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Mein Mbuna Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150X60X65 = 560 liters ~ 147 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Back: Eigenbau with overhangs and a wide variety of corners, niches and caves. Built to get out of polystyrene plates of different thicknesses to structure and overhang. Filled with expanding foam. Then about 5 layers of white Portland cement (uncolored) because the paint came of their own accord.
The back wall is at the overhangs and where a lot of light get there with violet brush algae overgrowing, which move in the flow beautifully and are grazed by my Mbunas regularly frantically. Therefore, I will not fight!
Ansicht von Links
Einblick von Rechts
Becken im Übergang Tag/Nacht mit Kaltlichtkathode
Becken mit Mondlicht
Aquarium decoration:
Fine bright sand (play sand) from the hardware store.
no ... Oops ... Sorry ... beautiful brush algae!
Special features of the facility:
80 Kg irregularly shaped limestone from the surrounding area. (but should, because even more hiding places artificial holestone, which is also hollow inside soft)
Some I will but obstruct with.

So far, the artificial holestone still looks somewhat unnatural light of what is but hopefully change soon.
Pinselalgen..von vielen gefürchtet...von mir NICHT! und die Fische lieben es sie
Aquarium equipment:
Cover with homemade lightbar 2x38W.
2X38W. Rear Sylvania AquaStar, front Hagen Power Glo..noch T8. 12h operating time per day. 1 hour away Sonnenauf.- and doom, regulated by a special starter, but it starts according to the manufacturer at 10% dimming, which is of course much too bright. Therefore an additional 1 White Kaltlichtkathode dimmed. as a transition (low light).
1 Kaltlichtkathode blue as moonlight.

Switching times: Moonlight 5-7 clock, junction 7 - 8 clock, main lighting 8 - 20 clock, the transition 20 - 22 pm, Moonlight 22-0 clock.
Of course, all with a few minutes Intersection.
Eheim Professional 3 2075 to 600l, 1250L pump line, conveyor height 1.8 m,
Consumption 16W, container volume 9l, filter volume 6l + 0.5l prefilter.
Filter media: 2 baskets EHEIM MECHpro, 1 basket EHEIM BioMech, 1 basket EHEIM substrat pro + Fine filter wool, 1 coarse prefilter.

Right side:
a sort of trickle into backplane integrated (biofilter). equipped with about 8l rough and middle filter flakes water flows through from top to bottom) as the lowermost layer filter wool, then choked a small pump with 9W to about 135l, which conveys the water through a UVC clarifier back to the pool return.

left side:
in the rear wall of built-in filter chamber approx 15l volume. At the bottom intake about 5cm above ground to the sludge suck there. (works great!) in the lower part of the chamber is a little air about 20cm is in this part of the chamber an automatic heater 300W and the intake screen from Eheim external filter that the worst of the dirt sucks regardless of this part of the chamber. About this part of the chamber is a glass walkway where the series is accommodated by a coarse, fine, and then filter wool. in the Fine filter wool is an EHEIM compact + 3000 embedded taking over the surface movement and the quick filter with approximately 2500l / h.
Other equipment:
11W UV-C clarifier in continuous operation (flow about 135l / h) is therefore used for germ reduction.

a Tunze Nano Stream 6025 with ca.2500l output per hour as a flow pump (the Mbunas love the flow)
Tunze Nanostream 6025
Eheim Professional 3 2075
Wasser wird unter der Filtermatte angesaugt dann nach oben durch den feinfilter und
Minipumpe mit 135L/h versorgt UV-C mit 11W im Dauerbetrieb
Iodotropheus sprengerae 1/3
Labidochromis caeruleus Yellow 1/3
Pseudotropheus lombardoi 1/4
Pseudotropheus ACEI 1/3
Pindani albino 1/3
Pseudotropheus Mpanga 1/3
Pseudotropheus crabro 1/1
Maylandia estherae Red Red / 02 (adopted years ago neighbor wanted to wash it down) get their charity.

Yes ... a lot of ways. But get along quite outstanding except for very small disputes, a normal occurrence in the mbuna
Bunter Haufen
Ps. Acei
Iodotropheus Sprengerae
M. Estherae Red/Red / W
Ps. Lombardoi / W
Ps. Lombardoi / M
Ps. Crabro / W
Ps. Crabro / M
Lab. Caeruleus Yellow / M
Ps. Elongatus Mpanga / M
Water parameters:
Temperature 26 ° day, night 24-25 °
PH8,3 baseline tap water pH 7.4 GH3 KH2
NH4 / NH3 undetectable
NO2 undetectable
NO3 13mg / l
PO4 0.0 mg / l
Fe 0,0 mg / l
Cu 0.0 mg / l

Water change 1xWoche 50% (got me to a marker at the pelvis done to always constant amount to change)
water treatment is thus also simplified because always the same amount is added.
Is hardened with Kaiser Natron and Gibs liquor.
Treatment with sera aquatan
Tropical Malawi Flakes
Tropical Spirulina Flakes
Tropical Spirulina 36%
JBL NovoRift
Tropical Cichlid Gran
Sera granugreen
Sera granured

Frozen food: white Mückenlarfen 1x every 10-14 days

Vegetables: Scalded alternating salad, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, spinach

Every Monday is fasting
Further information:
I look forward to suggestions as well as suggestions for improvement!