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noch ohne Abdeckung
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
150x50x60 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Stoßverklebt, Sicherheutsverklebt (V-seam), with jetty.
Der Unterbau entsteht (17,5x62cm Gasbeton)
Unterbau gestrichen und mit Auflage
erstes Einrichten ohne Wasser
linke Seite mit Wasser und ersten Pflanzen
rechte Seite mit Wasser und ersten Pflanzen
Aquarium decoration:
Standart gravel, 70kg me sandy areas, 10kg.
3x Microsorum
3x Anubias nana barteri
1x Echinodorus
1x Taxiphyllum Barbieri
Special features of the facility:
Back: Back To Nature Slim-Line with rocks structure bright
2x big red Mangrowenwurzeln,
Blasted 1x quite large root,
a few pieces of slate, individually and as a cave
2 pieces Rainbow shale as a den,
A white hole stone,
Surprise a branch big as a shelter for the catfish,
a few pieces of petrified wood.
a Back to Nature backgrounds wall, stone, white.
a smaller Cave
Aquarium equipment:
Juwel Multilux Light Unit with 2x 54W T5 tubes from Dennerle. A ColorPlus and Amazon Day.

Both together controlled by a simple switch. 12 hours.
Tetratec Ex 1200
Other equipment:
300W heater
none yet because the pelvis is still in the running-in phase
Water parameters:
Nitrate <20
Nitrite 0
GH 10
KH 40
PH 7.5