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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Schmerlen-Tank
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
240 x 70 x 75 = 1260 liters ~ 332 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Brillant Aquarium ProfiLine, on steel cabinet with wood paneling on the bottom plate, 15mm glass, divided gland plate, impact and bulge-glued, closed 7-piece cover made of plastic, gravel cover
Safety Requirement between the cabinet and the aquarium,
Safety Requirement between cabinet and floor covering,
2x overflow shaft 1x upper inlet and lower inlet 1x with cutting disc as an overflow

The basin has been adopted (used) as new and is now running since 14.06.2010.
Only when Malawi basin, since 28.07.2012 as a community tank.
Aquarium Schmerlen-Tank
Mit 8 Mann zum Ziel
Aquarium decoration:
Styrofoam pad 3mm full surface and Plexiglas 3mm full area to protect the ground glass.
150kg quartz sand 0,1-1,0mm fire dried from the hardware store
200KG moraine gravel round 100-450mm beige, brown and colorful, arranged with many retreats / columns / zones (mounted directly on the Plexiglas so that nothing can slide around in the Buddelarbeiten, partially glued with aquarium silicone)
Behind the wooden constructions are currently 3 Tonröhren.
3:00 x Broad Speerblatt, Anubias barteri
5:00 x sump screw, Vallisneria spiralis (always mercilessly gefuttert)
3:00 x Javafarn, Microsorium pteropus
3:00 x Spießblättriges Speerblatt, Anubias hastifolia

JBL FertilizerBalls (root food for aquatic plants) for all plants in the soil per 2
Easy-Life ProFito fertilizer week after water changes

In addition, a CO² fertilizer system from Dennerle consists of:
Reservoir bottle, pressure reducer 2 pressure gauges with precision gear needle valve, CO² adding unit Maxi-Flipper (positioned in the clear water chamber of my biofilter), CO² Special non-return valve, CO² long-term test Correct

(the Profilux controls CO2, air pump and Tunze, so that the pH is always 7.2)
Special features of the facility:
Rear Back to Nature Slimline behind before the filter to the optics and to protect the lens in front of the stones which are built partly directly on the wall

6 large mangrove woods
Aquarium equipment:
2 dimmable GHL lightbar each 2x 54 watt T5 (energy saving), ProfiLuxSimu (dimmable LED-light, sunrise + moon + thunderstorm, spot) on the right side of the pelvis and ProfiLuxMoon over the left side of the pelvis, all controlled via ProfiLux Plus II

2 x Osram FQ 54W / 865 Lumilux Cool Daylight
2 x JBL Solar Ultra Tropic 4000K

From 6:00 clock go the 4 tubes in 120 min. from 0% to 50% brightness and 20: 00-22: 00 clock again from 30% to 0%, from 20: 00 Clock starts the moonlight from 0% to 30% and from 5:00 clock up: 00-23 7:00 clock again from 30% to 0%. All day, all controlled by random program cloud formation over Profilux.

ProfiLuxSimu with Sunrise from 5: 00-7: 00, thunderstorms and lightning in the evening at 21:15 clock and randomly program.
In the cabinet there is a filter set with professional biofilter LxWxH 900x400x450 with 90 liters net and 150 gross capacity liters. As a filter medium blue foam filters in the order 1 x PPI is roughly 10 - 3 x 10 gross PPI - PPI 2 x 20 medium coarse - 2 x 30 medium PPI - PPI 2 x 45 very finely (principle Hamburg mat filters) used. The water flows through all the filter mats in succession, which is about an area of ​​1,1m². Only the first coarse filter mat is cleaned 14-operate.
The overflow chute in the basin, with an inlet and two outlet fittings is provided with a comb, the coarse dirt (mainly leaves) traps directly, easy to remove through the maintenance hatch. The Eheim Universal Pump 1262 has reduced a discharge rate at 0 m of 3400 l / h and is to 2000l / h.

In addition, a TUNZE Turbelle stream 6105 for aquariums 200-2000 L, flow capacity: from 3000 to 13000 l / h, power consumption: max. 28 W, sine waves during the day between 10% and 20%, random control over Profilux from 20:00 - 6:00 clock continuous operation at 10%
Other equipment:
Titanium Heater 300 Watt Aqua Medic controlled via the temperature sensors Profilux or on the device connected to the Profilux socket, the heater rod is positioned in the clear water chamber biofilter and my turns only when the temperature falls below 25 °.

ProfiLux Plus II + + socket GHL GHL External Display + PH + Conductivity + Temp electrode, all functions and devices are controlled via ProfiLux Plus II
GHL Steckdosenleiste
Profilux Simu
Profilux Plus 2 Front
Profilux Plus 2 Anschlüsse
Anschlüsse Becken zum Filter
Anschlüsse im Boden zum Filter
Styroporunterlage 2mm vollflächig
Plexiglas 3mm über Styropor
Beleuchtung 1
20 Chromobotia macracanthus - loach (6-22 years old, large 6-15cm)
1/1 Mikrogeophagus ramirezi - Butterfly cichlid
1/1 Bolivian butterfly dwarf Batsch
1 Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - honeycomb signs Wels
1 catfish
2 Synodontis eupterus - featherfin squeaker
15 x Minorsalmler red
31 x Phantomsalmler yellow
23 pangio
Besatz im Aquarium Schmerlen-Tank
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25 ° C
pH: 7.2
GH: 18 °
KH: 6 °
Nitrite NO2: undetectable
Nitrate NO3: <20 mg / l
Ammonium NH4: undetectable
PO4: <1mg / l
O2: 12
Conductivity 690μS / cm

determined with sera aqua-test box (spot test)
regularly check with JBL Easy Test 5 in1 test strips (pH, GH, KH, NO2, NO3)

Water change weekly 400 liters, water purification with Easy Life, fertilization with ProFito each day after the water change
Canned food:
Sera viformo
Sera vipachips
Sera FD Tubifex
Sera Spirulina Tabs
Tetra Pro Vegetable
TetraMin XL Flakes
TetraPro Colour
Tetra PlecoMin
Tetra staple food

Frozen Food:
black mosquito larvae
white mosquito larvae

Live food:
black mosquito larvae and other from our garden pond
black mosquito larvae, Artemia, Tubifex from the business of our trust

Frozen food and / or live food there 3 times a week

Lettuce, cucumber, zucchini

Is fed morning and evening in small amounts, 1 time per week of fasting
Further information:
Glass thickness: 15 mm
Weight Aquarium: approx 247 kg
Content Aquarium: about 1260 liters
Weight cabinet: approx 125 kg
Overall Height: 149 cm
Total weight empty: approx 372 kg
Total weight operation: approx 1950 kg

A structural engineer was a precaution in advance commissioned the carrying capacity of the ceiling above the basement to check result: 3% voltage overshoot = static detecting common and harmless, ie the ceiling is sufficiently large (in all the pre-planning, the disappointment would have been otherwise great).

When changing the water to activate the maintenance setting Profilux PlusII, the pump Tunze, etc. off and adjusts the lighting to 50%. The water was led by the overflow in the biofilter to the overflow edge has been reached. Now hose pure water change and what else needs to be done, then switches to the maintenance again and the pool is running again back in the programmed mode. Am thrilled.