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Mein 530er Malawi
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160x60x55 = 530 liters ~ 139 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is a special design of the aquarium builder.
I have taken it from an acquaintance.
The stainless steel profiles I had my edges in a metalworking shop and even glued.
I also have the chamber internal filter removed to create more space in the first place in the pool, and converted to the Aquarium External Filter.
Aquarium decoration:
50 Kg fine silica sand.
No plans are some Cryptocoryne and some Java fern.
Special features of the facility:
130 Kg gray granite, as a substructure serve about 40 Kg hole rock rock Kenya, they were taken from my previous 200l tank.
In the middle of a large root for my Panaque.
Aquarium equipment:
Aquastarlight with 4 tubes T5: 2x 54 watts Reef Blue, 2x 54 watts Luxline Plus
The lighting time is 10 hours a day and is controlled by a timer.
An Eheim Professional II and an Eheim Classic 2217, behind the stones is also a Eheim Aquaball to provide flow behind the stones.
Other equipment:
A Thermostat with Thermustat us two heating rods 1x300W and 1x200W.
Die beiden Eheim-Filter mit einem gewissen Schläuchechaos
Das Steuerelement der Regelheizung
Die Aquastarlight mit den 4 Röhren
1/5 Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (Maingano)
2/4 Labidochromis "Yellow"
1/1 Aulonocara Fire Fish
1 Panaque L90
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos und Labidochromis Yellow
Labidochromis Yellow (mein dominanter Bock)
Aulonocara Fire Fish Bock
Mein Panaque L 90
Und nochmal der L 90
Water parameters:
Temperature 25-26 ° C
NO² 0 mg / L
NO³ <10 mg / L
PH 7.5
KH 7
GH 12

Weekly water changes between 30% and 50%
Tetra Phyll flake food
Tetra Pleco Min
Granulated food
Every now and then cucumber, potato, water fleas