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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Description of the aquarium:
West / Central Africa
Tank size:
1,40 x 0,50 x 0,50 = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Stands on homemade frame 40s profile tube (see picture) to MDF board and two layers of foam mat 3mm

Rear self-production

This consists of two halves and is treated with very fine sand to get a Uferlehm layer
The pool is operated open, which gives the possibility to act with plants, as they are known by the border plantings from the biotopes ago. More on this under Miscellaneous.
Das Dickkicht...
rechte Seite des Beckens mit dem Schilfgürtel
warte auf erste Spitzen des Schilfrohrs
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
becken mit einem 35W-Strahler auf rechte Rückwandwurzel gerichtet
Wasser Marsch ! am 06.12.2010
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Rückwand und Details im Wasser...
Der Spezialbodengrund
Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Aquarium decoration:
Special ground consisting of clay and Torfstücken who fired porous sint

Topsheet natural gravel 2-4mm

Black gravel for dark spots in the ground. These almond leaves and autumn leaves of oak and beech.

After deliberation, to create a different layout in the basin near the ground, a granulate from coconut shells as a new decorative element and fertilizer was introduced into the pool. (See picture) Also read under my homepage under ground and Sedimente.Das lasting fertilizer in the basin is so minimalisiert.Dazu comes to use that this material has a narurbraune color and is microniologisch degradable also under the aspect of natural materials. Likewise, this also affects the purse because expensive fertilizer tablets or other custom-built gravel, which also has its price, can be omitted.
The descriptions of the plants to be completed with the texts of the aquascape-guru.de


The Common chickweed is a cosmopolitan and thus represented worldwide.
It is also called epidermis, however, this is not all to familiar name.

It is wonderful for hiding places of small / medium-sized fish.

Normally, the chickweed floats on, one can but fix Weigh with Tonscheibchen or the like at one point in the pelvis.

It grows very quickly, and should be cut regularly.

Fits the plant which is not in the tank, it shall inform the sprouts, which usually look fresh green, of its own accord.

Therefore here a little more care will be necessary.
Furthermore, a good CO2 should - Fertilization be guaranteed. The plant comes out with a little less light, an additional fertilization per week with Feero E15 is advisable.

The special thing about the plant is that it can be used well against algae (green algae), since it releases active ingredients of your needle-like leaves. On the subject of algae and their importance in the water or in the biotope, in the report - are experienced or "symbioses in freshwater" more "nitrogen cycle The cycle of life". At this point ever enjoy reading ...
It is an extreme nutrient Zehrer, but also produces a lot of oxygen, which represents an asset for the entire basin.
I have a week to up to 20cm cutting back the plant again. Some plant parts are even completely removed in order to avoid overgrowth.

Salix matsudana
Needle ledges
Tiger Lotus

The Red Tiger Lotus comes from West Africa and is very popular in the aquarium hobby.
The red Tigerlutos should be in every West African basin, since this region is the home base of this plant.

Since the plant can reach really high degree and thereby shows the large red leaves, arises entirely by this effect a great contrast to the green of other aquatic plants.

The large leaves are characterized as a hiding place for as many fish and its offspring.

One can already big on commercially solid mother plants, but only tubers with sprouts. For what you decide, of course, depends on the purpose and the skill of the respective Scapers.

The plant needs a consistent care, precisely because it expels large floating leaves. The size of the music here remains perhaps of light for other plants as they grow in their shade. Then you just cut off the floating leaves, thus the plant is kept under water.

However, on the other hand it shows 10cm large white flowers on the water surface, which also smell wonderful. For an open pool an eye-catcher of the special kind. Such blooms can not have any in his pelvis.

In combination with eg Valisnera spiralis on the side / back and dwarf needle ledges in the foreground a spectacular picture is framed in the basin. A positive side effect, you have plants from different regions.
If you get only tubers, they will be placed in the pelvis on objects with a hole in the middle as coconut halves or stone arrangements with space in the center to ground.

