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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
120x40x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Stand Juli
Stand Juli
Stand Juli
Endllich etwas gewachsen
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Aquarium Juwel-aquarium Rio 240
Schmetterlingbuntbarsch (weibchen)
Mein ganzer Stolz;) (vielleicht etwas unscharf^^)
Panaque vs.  Antennenwels
Aquarium decoration:
4cm high black gravel
Front: Pogostemon helferi
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Middle: Hydrocotoyle leucocephala
Microsorum pteropus "Narrow"
Red Tiger Lotus
Rear: 2x Vallisneria spiralis
Ludwigia repens 'Rubin'
Ludwigia arcuata x
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. Balansae
Special features of the facility:
Large mangrove roots (4 weeks watered beforehand) with Java moss on it / it is truly a mangrove root, which stood on the little paper of amtra)

5x Caves
1x XXL Seemandelbaumblatt
Aquarium equipment:
High-Lite lamps (T5) + reflector
JBL Cristal Profi E900

Volume filter canister filter mass performance
JBL Cristal Profi E900 90 to 300 l 7.6 l 4700 ml 900 l / h

Juwel internal filter

1000 liters per hour

These are the values ​​MAX
With a Panaque is almost unreachable)
Other equipment:
Heater 200 Watt
JBL E900
4 Pterophyllum scalare scalar (after pairing reduced to 2)

20 Paracheirodon axelrodi red neon

2 Botia loaches macracanthus (already a customer found)

5 Anicstructus sp. Brauner catfish (For three are customer wanted)

1 Anicstructus sp. albino albino catfish

2/2 Mikrogeophagus ramirezi butterfly cichlid

1 Panaque nigrolineatus Schwarzlinierter Harnischwels (I give him about 10cm from)

1w Blue Gourami
Water parameters:
KH: 3

GH: 6

pH: 6.4

N02: 0

N03: 10

Water change every week, and every two 90l 20l
JBL Novo Bel
JBL Novo Grano Mix
JBL Novo Grano Color
JBL Novo Pleco
JBL Novo Tab
Multifit dried bloodworms
TetraWafer Mix
Tetra Min
Tetra Pleco Min
JBL XXL Tabs (for large catfish)
Organic cucumbers for catfish
Frozen Food:

White mosquito larvae
Black mosquito larvae

Live food:
1xwöchentlcih live food is fed, because I have to buy it at the store

White mosquito larvae
Further information:
Fertilisation with Dennerle Systemset