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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
250x110x60 cm = 1650 liters ~ 435 gallons (us)
Specific features:
2x flow, 1x inlet, vanity unit is a self-made 3 holes, kommplett wooden.
Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Aquarium decoration:
approx 100 kg play sand
Special features of the facility:
150 kg basalt rock
Dekoration im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Dekoration im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Aquarium equipment:
8x 21 W T5 pendant lamp
of which only
2x 21W Daylight by 12.00 clock - 21.00 clock lights

is controlled by timer
Filter tank (160 l) The water runs over 2 x 45 mm pipes in the
Filter basins. 1. chamber, bio balls. 2. chamber filter mat
3. Chamber filter mat fine 4.Kammer Filterwatte, 5th Chamber clarified water chamber
Return pump Eheim 1260th
Glued internal filter, with several filter mats, also with a
Eheim 1260 operated, which also serves as Strömmungspumpe
Other equipment:
300 W immersion heater in the clear water chamber of the filter tank, s.
Strömmungspumpe Tunze 6085
Technik im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Bau Unterschrank
Bau Unterschrank
Unterschrank fertig
1: 2 Champsochromis caeruleus 25 / 14cm
1: 1 Aristochromis christyi 20 / 16cm
1: 1 Placidochromis milomo 17 / 14cm
1: 1 Dimidiochromis compressiceps 20 / 15cm
1: 2 Fossorochromis rostratus 22 / 17cm
1: 1 Nimbochchromis linni 20 / 17cm
1: 3 Bucocochromis lepturus 26 / 28cm
2: 2 Taeniochromis holotaenia 13 / 13cm
Besatz im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Besatz im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Besatz im Aquarium 3-2-1-meins
Water parameters:
Water temperature 25 ° C

PH: 8.0
GH: 18 ° dGH
KH: 14 ° GCH
NH4: 0.2 mg / l
NH3: 0 mg / l
NO2: not prove
NO3: 10 mg / l
Tropical Krill Flake
Tropical Cichlid Color
Tropical Cichlid Red & Green
Clam Meat
When live feeds are ill ^^ black mollies and everything enforcement in the basin.
Is always fed at different times and at different locations in the basin ends.