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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
25x25x30 = 16 liters ~ 4 gallons (us)
becken am 13.3.2011
Aquarium am 20.022011
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Aquarium am 07.11.2010
Aquarium decoration:
Lavabruch (2-10mm)
Tirangelmoos (Cratonneuron filicinum), Brazilian pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala), Java fern (Microsorum Pteropus), water fern (Salvinia natans), moss or fern on the rock right back (I do not know the name), algae ball, Pogostemon stellatus'Octopus'
Was ist das. Ich nehme an ein Moos. bitte melden, wenn es jemand weis.
Special features of the facility:
Aquarium equipment:
Daylight and LED lighting Lucky Reptile. Throws a relatively cold light but so far results in a very satisfactory growth of the plants.
Test filters (air lift in the middle of a Lavabrockens) was launched in July camitte. Fals someone with such a filter already has experience please contact us! I've had very good experiences with it
Lufthebereinlas in den Lavastein
single worm which I introduced with the plants (probably Ramshorn snails snails and croissants)
about 14 Yunnanilus cruciatus 0.0.14 + - x

Possibly, if the plants are more and the water values ​​fit Betta males (short tail) or shrimp; Would it be possible to hire clinging simply take an aquarium of this size as Ablaichbecken for my Zwergschmerlen? Broadly Aquarium courtship frequently and seem to spawn, but no boys have not yet hatched. The eggs are probably eaten by the barbs.

Since 20.1.11 are still about 10 shrimp (probably Neocaridina heteropoda) Added as health police
Einzelnes Tier fast erkennbar. Foto vom 20.02.2011
ein Teil der Gruppe am 20.02.2011
yunnanilus cruciatus, leider zu klein und zu schnell um sie scharf zu bekommen
wer suche der finde
nochmal Yunnanilus
Water parameters:
NO2-N <0.1 mg / l
NO2 <0.3 mg / l
GH 13
measured with test strips from JBL and checked with droplet test of sera

WW every 3-4 days 1,5 liter
Infusoria, powdered food, grated hard yolks.
Further information:
The values ​​have stabilized some time ago.

About tips I would be very happy.