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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Süd-/Mittelamerika-Becken (nur noch als Beispiel)
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
200 x 57 x 70 = 782 liters ~ 206 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Panoramic pool with two beveled disks at the front

3x 32mm holes for overflow, emergency spillway and the water changes
1x 25mm inlet hole

Heating on the hot water circulation line of the house.
Ersteinrichtung: Becken bei leicht gedimmter Beleuchtung
Ersteinrichtung: Becken bei Dämmerung
Ersteinrichtung: Sonnenuntergang
Ersteinrichtung: Mondlicht (wird ns)
Aquarium decoration:
100kg sand, grit 0.5mm
- Various Anubias
- Vallisneria gigantea
Special features of the facility:
12x Wels tubes made of clay
2x large mangrove roots, several small roots of mangrove and Moorkien Wood
XL-Mangrovenwurzel mit anubias barteri var. barteri, anubias barteri var. nana und
XL-Mangrovenwurzel mit anubias coffeefolia und Javafarn
Aquarium equipment:
2x LED Aqua Styl Light RGB, 825 mm, with water cooling
2x LED strip light in color SKY 6500K of http://www.ledaquaristik.de
1x LED floodlight 10W 6000K
1x ProfiLux 3.1A

Lighting hours:
to be updated
140L Fitlerbecken
1 cartridge filter with 12 cartridges (middle) A 800 cm2 surface
2nd chamber: Tunze Silence (. 30W, ac 1200 l / h) + stainless steel heating coil (DIY)
Other equipment:
1x Tunze stream 6105, 3000-13000 L / h, max. 35W
1x Tunze Nano Stream, 2400 L / h, 3.5W

1x Tunze CO2 diffuser, 5W
CO2 is adjusted by means of long-term test at about 20 mg / l
4 x Elliots cichlid (Thorichthys maculipinnis)
3 x Corydoras Sterbai
7 x Ancisthomus Sp. L163
4 x Denison-Barbe (Puntius denisonii)

About the fish:

Elliots cichlid:
Latin name:. Thorichthys maculipinnis
Size: up to 15cm
Water Temperature: 24 - 28 ° C
PH: 7.0 to 8.5
Type: Cichlidae

L163 - Para Mirage Signs Wels:
Latin name:. Ancistomus sp.
Size: up to 15cm
Water temperature: 25 - 29 ° C and
PH: 6.0 to 7.5
Type: Loricariidae
Other names: Gelbsaum Mirage Signs Wels

Sterbais cory:
Latin name:. corydoras sterbai
Size: to 7cm
Water Temperature: 23 - 28 ° C
PH: 6.0 to 7.5
Type: Callichthyidae

Latin name:. Puntius denisonii
Size: to 16cm
Water temperature: 18 - 28 ° C
PH: 6.5 - 7.5
L163 - Ancistomus sp.
L163 - Ancistomus sp.
Thorichthys maculipinnis - Elliots Buntbarsch
Thorichthys maculipinnis - Elliots Buntbarsch
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma - Fahnenkirschflecksalmler
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma - Fahnenkirschflecksalmler
Corydoras sterbai
L163 - Ancistomus sp.
L163 - Ancistomus sp.
L163 - Ancistomus sp.
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma - Fahnenkirschflecksalmler
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26.5 ° C
NO2: 0,0 mg / l
PH: 7.0
GH: 14 ° DH

Water change is every 14 days, each about 35-50%
Söll granules:
Kelb pellets
Chiclid pellets
Colour pellets
Shrimp Sticks

Zac Chiliden granules

Occasionally live food:
bloodworms, daphnia

Söll tablets:
Kelb Tabs

Tetra Pleco Wafer
Sera Vipa Chips
Zac floor tablets (carnivor and vegitarisch)