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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120 x 40 x 50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Eheim Pro aquarium with cabinet and cover the cabinet has its own lighting and a drawer with water collection.
Ein Blick ins Innere
Ein Blick von der Seite
Kurz nach dem Umbau Februar 2014
Umbau Februar 2014 links der neue Innenfilter
Das leere Becken mit Steinrückwand
Aquarium decoration:
35 kilos of fine white quartz sand without soil or other ingredients
1 pot Microsorum pteropus (Schwarzwurzelfarn)
1 pot Microsorum pteropus Windelov
1 pot Anubias barteri var. Nana (Zwerganibias)
1 pot Anubias barteri
1 pot Anubias lanceolata
5 pot Vallisneria spiralis

Easy-Life Profito Universal fertilizer for aquarium
TetraPlant Crypto Fertilizer tablets directly at the roots
rechte Ecke vor dem HMF
Meine Lieblingspflanze
linke Ecke mit Höhle und integr. Pumpe
So verpackt hab ich das Gestrüpp mitgenommen
5 Vallisneria spiralis
Special features of the facility:
Armourstone (basalt quarry) a total of about 60 kilos which were glued to the back wall of a quarry and used as stone constructions (40 kilos) in front in the left corner and center.
Styropor einkleben am 1. Tag
Vorrichtung für HMF
Einpassen der Matte
Kleben der Wasserbausteine
Erstes befüllen
Umbau des Mattenfilter nach mehreren Jahren Laufzeit
Styrodorplatte für die Rückwand mit Fliesengitter, Baslatbruchsteine werden daran
Aquarium equipment:
LED RGB strip IP 80 waterproof and even to operate under water
Programmable with LED RGB Controller ink. Radio remote control

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 12V DC / 1 x Plus & Minus 3 x RGB
Power: about 12W / m
Power: approx 600mA / m
Angle: 120 degrees
Colors: RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
Width: 12 mm
Height: 2.5 mm
Length: 1 meter

The RGB Controller can be 65.0000 light colors and an infinite number of programs running play.

The intensity of the light can now be dimmed by the controller to the smallest stage and therefore the illumination intensity is no more question.

Dawn with predominantly yellow and red proportions, the light is raised over a period of 30 minutes corresponds to a realistic sunrise.

Daylight white with a light yellow-red portion

Dusk with mainly red and blue components, the light is going down over a period of 30 minutes corresponds to a realistic sunset.

Nightlight lightweight with a predominantly blue red proportion, simulating the a moonlight and a time of 2 hours in a very little blue light passes minimum luminous intensity as in a covered moon sky.
Biofilter jewel

From an internal filter Juwel Bio Flow M 3.0 is installed on the left.
In which a pump is the 600l / h promotes. With the Ansauggittern up and down is sichergstellt, sucked the sludge evenly. The pump (6 watts) is absolutely quiet and beautiful again energy-saving. The baskets of the filter material can be removed in a minute and have to be showering once a month. The filter is designed to volume pool sizes up to 300 liters and has installed optional corresponding nitrate and phosphate filters. A diffuser 02 ensures at the surface for appropriate turbulence and CO2 emissions from the tank.

The old filter mat was just visually by the move of the basin no longer the hit, because it could be viewed directly on the filter inside, the cleaners were indeed very rare but every time connected with a lot of work and movements of the stone structures. The new solution now has the advantage that the have a little more space to swim Malawi and the filter baskets can be cleaned in minutes and be re-introduced. So make no more stress during filter clean!

On the right side of the pelvis, a Maxi-Jet PH is 600 Pump 680L / h which runs only as a flow pump, providing enough flow for Malawi in the lower part of the pelvis. A more powerful pump made no sense because otherwise throughout the sandy bottom was churned. Performance of both pumps> 1280L / h ranges at 150-200 liters completely out I think ...
Other equipment:
JBL Pro Temp S300 W heater placed in the filter, here is a bracket in the plastic housing for the heating. The warm water is directly distributed evenly through the immediately adjacent pump in the basin.
Neue abgeschwächte LED Leiste
Unterschrank mit Technik
LED Moonlight
Blick auf den HMF von früher
Steinaufbau von vorne
Einer der zwei Filterkörbe nach der Einlaufphase Juwel Bio 3.0 Innenfilter
5 Mbuna Labidochromis "Yellow" 1/4 tomboy
4 Mbuna Labidochromis "Mbamba Bay" 1/3 tomboy
Scheiben putzen!
Erkundung des Beckens am zweiten Tag
Schlafplätze liegen hauptsächlich in diesem Steinaufbau
Gegen die Strömung...
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi Wasserbausteine
Schöne Farbe der Mbamba Bay
Fressen einer Paprika
Amano Garnele
Alle zusammen
Nachwuchs der Mbamba Bay
Inzwischen ca. 6 cm groß
Yellows in Lauerstellung
Der Herrscher des Beckens und der Nachwuchs
Schön in der Strömung faulenzen....
Inzwischen sind hier ca. 30 neue Malawis in allen Größen unterwegs
Maulbrüter wieder mit Nachwuchs....
Licht im Becken mit einer Folie abgeschwächt
Mbamba Bay im ausgewachsenem Zustand
Nach neuer Gestaltung und Bepflanzung Mai 2011
Mehr grün im Becken
Water parameters:
Update on 06/03/2015

Water purifier, mineral-based product similar to the Easy Life and
Carbonate per instant of GroTech to raise the KH and stabilize the PH

Temperature: 26 ° C
Chlorine: 0
PH: 7.8
KH (carbonate hardness): 14 °
GH (general hardness): 9 °
NO2 (nitrite): 0
NO3 (nitrate): 10
NH4 (ammonium): 0
NH3 (ammonia): 0
PO4 (phosphate): 2
FE (Iron): 0.3 mg / l
CO2 (carbon dioxide): 1.3 mg / l
O2 (oxygen): 4 mg / l

50% water change 1 time a week or about 75 liters in total volume 150 liters
JBL Novo Stick M crushed for cichlids
Crushed JBL Novo Rift 36% spirulina algae
Minced crab meat / shrimp
At least once a week with live foods: brine shrimp, white mosquito larvae
One day a week no food

Feeding is carried out in very limited quantities and 2-3 times a day, food is received within a few seconds of the cichlids, or sought from the sand. The dry food is to separate crushed so that it must be sought and can not be recorded with a time.
Further information:
For power consumption:

LED light: 12 Watt
LED Night Light: 2 Watt
1. Jewel Pump 600: 6 Watt
2. MAXI-JET 600 PH: 5.5 Watt
JBL heater: 300 Watt 26 ° C

The LED light is really great of its action and in relation to the old neon lamps with 60 watts a radical austerity measures. The light is no longer so intense and therefore more suitable for Malawi. Power consumption has been reduced by 70 watts per 24 hours.

Cost overview:
Building materials (Styrofoam, glue, silicone + stones): EUR 40
Quartz sand: EUR 13
LED Lighting + Power Supplies: EUR 80
Plants: EUR 30
Jewel Filters: EUR 50
2 Maxi-Jet PH 600 pump: EUR 50
Fish: EUR 60
Others (feed, fertilizer, water testing, etc.): EUR 50

So about 400 EUR for the overall reconstruction of facility and fishing!