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Aquarium am 01.05.2013
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Aquarium combination of Klaus Ruffert (Diamantaquarien.de)
20.11.11 ohne Wasseraufbereiter
6.10.2012 - mit neuem Sand und Sera Blackwater
Aquarium decoration:
50 KG tan sand aquariums
three artificial green branches (from the terrarium)

I am planning a water lily or similar introduce.

Images History development of the basin
Ersteinrichtung Oktober 2010
Disken am 17.10.2010
Meine Diskus 17.10.2010
Diskus mit Laich am 26.10.2010
Acarichthys Heckeli am 30.12.2010
Umgestaltung mit Back to Nature Modulen am 25.1.2011
Januar 2011
Umgestaltung mit Holz aus dem Wald 14.2.2011
Februar 2011
Neu mit Holz von echetesmoorkienholz.de am 13.4.2011
Diskus am 13.4.2011
Diskusweibchen mit freischwimmenden Larven 14.4.2011
Seit April 2011
Special features of the facility:
Branches of Echtesmoorkienholz.de
The Moorkienwurzeln tolerate the discs very well what in other woods unfortunately was not the case ... though is not very cheap, but worth it!

Stones from the river near

Seemandelbaumblätter be replaced every 3 weeks, will be very happy aureum from Sturisoma taken as forage

Back to Nature modules (E, G, H, N, U)

The other modules are all hinterschwimmbar and serve as caves. the floor modules are hollow and perfect for the catfish to hide.

Black background foil
die künstlichen Zweige
Dekoration im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Dekoration im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Dekoration im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Dekoration im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Aquarium equipment:
2x Dennerle Amazon Day T5 tubes (80W)
Partly darkened with aluminum foil

Plane LED lighting

Lighting time: (10h)
12:00 to 22:00
In the hour 3200l be circulated

Tetratec Ex 1200

Water flow 1200l
Suitable Aquariengr. 200-500 l
Max. Pumping height 1.8 m
Tube Internal diam. 15.2 mm
Energy consumption 21Watt

SunSun aquarium external filter HW-304

max. Pump capacity 2000 l / h
Delivery height max. 2.5m
Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz
Power 55 W
Aquarium size up to 1000 liters
Filter volume approximately 19 liters

Reserve filters - not connected
Tetratec Ex 700

Water flow 700 l / h
Suitable Aquariengr. 100-250 l
Max. Pumping height 1.5 m
Tube Internal diam. 11.3 mm
Power consumption 13 Watt

The Tetratec 1200 and 700 filters should be empehlen by my side very, since they are easy to use and operate very quietly. New I use instead of the Tetratec Ex 700 a SunSun filter. The small Tetra filter acts now as a replacement filter.
Other equipment:
Heater 300W Sera

Heater 300W Tetra

UVC clarifier 11 Watt (not in operation)

The effect of UV-C water based on the principle of the sterilization by UV-C irradiation. Here, bacteria and microorganisms and algae are destroyed effectively.

In the natural habitats of our aquarium fish water pollution is relatively low by germs. The fish organism has adapted to this condition in the course of evolution and experiences in our aquariums often a veritable "infectious stress". Adaptation to low bacterial counts is, for example, the discus so far that the immune system present in the skin is almost completely regressed in favor of the formation of a skin secretion.

The so useful in filtering microorganisms Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter are as freely around in the water drifting plankton bacteria for aquarium fish dangerous. They adhere to all solid surfaces suitable and aquarium fish are no exception.

By colonization by bacteria and their multiplication result is a lawn of bacteria love of unicellular organisms (eg facultative parasitic species or weakness parasites such as Chilodonella) is grazed. The immune system and mucous membranes of the fish are burdened massively.

A UV-C Water destroyed around freely floating bacteria, thus ensuring a artgerechtere attitude. The frequently expressed opinion that a UV-C water "effeminate" the fish, is a fairy tale.

