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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Ocean Life
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
60X35X40 = 84 liters ~ 22 gallons (us)
Aquarium Ocean Life
Aquarium Ocean Life
Aquarium decoration:
Special Substrate for small saltwater aquariums
High-purity, natural calcium / magnesium carbonate
Optimal grain from 0.5 to 1.2 mm
Ideal for shrimp, crabs, gobies, tube worms, sea anemones, snails and diverse microfauna
Pollutant free. Makes no nitrate or phosphate
Stabilizes the pH value, supplies valuable carbonate hardness.
The Nano Marinus ground is thoroughly rinsed in a bucket under running tap water to remove the dust-fine abrasion.
An initial, slight clouding of the aquarium water disappears within a short time.
Fill the ground no more than 2-3 cm in height, if it does not occur oxygen deficiency later in the lower area.
Special features of the facility:
11 kg of live rock
Aquarium equipment:
2x 24 watt T5 with JBL Reflectors

1x Aqua Medic aqualine T5 Reef Blue:

aqualine T5 Reef Blue is a actinisch blue fluorescent lamp to increase the blue proportion in saltwater aquariums. The
Lamp emits almost exclusively blue light of wavelengths of 400-500 nm, with a max. at 420 nm decreases. These
Wavelengths promote the growth of many corals. In addition, they give - in combination with aqualine T5 Reef White
10K or 15K, the saltwater aquarium a natural look. aqualine T5 Reef Blue stimulates the natural Floreszenz the
Coral and they can - especially in a case of sole illumination with Aqualine T5 Reef Blue in a simulated
Twilight phase glow beautifully.

1xAqua Medic aqualine T5 Reef White 15K:

Blue-white lamp for the illumination of saltwater aquaria. This lamp emits an extremely bright, blue-white light. It is the ideal lamp for ambient lighting of marine aquariums. For good coral growth. aqualine T5 Reef White 15K can be used in combination with aqualine T5 Reef Blue both as sole lighting when.

2xTropic Marin SunaECO 500E incl. SunaECO Control

1xMarine White
1x Blue Reef

SunaECO Control:

Accessories with 2 channels for dimmers and taxes of 2 x 500 or 1 x SunaECO SunaECO 1000HD
Easy programming for Sunrise, Sunset, daylight and moonlight lighting effects.
compact design.
Easy to read display

Lighting hours:

10-11 clock sunrise the "Sunas" are driven from 0 to 100% high
12-20 clock "Sunas" and T5 tubes shine together
20-22 clock "Sunas" dimming down to 0% Marine White Blue Reef as moonlight on 2%, T5 blue light tube still switched on
22-24 clock Blue light phase
8-11 clock Blue light phase
Moonlight illuminated 24-8 Clock
Aqua Medic Turboflotor Blue 500:

Efficient skimmer with low power consumption
For saltwater aquariums up to 250 liters

With the new Blue Turboflotor 500 Aqua Medic is the continuing "blue" art series for saltwater aquariums. Like its big brothers the "Blue 1000" and the "Blue 3000", the new Turboflotor Blue 500 presented in a contemporary design and is made of acrylic glass.

Features of the Turboflotor Blue 500:
With two different holding systems it can be mounted in virtually any pool and is variable in height adjustment.

The Turboflotor Blue 500 is powered by a new venturi pump with only 8 watts power consumption and a newly developed yarn wheel. In conjunction with a ceramic bearing this optimum for a bubble structure and a high level of running smoothness ensures.

High skimming capacity is achieved by the optimal flow-design and the conical foam cup. A bubble-free water return is hereby ensured. The foam production is regulated by a wheel for flow control with a handle.

- Suitable with two different holding systems for variable height-adjustable mounting, thus for every application in the aquarium.
- New power-saving venturi pump with only 8 watts power consumption.
- Ceramic bearings ensure smooth running.
- A newly developed mesh wheel ensures high air intake and optimum bubble structure.
- High skimming capacity is achieved by the optimal flow-design and the conical foam cup.
- The foam production can be adjusted with a handle.
Other equipment:
2x Korallia Nano 900l / h
Aqua Light Mini water refilling 7.5V
Mrutzek refractometer
75 Watt Eheim heater
Aqua Medic Blue 500
Koralia Nano

2xGobiodon histrio - Blaupunkt coral goby


Various crabs and snapping shrimp from LG
1 lumpsucker LG
2 indefinite slugs from LG
2x Clibanarius englaucus - hermit
2x Calcinus elegans - Blue Halloween Hermit Crab
2x Calcinus laevimanus - United scissor hermit crab
3x Turboschnecke
1x Mespilia globulus - Ball Sea Urchin

various sea squirts, sponges, tube worms, etc.