The tuber should not be in the ground, but only the roots that get praised. Here, the hole should be large enough that the bulb just can not fall through.

Propagation is where you, the seedlings, which form on the parent plant, removed. This also allows that does not lose the mother plant in strength to grow.

The plant needs a little more light than conventional plants need other, just as they can withstand temperatures of up to 30 ° C, the pH is about 8, the hardness of up to 18 ° dH.
Eine der Cocnac-Pflanzen ,die mom noch im 160l aushalten müßen..
Hornkraut mit Wurzel und Korkrindenhaufen
Pflanzen im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Hakenlilie dünn...
Anubia sp. conconensis
Cryptocoryne hinten ...vorn breite Hakenlilie
Speerblatt var.sp. nana auf einer der Rückwandwurzeln
Lilieud im Hintergrund Cryptos
die zweite A.congonensis
Falks Lieblingspflanze..
er wird...
noch mal E. acicularis30.09.2011
nicht die Nanny, sondern die nana...im Geflecht des Hornkrauts
Das Phragmites wächst ...
Phragmites über Wasser
Tillandsia ixioides
Tillandsia tenuifolia
Tillandsia und Efeutute,sowie der Korkuntergrund, der mittlerweile erweitert wurde
Blick von der linken Seite in das Ogowe 07.05.2012
Auch eine Bengalkatze mag Wasser und Aquarien
Überwasserdschungel mit Tute und Tilandsien
Special features of the facility:
Bog wood pieces
Granite stones
SeemandelbaumLaub / Seemandelbaumrinde

It has introduced a reed zone with Phragmites australis fragments, consisting of about 35 fragments, three of which are pulled alive to umd later change the "deaths".
Salix matsudana that are incurred from the fall-sectional, they are also taken alive.
This allows a special atmosphere in the basin through the presentation with delicate branches.

With these branches is something else possible. I peel the bark, which disease-inhibiting substances such as aspirin contains ind penicillin, besides tannins and minerals. The bark is strained and for this week Sud be 5ml / 20l pool water introduced, also an alternative to the known means such as Esha 2000 and others.
linke Seite der Rückwand, noch ohne lehmschicht
die Durchsicht....links nach rechts
Becken mit Spezialbodengrund
Korkrindenhaufen unter rechter Großwurzel
Mitte des Beckens, es wird noch weiterdekoriert
Rechte Seite...
Es fällt Laub im Ogowe...-)))
oben links die normanis
mit Lampenputzergras
Die Aufnahmen des Sumpfteils aus Makrolon
Wie die Aufnahmen im Becken sind
Nadelimse emers im Sumpfteil
nochmal Wasserüber
Eins der Fragmente ,die den Schilfgürtel nachstellen
Phragmites australis-Fragmente
Dekoration im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Das Herbstlaub
etwas von dem neuen Holz im Becken
Aquarium equipment:
T8 brilliant daylight-36Watt, plus a self-made reflector made of V4A-sheet (see picture)

additional LED -Light of Sera with 72 bulbs
Timer control

10.00 Clock - 22.00 Clock

Moonlight from 22.00 clock on Demand - 24.00 Clock
Eheim 2222 as nitrate pillars pump (only filled with Siporax) 700l / h
Sera Bio-fill 400 with UV lamp 1100L / h
Other equipment:
Nitrate exchanger nominal capacity 2l / backwash every 4 weeks

Tetra CO² fertilization 0,25g Co² / day
filled is 10min. tackle before the light

Heater Eheim / Jäger 300W regulated

Digital Thermometer
Sera-Filter mit UV-Lampe
das Urmel...23l Nenninhalt
Technik im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
die drei Hauptakteure für das Becken...der Eheim macht den Dampf für die Nitratsäule
die exakte Temperatur
selbstgebaute Hängeleuchte..mit Spiegelreflektor aus V4A-Blech
28 Aplocheilichthys normani (Currently no offspring Stand 03.05.2012)

This type can be found in the catchment area of ​​Ogowe, besides in tributaries in Cameroon, Gabon

The basin is aligned with the catchment area of luminous eyes and Stripes Killie.

