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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Höhlenbecken
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard basin Tetra


A cave cut a South / Central American Cave (modeled after example) in Belize
Step1 aufstellen,der Untertisch wurde mittig abgestützt
Step 2 einkleben des Höhlenblogs
ohne Pflanzen
Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Beleuchtung nachts
Aquarium decoration:
Brauner Kies1-3mm ... serves to support the dark cave Character
Anubia auf Stein
Lichteinfall zentral
Special features of the facility:
Slate pieces
Blick auf rechts
Dekoration im Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Dekoration im Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Dekoration im Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Dekoration im Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Blog der Höhle beim Trocknen
Aquarium equipment:
LED lighting dreifarbig- Weis / Blue / Red, Dimmable 3x7 Watt

10am to 20pm after only moonlight to 23 clock
Round Matt filters

It has a suction opening in the Höhlendeko attached .The water runs through a mat which is installed backward.
The mat (sponge) is converted from an old Fluval4 inner filter incl. Internal baskets
500l suction pump of JBL as a filter pump
Other equipment:
Heater 75 W
Technik im Aquarium Höhlenbecken
Strömungspumpe mit Filterschwamm von altem Fluval4 und Innenkörben
Artemia Frost
15 Glowlight
Water parameters:
PH 6.5
Gh 10
Kh 4
Nitrate 0.10 mg / l
Nitrite 0.0 mg / l
Temperature: 26 ° C
black mosquito larvae (Frost)
Artemia (Frost)
Daphnia (Frost) and dead (the smallest bag that my merchant)
Algae wafers crumbles
as mosquito larvae dead (Portionsweisevom Dealer)
Further information:
Start basin on 01/07/2010

The cave was 5cm thick Styrodur Blog cut of several layers and glued
The whole blog was coated with gravel and painted, afterwards everything was sealed with E45T (Epoxharz, fitted the blog and also sealed

Water change every 3 days every 14 days 5l 20l
Treatment with sera ESKLARIN

The basin takes at Aquascape-Guru.de part as inventory. The Steps of construction come ...

Thanks to the soft water from our area, the pH has stabilized at 6.5.
The KH is at 4, which is in all my pool almost a fundamental value.