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Steinaufbau geschafft.
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x50x60 = 600 liters ~ 158 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin currently still in the planning stage or under construction, bought used about 3 years old. ;)
noch uneingerichtet
Aquarium decoration:
Planned: quartz sand probably 0.1 to 0.4 mm
Some Anubias and Java ferns planned.
Special features of the facility:
200 - 250kg mixed rock, roughly comparable to the Rhine rock, already exists.
Are stacked on the outer discs must be left and right and expire towards the center.

Eigenbau back wall by the previous owner with integrated tubes for exhaust and supply of water to / from the external filter
200-250kg Gestein beim Waschen
200-250kg Gestein kurz vorm einsetzen
Auslass in der Rückwand im Detail
Ansaugschlauchversteck in der Rückwand im Detail
Steinaufbau geschafft, komplett Hinter- und sogut wie Unterschwimmbar
linker Aufbau
rechter Aufbau
Aquarium equipment:
planned: 2x Marine Glo 30W, 2x Sun Glo 30W

Initially planned only very simple lighting, later (maybe next year) there should be a little more mature.
Firstly, the following filters as they were when buying it:

Eheim 2328 external filter with heating
- Pumping capacity 1050 l / h
- For aquariums up to 600l volume
- Lifting height 2m
- Filter volume 7,3l
- Power 25 W + 210 W Heating
- Dimensions in mm: 415 x 210 x 210
- Detachable hose adapter with integrated shut-off valves
- Individually removable filter elements

ATLAS internal filter AT-2000F
- Power: 35 Watt
- Flow rate: 2000 l / h
- Head: 2.0 m
- Axis: steel
- Weight: 1.1kg
- Dimensions: H: 36cm D: 13cm

However, to be replaced by yet another 2 external filters.
Other equipment:
planned: Tunze Nano Stream (still no exact model chosen).
11W UV-C clarifier, which is to be followed by an external filter.
Planned stocking:
Melanochromis johanni 1/3,
Pseudotropheus flavus 3/7,
Labeotropheus trewavasae Thumbi West 1/3
Labidochromis hongi Red Top 1/3

For stocking criticism and suggestions in this regard I would be very grateful!
Water parameters:
If possible come close to the original values ​​of Lake Malawi, more accurate, I can report after running
Further information:
Pool currently under construction or at the facility.