Algae and organic turbidities are destroyed effectively by the UV-C radiation. Controversy also the effect of UV-C water clarifier to the parasite free in the water, for example, the fanatics of ciliates Ichthyophtirius multifillis (white spot disease) or skin and gill worm larvae.

Principle of operation UV-C Water:

The UV-C water clarifier should be operated by a pre-filter or an external filter (Bypass). The UV clarifier can be eingesezt supportive, it reduces the number of bacteria in the form of bacteria, algae spores in the aquarium.

At the waterproof quartz glass tube the aquarium water flowing past and is sterilized by the UV-C radiation from the UV-C lamp. Through the housing outlet by a UV-C radiation is prevented.

CO2 system from Dennerle Classic Line 500g (non-operating)

Since the discs are sensitive to too much CO2 in the water and I have anyway no more plants in the basin, the system is switched off

Eheim air pump 400
The water is vented from 10: 00- 16:00. Since I have no plants that produce oxygen I let the air pump running 6h.

Technical Specifications:
Model 400
Air flow to the unit separately regulated
Air flow and Ausströmbild addition to the adjustable vents
2 meters of transparent air hose
to 400 l / h reguliebar isolated (2x200 l / h)
max height: 2 meters
4 Watt
152x89x71 mm (WxDxH)

Flow pump Sera Precision P 400

Technical Specifications:
P 400 adjustable: max. 400 l / h,
maximum delivery head 70 cm
Power 5 Watt

is located behind the module H in order to guarantee in addition to the filters most efficient circulation of the water
Durch den Wäscheabwurf kommt das Wasser nach oben
Hier wird das Wasser gemischt und erwärmt
Diskus Mineralien, Trockenfuttersortiment & Literatur
mmh Frostfutter-Mix ;-)

2x Corydoras Panda

Remainder is non-stocking

Name: Panda cory
Lat. Name: Corydoras panda
Family: catfish
Origin: Peru
Size: 5cm
Diet: Flakes, live food, frozen food
Beck Length: 60 cm
PH: 5.5-7.0
Water hardness 2-10 ° dGH
Temperature: 23-26 ° C

6x Corydoras Sterbai

Name: Orange fin cory, Sterba's Corydoras
Lat. Name: Corydoras sterbai
Family: catfish
Origin: South America, more precisely Brazil, Rio Guapore
Size: 6cm
Diet: Live and Frozen Food (daphnia, brine shrimp, etc.), Catfish tablets
Beck Length: 80 cm
PH: 6 to 7.5
Water Hardness: up to 20 ° dGH
Temperature: 23-28 °, likes warmth

3x Sturisoma Arueum

2x Male
1x female

Name: Gold Bart Wels / Goldstörwels
Lat. Name: Sturisoma aureum
Family: catfish
Origin: Colombia, South America
Size: 22 cm
Diet: Herbivore, live food
Beck Length: 100 cm
PH: 5 to 7.5
Water hardness: <10 ° dH
Temperature: 22 - 30 ° C


5x Pterophyllum scalare Peru Altum

1x male
1x female
3x unknown

Name: scalar / Segelflosser
Lat. Name: Pterophyllum scalare
Family: Cichlids / Cichlids
Origin: Amazonas, Peru
Size: to 20 cm
Diet: Omnivorous
Beck Length: 100 cm
PH: weakly acidic
Water Hardness: soft
Temperature: 24 - 28 ° C

Pterophyllum scalare is the most widespread and most captive bred Skalarart. There are also P. altum (Pterophyllum Altum) and P. dumerilii (P. leopoldi), which are characterized by their body shape (P. altum is much higher and has a pronounced saddle nose) and distinguished by their slightly different drawing, much more sensitive are to disease and therefore definitely not a "beginner fish" are. Often, however, high Segelflosser offered, which are to "Rio Negro Altum" or "Peru-Altum" is [Nutrafin Aquatic News 3/04]. To cool attitude but thanks not the species, because the animals otherwise care.