10 Aphyosemion striatum

This kind comes from standing or slow-flowing waters of Gabon, which are also swampy.

Currently well 8 Hecht Headed Halfbeak (Dermogenys pusillus, which come from a widespread area of ​​Southeast Asia and as a guest to the completion of a 70cm -Würfels in the basin.
Die Neuankömmlinge
ein kleiner Racker...
Besatz im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Besatz im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
Besatz im Aquarium Natur of Dreams Ogowe
beim füttern
quicklebendig und neugierig
Umkreist die Lilie
und nochmal die Kleinen...
Leider bekomm ich die kleinen nicht so scharf...
Ein Neuer von den Prachtstreifen-Kärpflingen
Männchen balzen
ein Männchen
Männchen auf Suche
grad gabs Futter...
Eine Dame....
Hüpferlinge sind willkommene Leckerbisssen
man versteckt sich....
Water parameters:
Temperature 24.8 digitally measured ...
PH 5.8
GH at 8dGH
KH at 2
Nitrate 0.1
Nitrite 0

Water exchange takes place once a month, here are changed 120l. Every two days 10l fresh water added.
Live food:

Bloodworms looking

Frozen Food:

Tropical Mix

Dry food flakes grated, an algal feed with 40% Spirulinaanteil
Further information:
As written in the blog, the Ogowe Basin will serve as a guide for this .... Another EB I will publish ..

Start setting up today on 15/11/2010

To give a feel for all those interested ..a few image links, as it looks at and above the watercourse, where the animals can be found ..

and other galleries of photographs under


The riverbed in major arms is characterized by lush vegetation boundary, a silt and large grain sediment, studded with alluvial boulders a massively eroded shore edge is removed from the soil and roots, rocks, etc. exposed.
Objects in the water generated by your body size small jams in the flow, sediment stuck in their influence, showing responsible for the construction of small sandbanks and / or rubble. This will also recreate tried just around the larger stones.

also gets the pelvis also leaves as stated above ..

The pool was equipped in 8/2011 with fragments of Phragmites australis, to recreate a reed Area. The fragments were placed in a three times bath of Epox resin. The original green to get to günrote color of the stems were cut this standing for "Common juice". After three days of curing them wuden set in the pelvis and mom. you can see the result (see main picture) .... it drives. As the leaves grow, I'll still be documented! This also the article on setting examples "Taming of the Shrew" or on Aquascape-guru.de

A plant to grow, which can be 4-8m high, is a particular challenge, which must be documented, of course for me.

Since 8.11.2011 twigs and branches of corkscrew willow is in the basin to display fine branches under water. This incurred as a fall-sectional branches can sprout in the water fresh, so that the possibility arises here, to simulate a new decorative element towards water standing living trees. In addition, the administration of prophylactics omitted because the bark of willow contains a proportion, penicillin and aspirin acid.

The bark of willow is subtracted from me from wood (fresh) in a lye bath heated to 60 ° C and strained. This brew is added aquarium water per week with 5ml / 20l. Serves as already indicated as prophylaxis. The use of preventive agents such. For Esha 2000 and other applicable herewith.


06/10/2012 The Efeutute has grown so that does not require a floating vegetation. Depending on the skill of each aquarist can be a beautiful design to a jungle scenery accomplish. makes a little more work, but this one has something very close to nature. (See illustrations)


Today on 19.02.2013 I posta this pool one last time. Reason is as follows ...

The basin is transformed into a presentation basin.
The presentation is our partner shop JD-Wirbellosenoase.de and JD-Aquascapingoase.de , which is sponsoring this basin. Of course, this pool will also be featured on EB, how could it be different ....
Thanks for your understanding!