themselves in all their glory and their interesting behavior.
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
wer sagt, das Weibchen nicht hübsch sind?
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Besatz im Aquarium little dark african
Water parameters:
GH 5
KH 5
PH 6.5
No2 0
No3 0
Po4 0
Temperature 22-24 ° C

Water 1 time a week about 50%

Is processed approximately half of the water exchange with Kati + Ani (VE)
Humic acid and the tap water is treated with Brazil Femanga Aqua
white and black mosquito larvae

Cichlid Shrimp Sticks (crushed)
Novo Grano mini mix
Söll Power Flakes
Sera FD mixpur
Sera vipagran
Sera granulate menu
Tetra per vegetable

Tetra Fresh Delica Daphnia
Tetra Fresh Delica Brine Shrimps

EVT Enchytraen
home-grown artemia
Water fleas
Further information:
so, the basin has a little to be rebuilt. I had extremely high for phosphate recorded values. The PhosEx the filter has not brought the desired success. Have put in another bowl then Killis. All the roots in the water and the ground were removed and filled the basin with fresh water. Still unchanged. I have built a large root to the rear wall, these projects also in the water, take it that it is due. So I have to think about something, how do I get that here under control again. Sob ....

the basin is now completely transformed and the phosphate value finally at 0!
There is no natural burl more in the tank, because I assume that came my PO4 values ​​of deadwood. Now I have installed a large artificial root and artificial tree bark in the basin. I do not actually stand on such artificial things, but given the previous problems, I decided so, and I personally find it so well pretty.