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August 2012
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
100x50x50 = 220 liters ~ 58 gallons (us)
Specific features:

Complete DIY incl. Rear panels, cladding. The basin and the cabinet located under the pool were already available and were intergriert. The entire basin is embedded into the wall. Construction time to fill with water about 3 months (incl. 4 weeks planning)
(Fische sind Futter)
(Fische sind Futter)
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August 2012
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August 2012
Aquarium decoration:
Qaurzsand Black
Aquatic plants:

- Anubias nana barteri var.
German designation: Zwerrgspeerblatt
Region: Africa
Height / width: 15cm / 10cm
Temperature: 20-30
PH: 5-9
Hardness: Very soft to very hard
Light: Little to Much

- Anubias barteri
German designation: Broad Speerblatt
Region: Africa
Height / width: 45cm / 20cm
Temperature: 20-30
PH: 5-9
Hardness: Very soft to very hard
Light: Little to Much

- Cryptocoryne wendtii "Mi Oya"
German designation: Wendt's Wasserkelch
Region: Sri Lanka
Height / width: 10-20cm
Temperature: 22-28
PH: 6.5-7.5
Hardness: very soft - medium

Land plants

- Bryophyta
German Name: moss / forest moss
Light: Shade
Temperature: up to 35 (not permanent)
Water: Keep damp (let occasionally austrocknenen)
Height / width: 3cm + / 18cm +

-Epipremnum Pinnatum
German Name: Efuitute
Light: Bright (no direct sun)
Temperature:> 20
Water: Mag moist not wet, but can also be added to the water!
Height width: ///

German Name: Tillandsie
Light: light to very light and direct sun (but then sprinkle night)
Temperature:> 22
Water: 1 x week dripping wet spray (now and then with lime-free water)
Height / width: 30cm + / + 30cm (can take a long time)

-Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
German Name: Zamie / cardboard palm
Light: Shade to light (no direct sun)
Temperature:> 15
Water: Regularly moisten (sometimes antrocknene leave)
Height / width: 100-150cm / 10-20cm

-Chlorophytum Comosum
German Name: Cordylilie, grass lily, green lily
Light: a lot of light, not full sun.
Temperature: 18-25
Water: Moderately moist
Height / width: inflorescences 30-60cm

-Howea Forsteriana
German Name: Kentiapalme
Light: Medium shade
Temperature: in winter not below 15 ° C,> 22
Water: keep Wurzlen moist, not let it dry.
Height / width: 2-3m (17m)

All use anywhere on land plants are offshoots of previously available plants. Growing species to be replaced when needed by new offshoot.

I fertilized the land plants with the same fertilizer which I use even underwater. (Z.Zt Dennerle V30, Dennerle E15, Dennerle V7) If time should get some irrigation water into the aquarium so there is no danger. And so far it looks like it work very well even in land plants!
Talandsie am Blühen Juli 2010
Anubias barteri var. nana
Cryptocoryne wendtii `Mi Oya`
Anubias barteri
Epipremnum pinnatum
Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Chlorophytum comosum mit 2 Ableger
Howea forsteriana
Anubias barteri var. nana Blühte
Tilandsie mit Blüte 11.06.2011
Special features of the facility:
Underwater: Moorkien Wood

About water: branches from the forest (oven treated)
Quarry, earth
Aquarium equipment:
Daylight Baskin Spot 50W 1300-1900 Clock
SUNGLO halogen 35W 1000-2200
JBL Crytal Clear e900

Only filter mats
Other equipment:
CO² fertilization with night off. (Dennerle 500g Compact)
Stauraum(Man kann gut die Plexiglasplatten an der Wand erkennen)
Filer Ein- und Ausgang
Ordnung halten habe ich aufgegeben !
Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus) x1
Anentome Helena x 9

The musk turtle:

Sternotherus odoratus - Kinosternon odoratum

There is a small permanent turtle that is rarely larger than 12cm. You can set up an interesting and their natural habitat already in a medium-sized aquarium. An elaborate lighting is not required because they almost never sunbathe.

Musk turtles do not hunt prey. One can often observe how they run around looking for something to eat at the bottom of the aquarium. They have their noses close to the ground. You are even able to track down a "fleeing" snail track. Fish are of them rarely observed. Since they are no hunters to escape each of their rare attacks the fish actually. Because of this way of life they do not need to swim fast. Although often the opposite is to be read, they are good swimmers, slowly, but dynamic. Even at greater depths they have no problems, even if no rise exists.

Musk turtles have their main activity time in the morning and in the evening. So just at the time where you can watch them as professional.

It took its name from the musky odor, which they emanate at risk. If you close rangeht with the nose can smell him. One should not get their mouth with the nose nor how to close, since this sits at the end of a long and flexible neck. From my own experience I can confirm that they can bite very hard and painful. And when they defend just by biting and musky odor when it holds, it but rarely a reason they are taking into their own hands, there are really only good reasons in favor of the attitude of this nice and small permanent turtle.

Distribution: The distribution of Sternotherus odoratus extends from southern Canada through the eastern United States to Florida, in Texas, the western limit of distribution.
Erst mal Kopf zurück ?!
Oder ist es doch was zu fressen ?
Die Neugierde überwiegt !
Water parameters:
PH 6.5-7
KH 6
GH 12
Nitrite <0.1
Nitrate <0.1

Temperature 24-25 ° C (19-21 ° C Winter)

1x week 50% water change with about 25% osmosis water to keep the values.
5-7 Erlenzäpchen every 2-3 weeks.
TetraTips, Tetra PlecoMin, Sera Catfish Chips, cichlid sticks,
Frostfutter Premium Color, Frostfutter Premium Vit, Frostfutter Premium Quintet, frozen food Weisse bloodworms, frozen food Black bloodworms, frozen food Cyclops, Frozen Food Artemia, frozen food shrimp, frozen food TurtleMix, Tubifex, discus Sticks, Discus Premium Quartet, mussels, shrimp, live earthworms, live snails , Schiuldkrötenpudding * (prop. production), just everything is great enough that Fuzzle can eat and find it.

* Lean fish, shrimp, beef heart, squid, carrots, spinach, cucumbers, lettuce. Everything was fresh and untreated ... then heat Klein Mixes easily, add egg yolk and Korvimin still possibly gelatin and milk but not necessarily. The leave to cool and freeze in ice cube molds all!
Further information:
Land area:
-Sonnenspot 39 ° C
-Intergrierter Water drain does not stand the plants in water
-Erde 10-20cm (2 cm drainage layer of gravel 5-10 mm)

Overall dimensions: 240x130x60 (with technical and storage space)
Paludarium: 130x130x60
of water: 100x50x50
of land area: 100x10 and 60x30 (L-shape)

The overall air temperature is about 28-32 ° C through the switching-on at 32 ° C fan is a Umwelzung the air and the moisture given. The temperature for the thermostat is measured in the middle that causes it on the water surface is not too cold and the "sky" does not become too warm. Thus, "Fuzzle" always sufficiently warmed air to breathe.

Even in winter the temperature is shut down by no more than 3-4 ° C and reduces the lighting to 2-3 hours. Turtles this latitude do not need a real hibernation, even though this is often to read but it is probably also strongly influenced by the origin of the animals from.