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Blick vom Wohnzimmer
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
130x60x60 = 468 liters ~ 123 gallons (us)
Specific features:
PARTITIONS pool (demasoni species pool)

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This is my first aquarium! I have previously about one year with the topic and read a lot! And try it now implement!
Since I have set the basin as a room divider (between kitchen and living room area) it was not easy for both the needs of residents and to make the very visually appealing. Furthermore, the size of the basin was not conducive to the design!
In the following you will see then, as I have implemented the project

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If any of you has ideas or suggestions: Bring it on;)
And always nice write comments !!!! :)
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Basin Eheim / MP (Many thanks to my dad who gave me this pool :))
Two Partitions basin basin holes, is mounted on 10mm Styrofoam

The substructure is completely emerged in homemade from 28 Ytong stones and two worktops.
The complete substructure is on a 10mm thick Styrofoam plate to protect the underlying tile.
The substructure will be covered!
In the top plate there are holes for inlet and outlet of the filter system,
and a hole for cable management.

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The photos were taken by a good friend with a Canon EOS 5D mk2! BEST thanks !!!
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Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Die künstliche Wurzel....NEIN sie ist nicht echt! ;)
ohne Worte
Hier noch zu sehen : Valisnerien ...alle eingegangen :P
Meine D`s ;)
Blick von der Küche
*GRINS* Zeitschrift `Aquaristik` Ausgabe 3/11
Ich hab mich mal an ein 54Liter Becken gewagt...bewohnt von einem Betta Splendens
Aquarium decoration:
25 kg Black aquarium sand 0,1mm, 15kg black aquarium gravel 0,5mm

I have a different grain size selected to the ground to make work something natürlticher!
Furthermore, I have around me decided on black ground
a) to keep the reflection of the lights as low as possible through the ground
b) to bring the blue color of Demansonis better advantage ... with success;)
Several Anubias nana barteri

The plant is designed to notice in my pelvis that except the really robust Anubias nothing grows in my pelvis.
This is mainly due to the blue lighting that eliminates a lot of the red components in the light of Dennerle African Lake which is for plant growth is indispensable.

The Anubias offer here the animals and especially the young sufficient retreat and hiding places.
Furthermore, they have their many and long drooping small root strands also a filtering effect.

Three cheers for the Anubias :)

German Name: Dwarf Peer sheet
Height: 5 - 15cm
Width: 8 cm +
Growth: 8 - 10 leaves per year
Water temperature: 17-28 ° C
Light requirements: very low - medium
Water hardness: very soft - very hard
Pflanzen im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Special features of the facility:
ca 150KG Dark brushed and boiled basalt rock from the garden center (located on 10mm Styrofoam)
The rock is so stacked that it as close enough to the surface, forming two distinctly separate ground areas. All stone constructions are durchschwimmbar and form cavities in which the Demasonis can (especially at night) to withdraw.
The rear stone building (on the rear panel) hides the inlet and outlet of the filter.

A rear wall Jewel Stone Granite is glued on lying on the wall headboard in U-shape with aquarium silicone to hide a portion of the technology (internal filter and heater). There are openings left side so that the room as a hiding / swimming area is the fish available.
The water level is 1 cm higher than the upper edge of the rear wall!

An artificial root which hangs down into the pool from the middle bar in the center of the basin. The root is hollow and durchschwimmbar.
I know that this does not necessarily looks very realistic. However, my goal was to achieve a significant visual separation of the left and right pelvic steadily. This was not to be realized by stone constructions, as sometime the limits of physics even under water (which piled stones terms) are achieved! ;)
By root this optical separation is achieved and this also extends to the water surface.
Aquarium equipment:
Is illuminated with two T8 Light Tubes

Denerle African Lake 38Watt (sunlight) with Aqua Memolux Starter:

13:00 - 13:30 clock 30% -100% Leuchkraft
13:30 - 21:30 Clock 100%
21:30 - 22:00 clock 100% -30%

JBL Solar Blue 38Watt (blue light)

13:10 clock - 22:10 clock 100% (will be retrofitted even with Aqua Memolux Starter)

Rising Sun moonlight conditioning

22:00 clock - 23:00 clock Sunset
23:00 clock - 09:00 clock moonlight
09:00 clock - 10:00 clock Sunrise

From 10-13 clock no lighting

(Considering replacing the existing lighting system against Aqua LED light RGB style 100 with daylight simulator, since the energy consumption is much lower and also accounts for the changing of the tubes would)
Is filtered with a Fluval FX5 External Filter

For aquariums up to 1500L
Pump outlet: 3,500 l / h.
Mechanical filter surface (foam): 2,100 cm2
Biological Volume: 5.9 l
Filter volume: 20 l
Filter Circulation *: 2,300 L / hr. (At the same long hoses)
Head (max.): 3.3 m
Wattage 120V / 60Hz: 50W
Wattage 230-240V / 50Hz: 48W
The filter is equipped by a self-priming.

