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Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
Approximately 50kg beige sand.
Varied Zufallsset from an online store. Accordingly, the plants come from all over the world. There are ultimately more than I thought, these are 15 different Bonny plant species, each about 7 stalks - and Java fern and Echinodorus one from the old pool.

Current estimated stocklist.Please:
Alternanthera lilacina - Lilablättriges Papageienblatt
Bacopa caroliniana - Carolina Fettblatt
Bacopa monnieri - Bacopa monnieri
Ceratopteris siliquosa - Sumatrafarn
Echinodorus sp. - Sword plant
Echinodorus parviflorus "Tropica"
Eleocharis acicularis - needle ledges
Egeria densa - waterweed
Hydrocotyle leucocephala - Brazilian pennywort
Hygrophila corymbosa compact - Giant water friend compact
Hygrophila difformis - Water Wedel
Hygrophila polysperma pink - Pink Water friend
Microsorium pteropus - Javafarn
Myriophyllum elatinoides - Fir milfoil
Rotala rotundifolia - red-leaved Rotala red
Rotala sp.
Vallisneria tortifolia - Small Vallis
Special features of the facility:
Mangrove roots
Aquarium equipment:
2 T8 fluorescent tubes, one warm, one cold light for more depth.
Eheim Professionel External Filter
Other equipment:
CO2 plant
Erythrostigma 12 bleeding heart tetra Hyphessobrycon
10 Emerald Panzerwelse Brochis splendens
1 Golden catfish Ancistrus sp.
Water parameters:
pH - 7.2
dGH - 13 °
KH - 9 °
Dry food, frozen food, live food