Since the sexes are very difficult to distinguish, you should, if you want to breed, buy a bunch of several animals, in which the couples can find themselves. This usually happens at an age of one to one and a half years. After Scalar form districts and should, if the aquarium is not very big, are then separated from their other counterparts in order to avoid ground disputes. Rival males can noisy, creaky sounds give of themselves, they generate with the pines.

The eggs lay the fish on a dressed like sheet or the like from and guard the nest usually (in animals from fish farms may be lost this behavior and the eggs or young fish are eaten).

6x Geophagus altifrons

Gender unknown

4 pieces are submitted after pairing!

Name: eartheater
Lat. Name: Geophagus altifrons
Family: Cichlids / Cichlids
Origin: Rio Tapajos
Size: 25 cm
Diet: Lebend- u frozen food.
Beck Length: 200 cm
PH: under 7
Water hardness: poss. soft
Temperature: 28-30 ° C

The natural range of the cichlids covers major rivers of the Amazon, where they colonize both sandy, gravelly and rocky areas. Eartheater take with the mouth on the bottom substrate and swallow everything down Recyclable, such as small animals and plant material. The rest is useless regurgitated. As is whirled in this form of feeding the ground,
difficult to see. But the males are often larger and have longer exclusively drawn fins. For socialization, larger tetras, prefer the upper layers, and loricariids and other large cichlids are peaceful. Not suitable are smaller fish, as they could be considered as loot.

3x Mesonauta Guyanae

1x male
2x female

Name: [...]
Skalar am 1.5.13
Geophagus am 1.5.13
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Geophagus am 20.05.13
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Pterophyllum Scalare Peru Altum
Skalar Peru Altum
Sturisoma Aureum juvenil
Sturisoma Aureum
die 4 neuen WF Peru Altums
Essenszeit im Aquarium
Das Weibchen mit dem Gelege
Mensonauta Guayanae männlich
Skalar 10.10.2012
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
könnte das Tier links weiblich und das rechte männlich sein?
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Skalare am 8.11.12
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Geophagus Altifrons am 01.12.12
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Gelege der Mensonauta Guayanae am 01.12.12
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Nannacara Anomala
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
`hey alter`
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Corydoras Sterbai
Besatz im Aquarium Südamerika Biotop (Existiert nicht mehr)
Water parameters:
Ph: 6.8
Kh: 2
GH: 4
No2: 0
No3: 0
O2: 4 mg / l
Temp: 27 ° C
WW: every week about 300l osmosis water (depending on the cut with tap water)

The water is salted out with price discus minerals, with sera blackwater aquatan and Easy Life Liquid supplements filter medium.

The water values ​​I attach so once a month.
The fish get almost exclusively of frozen food, namely:
Artemia, red, white and black mosquito larvae, Daphnia, spinach

The frozen food is thawed in a sieve to avoid that too much phosphate enters the pool. Thus it is optimally distributed, I feed it "liquid", together with water.

To this was:
Sera Flora Forage
Tetra Phyll pellets for herbivorous ornamental fish
Sera protein granulated food for East African cichlids
Tetra Cichlis Shrimp Sticks
Ser Vipan staple food
Sera GVG-mix
Sera vipagran
JBL Novo GranoColor Mini
Tetra Rubin Granules
Tetra Pro Colour

Sera viformo food tablets, Plankton Tabs, cucumber, spinach, almond leaves for catfish

Every now and then I give sera fishtamin vitamins to

Lined in the evening to the 1st part of granules or flake food, frozen food in the 2nd part.
Thursday is fasting.
Further information:
Wow, great when one's own pool will be honored with a medal! because we know that the work was worth :-) awesome, I'm really happy with the win !!!

Thanks to all who voted for my pelvis and ps: I soon n heart attack because of the many compliments! ;-) MERCI !!


hää what is going on here ?? was once just watching television and when I come back I'm monthly winner? 8-D maaann so I did not expect to, honest !! omg I'm speechless !! great, just great !! :-))) MANY THANKS !! yay * happy * * * hüpf