Coral / anemone:

Clavularia viridis
Discosoma sp. 15 - Scheibenanemone, striped green
Euphyllia paradivisa - frog spawn coral
Tubastrea faulkneri - Orange-yellow cup coral
Ricordea Florida - Caribbean Scheibenanemone
Fungia sp. 01 - Pilzkoralle
Sarcophyton ehrenbergi - Mushroom Leather Coral
Xenia umbellata - Pumping Xenia
Ricordea bei der Teilung
Ricordea Florida
Ricordea Florida
Ricordea Florida
Ricordea Florida
Gobiodon Histrio
Gobiodon Histrio
Gobiodon Histrio
Gobiodon Histrio
Tubipora musica
Unbestimmte Nacktschnecke Nr.1
Unbestimmte Nacktschnecke Nr.2
Tubastrea faulkneri
Tubastrea faulkneri
Tubastrea faulkneri
Pumpende Xenien
Water parameters:
Temp: 25 ° C
Salinity: 35 ‰
KH: 9 °
PH: 8,1-8.5
CA: 420 mg / l
MG 1320 mg / l
NO2: 0 mg / l
NO3: 5 mg / l
PO4: 0 mg / l
CU: 0 mg / l
Live food:

Artemia, copepods, Mysis

Frozen Food:

Artemia, Mysis.Reef mix with Cyclop Eeze, clam meat, shrimp


Ocean Nutrition Nano Reef Fish Food, Argent Cyclop Eeze, Naturefood Supreme Marin medium (1.0-1.2 mm)
3 times a week DTs phytoplankton PremiumBlend

Living Phytoplankton

DT's Live Marine Phytoplankton has been specially designed for safe use in reef aquariums. Our unique treatment in which the living cells are carefully and without prejudice from the soil, filters out pollutants such as metals, nitrates and phosphates, which are contained in the nutrient solution for the Phytoplanktonzucht. The result is clean, living phytoplankton cells, which are burdening your aquarium neither nutrient nor metals.
DT`s Live Marine Phytoplankton contains three different species phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis oculata, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Chlorella). Living Phytoplankton with a cell size of 2-20 microns and a cell density of 250 million per ml.

Among the creatures that live Marine there is a direct feeding of DT's Phytoplankton include clams, tubeworms, sea squirts, sponges, soft corals and zooplankton (copepods and Invertebratenlarven), which in turn diehnt stony corals as food.
The nutritional value of copepods erhöt through the recording of high-quality u. Nutrient-rich phytoplankton also directly feed most stony corals with nutrients from enriched zooplankton.

The population of Mysiden, copepods u. Zooplanktonischen other organisms also increases phytoplankton with regular use of DT's Live Marine. These creatures make an indirect contribution to stabilize the Aquarienmillieus in which they absorb or process next Phytoplankton also other nutrients and waste products.

There is now scientific evidence that soft corals and gorgonian Gonioporen well, also benefit from a direct Phytoplanktonaufnahme.

Living Phytoplankton not charged, unlike preserved phytoplankton also Aquarienmillieu because not immediately absorbed algal cells can continue to live in your aquarium until they are exhausted. Living Phytoplankton also exerts many invertebrates feed from a stimulus, can not trigger the preserved dead plankton.

Storage in a refrigerator is required (01 ° C - 04 ° C) - Durability approx 5 months.
Further information:
Water change every 14 days 15% with varying types of salt eg Reef Crystals, Tropic Marin, and all 3 are changed a water change with
CaribSea Sea-Pure natural seawater:

Do not have to worry about whether your the mixed salt water is similar to real seawater or not.
Familiarize yourself no longer about whether your tap water is contaminated or not thoughts.
Sea-Pure is real seawater and contains all the essential minerals and trace elements in the correct ratio and the correct pH value.
No potentially dangerous pathogens. No nitrates or phosphates, no harmful organics, no artificial preservatives or chemicals.
Sea-Pure's easy seawater, exactly the way it intends to nature.
The Tubastrea faulkneri is gefütter every day with Norialgen, Mysis, Artemia copepods or chopped clam meat and shrimp all the others are not active gefütter only the Clavularia viridis is now and then fogged times with phytoplankton.