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19. Sept 10 Gesamtansicht
Description of the aquarium:
North America
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Let 720L pool inscribe with AQ Bauer (www.fish-and-reps)

87,5cm high cabinet with specially crafted veneer / Decor

Base cabinet with 5cm higher doors as "gravel cover"

Base cabinet with 3 compartments and each with 2 shelves in 2 of 3 parts.

Cabinet of 21mm multiplex - completely glued (folded-over edges as spraying and source protection) - as provided on the outside with the inside Decor

Inlying overflow shaft with black glass and 3-way piping (inlet and outlet as well as "supply pipe)

12mmm German Float Glass stoßverklebt

Rear panel - wood panel (3mm) painted black - mounted externally on AQ
Beckeneinsicht mitte ohne RW
Gesamtansicht noch ohne Rückwand und mit Schieferstein
720l rechte Seite August 2010
720l mitte August 2010
720l linke Seite August 2010
Ansicht 19.10.2010
Panoramabild Gesamtansicht
Aquarium decoration:
ca 80-90l "Aquaclay" gravel (rounded 1 -3mm) - also suitable for Corys
Anubias barteri var. Nana,
Crytocoryne walkeri
Crytocoryne wendtii brown
Echinodorus "Red Flame"
Hygrophila difformis
Hygrophila siamensis
Limnophila sessiliiflora
Lobelia cardinalis
Bund Ludwigia repens
Java moss (to root and coconut shell untied)
Crinum thaianum

1 Tiger Lotus (red) tuber (experimental)

Fertilization by CO2 and
1x weekly with Happy Life Happy Plant Evolution and
1x weekly with Easy Life Profito
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Pflanzen im Aquarium Notriopis Chrosomus nur noch als Beispiel
Gesamtansicht nach `Gärtnerei` am WE ... jetzt muss es nur noch wachsen
Tigerlotus 720l August 2010
Special features of the facility:
3 large Morkienwurzeln,
Beflanzt 1 coconut shell half with Javafarn

reddish sandstone chunks from the environment (Marktgräfler country)
Einsicht Seite rechts Moorkienwurzel vor Überlaufschacht
Notropis Chrosomus - halbwüchsig beginnende Färbung
Gesamtansicht 01.05.2010 Mittag
Roter Sandstein klein
weitere Sandsteine aus der Region
Kokosnussschale mit Javamoos und dahinter liegende Terrasse
Aquarium equipment:
1 light bar with 2 x 80W T5 (Osram 865 & 830)

is controlled by GHL ProfiLux II

The illumination phases are as follows:
4 switching points // 4 lighting channels
Channel 1 = 865 Osram
Channel 2 = 830 Osram
Channel 3 = LED red
Channel 4 = LED Blue

Red LED 04:30 07:35 17:30 20:35 <- switching points
(Channel 3) 180min 180min 120min 5min <- dimming duration
0-100% 0-100 100-0 100-0 <- from% to%

Light 1 07:20 11:30 13:30 19:00
(Channel 1) 120min 10min 15min 120min
0-100 100-50 50-100 100-0

Light 2 07:35 11:30 13:30 18:45
(Channel 2) 120min 10min 15min 120min 0-100 100-50 50-100 100-0

Blue LED 03:00 21:00
(Channel 4) 180min 120min 100-0 0-100

Clouds: Channel 1 and 2 separately // // probability 40% blackout and 60%
Rainy days: Lighting Channel 1 and 2 // rain on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday // blackout to 70%!

