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Aquarium Hauptansicht von to be continued (nur noch als Beispiel)
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
110x110x70 = 650 liters ~ 171 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Former saltwater aquarium.
Side length 110 cm.
Side windows each 36 cm, 106 cm windscreen.
Height 70 cm.
With a 50 cm wide slice of a sequence / filter area was in the rear area diagonally done.
In this there are two holes for the course, the current no longer to be used, because I want to have a silent Aquarium.
In the aquarium has two feeds than 1 1/4 "inch PVC pipes, which I no longer use as well.
Das Delta von vorne
Bulu Point im Delta Becken
So sah es vor dem Kauf aus (März 2010)
Rohre, die ich nicht mehr brauche.
Filterkammer mit 35 Litern Volumen
Skizze mit Abmessungen vom Vorbesitzer.
Nach dem Sandstrahlen
Geölte Schranktüre
Aquarium decoration:
Game Sand from the hardware store, the finest grain.
Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
Special features of the facility:
2 clay pipes (30 cm x 7 cm)
4 slates

15 gray, already overgrown with algae river pebbles of various size
Aquarium equipment:
2 LED spotlights with 30 Watt

Light colors:
6500 ° Kelvin

Lighting duration:
12:00 clock until 22:00 clock (is not changed with the start of winter time)
The corner holds 35 liters of gross volume.
I use this with 1 Turbelle 1600 l / h and a filter cartridge (10x10x60 cm)
In pool 1 Turbelle Powerhead depends pot with 2 filters, which have a leakage protection, which is handy when cleaning.

For further flow adheres by magnetic a Turbelle Nano Stream 6015 on the right pane.
Other equipment:
Heating: Hunter 300 watts, temperature 25 - 26 ° Celsius
LED Strahler je 30 Watt 120° Grad Reflektor

14 Tropheus Moori "Bulu Point" with now 16 to 20 own "children"


3 Synodontis Angelicus (one since 1987 in my care)
Tropheus Bulu Point adult und eigene NZ
Water parameters:
pH 7.4

GH 16.9 dH
Nitrate <1 mg / l
Nitrite <0.025 mg / l
Sodium 10.2 mg / l
Conductivity 621 microsiemens per cm
Due to the sensitivity of the Tropheus my animals getting a mixture of spirulina (38%) flocks, foraging flocks and occasionally thawed Cyclops.
Further information:
The last photo showed a level which lost its topicality end 2011th

Moving Because the AQ is now not in a corner, but as a room divider in the living and dining area.

They are my first Tropheus Moori; Since 1983 I am aquarium, but it was a long time the South Americans to the Geophagus group that fascinated me.
But in February 2013, I started with 14 Bulu Point "Young Star" and have my joy in it.
In the meantime, I also infected me, and in another, unfortunately smaller AQ swim TM "Ilangi" and T.Duboisi "Maswa".