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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
80x35x45 BxTxH = 126 liters ~ 33 gallons (us)
Specific features:
8mm float glass without crossbar

Unfortunately, no good camera. Live it looks better :(
If everything has grown times better leih` I ne SLR. ;)
11.01.11, ein Tag nach der Einrichtung
17.01.11, schräg
12.02.11, nach saubermachen und EC.
17.02.11, nach Rodung
10.03.11, Ast entfernt, Glosso geschnitten/neu gesetzt
11.03.11, jetzt ist es klarer :)
Aquarium decoration:
ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia I about 15 liters. Rising towards rear.
Since many people imagine here on Eb their plants, I want it now do even more detail (without Copy + Paste) than to write only the name. ;)
Glossostigma elatinoides
She is a very fast-growing ground cover that can train up to 2cm wide leaves, but usually they are smaller. The plant multiplies over foothills, at the node to two stems, each with a sheet located. It prefers temperatures around 15-25 ° C. For a successful growth along the ground, it is advisable to have at least 0.5 W / L Light over the pelvis, although it is said to have already worked with less. A CO2 supply is contrary to the very growth and macro and micronutrients should be sufficiently available. She's a good NO3 deficiency indicator, since yellow with such leaves and even fall. With a phosphate reduction can achieve a growth slowdown and dark greener leaves. All in all a very attractive plant, but which, because of their high growth rate, also has its pitfalls.
Cryptocoryne wendtii `green`
The "green wendtii" is a rose plant that drives 15-20cm high, rich green leaves with proper care. At the water values ​​she has no high demands and the light does not have to be strong. Although their medium light and CO2 supply meet when it comes to appearance, because then the leaves get their characteristic, jagged wavy appearance. Solely a good ground or gravel fertilizer are important because they receive the bulk of their nutrients through the soil. For me it is growing anyway after their long adjustment period that was loose one month very quickly and pushes per week about a new leaf. To put a very attractive plant for the middle ground to accents.
Helanthium tenellum (formerly Echinodorus Tenellus)
Helanthium tenellum, formerly Echinodorus Tenellus, is propagated by stolons rosette plant up to 10-15cm high, up to 5 mm broad leaves. It provides almost no demands on the aquarium. Has nevertheless its strong light, CO2 supply and a good fertilization is of great benefit. For optimal housing conditions and in the full light shows red leaves (for me only in the middle of the aquarium, where it really full can light pops). If they had the first acclimated it forms under good conditions almost every day new offshoots and is very difficult to keep in check. It undermines and even grow my Glosso. A real ("real nice";)) weed so. If one pays attention to it well and they cut back regularly but it enriches the aquarium very. Despite the invasiveness one of my favorite plants.
Vesicularia montagnei "Christmas Moss" (as yet unspecified subspecies)
In my aquarium I consider an undetermined subtype of "Christmas Moss", which I got from Roland of wasserpflanzen-freunde.de sent. For the Christmas Moose in general is characteristic that they grow down and resemble a Christmas tree with a little imagination. It's like almost all Moose very resistant and does not need much light and CO2. For me, however, it grows particularly well under lots of light. You should make sure that there is always enough potassium is present as mosses and ferns much need them and otherwise turn yellow and crumble. My favorite Moss. :)
Cyperus helferi
To this end, I can not write much, except that Cyperus helferi needs a very long period of familiarization. Many websites will be written, it would need a lot of light and is in optimal conditions for weeds. Currently she languishes with me in front of him. We will see. ;)
Microsorum sp. [...]
Special features of the facility:
Four red Moorkienwurzeln that I have so wedged together that 3 pieces a large form.

Two dried almond leaves.
Aquarium equipment:
DIY (Do it yourself) illumination:
4x24W T5 865 6500K
The light burning from 11:30 bis 18:30 clock.
Eheim Professional II Thermo Edition, approx 1100L / h flow rate is throttled to about 700L / h.

As filter substrate I use only one (1) blue filter sponge to prevent fertilizer waste and algae. (Google => Gering filtering)
The Gering filtering you should really only use when you know what you're doing. For the normal 0815 Aquarium normal filtering with much substrate is recommended still.
Other equipment:
Co2 pressure gas system 500g with diffuser and endurance test of Aquasabi.
The CO2 goes along with the light on and off.
Red Fire shrimp
12x Caridina Japonica (multidentata)

Quite a lot of snails. Clean-up squad)

Maybe someday again fish. Currently it but really not irritate me.
Water parameters:
Ph: 6.8
Gh: 10 ° dGH
Kh: 8 ° dKH
NO3 / PO4 / K / Fe: Here I address myself to the appearance of plants. For beginners tests as a rough guide, however, are quite recommendable until you get a feel for the water values.
NO2 / NH4 / NH3: naturally nn
Ca: 60 mg / l
Mg: 15mg / l
Temp: 24 ° C
Wels tablets
Everything possible vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, etc)
Further information:
As fertilizer I use daily:

1ml Kramerdrak
2ml Eudrakon P (=> 0.1 mg / L phosphate)
5ml Aqua Rebell Basic macro nitrate (=> 2.5 mg / l nitrate)

Sorry for the algae. The pool is so in the constellation is not long and there are algae quite normal until the balance has produced. :)