The Doppelausströmer is directed slightly obliquely against the Wasseroberläche so that it ensures good circulation in the upper pelvic area!

1. filter basket (above): Lewatit MP 600
2. Filter basket (center): zeolite
3. strainer (bottom): Siporax

For Lewatit MP600:
Lewatit MP 600 belongs to the group of strongly basic, macroporous anion exchanger type II. Due to its high long shot capacity, its good chemical resistance and osmotic load Lewatit MP 600 is hervorgaend for water treatment in the aquarium hobby.

Application in the aquarium: The resin removes any dyes, such as discoloration of roots, as well as tannins and humic acids from the water. MP600 also located in lower quantities of nitrite and phosphate. Nitrate levels above 50mg / l. are growth inhibitory and harmful in the long run! It is recommended therein to use the resin in which the pH is from 7.5 to 8.2, eg. in a Lake Malawi basin.

I personally have had the experience that water with the Lewatit is really very, very clearly and successfully stabilized the water values!
There are some special filter systems that filter resins that can be operated in a bypass, but they are usually quite expensive to buy!
Therefore, I have so bought the resin and wrapped in several fine-mesh nylon bags!
When you start the first filter some resin yet come out of the filter into AQ, since even the nylon bags the fine-grained resin at first can not prevent slip through! However, it continues then after a short time in the filter bag firmly and the water is crystal clear! :)
I would highly recommend!

Furthermore, an internal fast filter Tetratec 800PLUS whose Auströmer lies behind the U-shaped back wall above the upper edge of the rear wall and thus ensures good Wasserberflächenbewegung.

Tetratec 800PLUS
-for aquariums from 80 to 150 liters
-separat removable magnet turbine
-Stromaufnahme: 230 V / 50 Hz 12 watts
-Durchflussmenge: 400-800 l / h
Other equipment:

Tunze Nano Stream 6045
Flow Rate 4500 liters per hour; Power 7W
This is a switch from 10: 00h - 22: 00h connected.

Hydor Koralia Nano
Flow Rate 1600 liters per hour; Power consumption 4.5 W
This is a switch from 22: 00h - 10: 00h connected.

Both pumps are mounted such that they ensure a good circulation in middle and lower pelvic area!

Together with the FX5 I reach thus a theoretical revolution of 7600 liters / hour! Realistically, probably around the 6000 liters / hour!

Jäger heater 300Watt
for aquariums up to 1000 liters

The heater is not connected! The temperature in the AQ falls at night from a maximum at 24 ° C.
During the day there are about 26 ° C. In the summer, sometimes 28 ° C.
CA 20-25 Pseudotropheus demasoni

For about 60% is in the animals to their own offspring! :)

Geschlechterverhätlnis because males and females can be distinguished as good as unknown.
2 Tage nach Einzug! Einer der Bewohner...noch ganz schüchtern!
Kurz nach dem Einzug
Eier im Maul???
Wo isser denn?? :D
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Besatz im Aquarium D-$To®M ( My First ) Nur noch als Beispiel
Water parameters:
Measurement from 19.01.2012 with JBL Testlab

KH: ca 10
GH: ca 6
PH: ca 8.0
NO2: <0.01
NO3: CA5
C °: 25-28
NH3: 0.0
NH4: 0.0
FE: <0.02

The KH is filled with pure sodium bicarbonate (Bullrichsalz from the pharmacy) increases).
Not even cost 3 euros (250g) and serves the same purpose, the various additional salts etc as per chilid Malawi which at 15-25 euros (500-600g) are!

Water 1 time a week 50%
For demasoni only vegetable feed because the animals n longer digestive tract and have animal protein can cause this inflates and the animals die of it!

JBL Spirulina Premium (JBL flakes for algae-eating cichlids) 40% Spirulina


Crude protein: 37%
Crude fat: 6%
Crude fiber: 1.1%
Crude ash: 7%

For this purpose from time to pickle, finely chopped spinach etc

Lined is 3 times a day in small amounts (so that the little food that have plastered in 30-60 seconds)
On Sundays, fasting !;) (do not want so that the little ones have a high BMI: D)
Further information:
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Here I write in between just something pure, which does not necessarily fall under the category Updates! Can you read .... you do not have;)
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It was very interesting to note that one of the males was demasoni (my great ..I now baptize it with the name "Lord WhattheF *** :)) initially very dominant and aggressive towards others! There were many incitements where I feared had to have the (really quite beautifully drawn animal) take out again!
Meanwhile, however, seem clear power relations to have been thrashed out nonverbal and everything goes much quieter and more harmonious in the basin for !;)

More stories from the "D-Storm" basin follow !;)


So ... should again someone say Demasonis are shy! When I get to the pool are the rascals a swarm and follow me while I walk around to the pool! .... I come to my already pursuing something before ... * eye twitching *


Today was the first time fed with NEM piece banana! Seems good to come! :)


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