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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 133er
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
85x35x45 = 133 liters ~ 35 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This basin replaced the 112er, it was still a bit of space on the copy desk, the walk not now lost muss.Und if you still have the pool ...
Aquarium 133er
Aquarium 133er
Aquarium 133er
Aquarium 133er
Aquarium 133er
Aquarium decoration:
When ground was bright, beige sand verwendet.Dieser has a grain size of 0.5 mm - 0.7 mm.

The sand height is different where it is likely to be so plants are 5 cm, elsewhere only 1 cm. Since at these locations no plants are growing, this is not so bad.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The data for Boengrund again in brief:

Colour: light beige

Grain size: <1 mm

Height: between 1 cm and 5 cm
The planting was in many places badly or not possible because the ground is covered by roots. In order to provide sufficient shade despite the lack of plants, shellfish flowers were packed on the surface Waser. With this kind and 4 other the basin has been greened.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The following plants are located in the basin:

Vallisneria gigantea - Riesenvallisnerie

Bolbitis heudelotii - Congo-water fern

Pistia stratiotes- Muschelblume

Lomariopsis lineata - Süßwassertang

An unknown plant, who knows them (see fig.)
Pflanzen im Aquarium 133er
Special features of the facility:
After much deliberation it was clear: There is a field of instrumentation near a tree werden.Daher located in the basin previously collected wood from the bog, which after sufficient watering now finally bleibt.Ein down some rocks and broken branches round off the Gesammtbild. Few leaves and alder cones are being planned, but who goes off in the heat and gathers leaves ...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

The result is the following list of materials:

Roots of a Moor

Sandstones from the Deister
Dekoration im Aquarium 133er
Dekoration im Aquarium 133er
Dekoration im Aquarium 133er
Dekoration im Aquarium 133er
Dekoration im Aquarium 133er
Aquarium equipment:
The pool is illuminated with 2 fluorescent tubes, which are to the day by 9:00 clock until 21:15 clock on.
Is filtered with a HMF. Behind the mat sits a pump with a capacity of 400 liters in the hour.The mat has an area of ​​40 cm x 25 cm and is 3 cm thick. The filter pad was mounted under a piece of glass, which has been glued to the aquarium.
Technik im Aquarium 133er
5 Hyphessobrycon bentosi - hyphessobrycon bentosi

1/1 Laetacara dorsigera - Rotbrust - Tüpfelbuntbarsch

1 Pterophyllum scalare - scalar

The hyphessobrycon bentosi should be increased to 15-20, the scalar nor thrown out, his new pool ran out, the new must first set up and run in.
Besatz im Aquarium 133er
Besatz im Aquarium 133er
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26 ° C

Ph: 6.5

GH: 7 °

Kh: 2 °

No2: 0.0 mg /

No3: 5 mg / l

Water change weekly 30%
Dry Food: Sera vipan

Tetra Pro

Sera discus granules

Frozen Food: White mosquito larvae

Black mosquito larvae




Live food: mosquito larvae from the water butt



Further information:
Comments and criticisms are always welcome especially


This basin exestiert NO MORE.