Thunderstorms: Connected across the rainy days - ie Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday around 19 clock for 90min intensity // 6 // 1 // thunderstorms each day over Simu-L LED

Moon phases: Channel 4 // Earliest switch-on: 21:00 clock - Latest cutoff point 07:00 clock // coupled Simu-L LED to the switching times
Baasch filter (3500l / h circulation) - closed with approximately 70-75l filter volume
Other equipment:
Dennerle PH controller Evolution Deluxe - with C02 fertilization system (3-5 bubbles per sec -> currently - until the plants have caught) - 2kg bottle

Dennerle Duomat Deluxe - Temperature Controller
Dennerle Bodenflutrer
300W Jäger heater
GHL ProfiLux II AQ PC to control lighting
T5 light bars dimmable - with 2x80W equipped with 1x Osram HO 865 Lumilux Cool Daylight (6550 lm) and 1x Osram FQ 830 Lumilux Warm White (7000 lm)

GHL ProfiLuxSimu-L LED lamp - dimmable
for simulating sunrise (red LED), sunset and moonlight (blue LED) and thunderstorm (with white LED) - controlled by the GHL PL II (Channel 3 & 4)
Technik nach Aufbau in Einlaufphase
Blick auf die Verrohrung - mittig das `Versorgungsrohr` durch das alle Kabel laufen
Übergang von Mondlicht auf Sonnenaufgang 1
Übergang zum Sonnenaufgang 2
Übergang zu Sonnenaufgang 3
Sonnenaufgang ;-)
Vollmond :-)
20 Notropis chrosomus
7 Otocynclus affinis

In Planning:
- 20 more Notropis (or from spawn and the spawning comes sometimes by - now that the Corys are out should times fold)
- Otos be implemented in the basin of my wife (still no place ...)
Raubturmdeckelschnecke ... A. Helena
Notropis Chrosomus
beginnende Umfärbung der Männchen (Alter: ca 9 Monate)
langsam kann man erkennen warum sie `Rainbow Shiner` heissen
N. Chrosomus Weibchen
immer im Schwarm und immer in Bewegung ... daher schlecht zu fotgrafieren ...
2 Corydoras anaeus `black` - Venezuela - bei der Rast unter einem Blatt der Echinodorus
Notropis beim Liebesspiel ;-) 1
Notropis beim Liebesspiel ;-) 2
Notropis beim Liebesspiel ;-) 3
Notropis beim Liebesspiel ;-) 4
Notropis beim Liebesspiel ;-) 5
Water parameters:
Values ​​of the tap water (00910/45440 findings from 18.01.2010)
Removal temperature: 8.8 ° C
pH 7.61
Nitrite <0.01
Copper 0.004
Conductance 573ys / cm
(All values ​​can be found at: http://www.gemeinde-bad-bellingen.de/bilder_galerie/galerie/Wasser/WA08022010.pdf)

Beck values ​​(05:09:10)
PH 6.75 / 6.95 (day / night)
gH 12
kH 8
N02 nN
Po4 nN
No3 10
Fe 0.2

Temperature: 24.0 ° C (day) / 22.5 ° C (night)

Water changes per week 200 250l (no treatment / tap water pure) with 17 ° C water (colder it is not out of line because we have thermal spring water ...)
Dry food:
Tetra Min Granules
Tetra Rubin Granules
TetraWafer Mix
SAK Spirulina
SAK 55
SAK Energy

NO flake food!

Live and z.Tl. as frozen food:
Red & White mosquito larvae
young guppies
Further information:
Pool was planned in November. In January came the order to the AQ Bauer. Basin was at 15:02. delivered and runs since 20/02/2010

Pool was occupied on 31.03.2010 with fish

@ Jürgen
Thanks for your rating

The current stocking is not my desire stocking !!!!

I am looking for Beifischen for Notropis chrosomus. Specifically, these are:
Etheostoma "Yellowthroat"
Etheostoma Rufuilineatum
Etheostoma Caeruleum
Etheostoma Ramseyi

Two pairs of the above species were my goal ... but not find in Germany so readily.
Desired stocking would therefore be:
40 Notropis chrosomus
1M / 1W Etheostoma "Yellowthroat"
1M / 1W Etheostoma Caeruleum

Unfortunately, so far, all efforts had no success to the co-inhabitants ... but I stay tuned