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Wie ihr seht, ohne Hintergrund, als Raumtrenner aufgestellt. Blick Wohnzimmer in Küche
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
90x40x60 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Von der Seite aus fotografiert
Aquarium Barschbecken
Aquarium Barschbecken
Blick Küche ins Wohnzimmer
Blick Diele in Wohnzimmer und Küche
Das erste Hauptbild
Aquarium decoration:
Aquarium gravel 2-3
Breeding ground
Since I have my hergeliehen Aquaristikbücher, unfortunately I can not determine the plants. They are still out of the old stock.
Once I have my books, I will resent anything.
New plants purchase:
Rotundifolia emers
Vallisnera Americana, (okay, no Asian ;-)
3. No description was there ;-(
Did the tall plants planted in the middle because the pelvis is visible on three sides.

Krause / Narrow Crinum, Hakenlilie (Crinum calamistratum) Thanks to Pandora ;-)
Meine schönste Pflanze, Krause/Schmalblättrige Crinum, Hakenlilie (Crinum calamistratum)
Die neuen ;-)
Special features of the facility:
Root, clay pot, stone
Aquarium equipment:
Cover 100 carats
2 neon lights, a plant light
30 Watt Amazon Day
30 Watt Trocal S

The lights are switched on 8 clock this morning to 11 clock, and from 14 to 19 clock clock
We also each have a reflector on the neon lights
Eheim 2224
External Filter
Other equipment:
CO 2 plant, homegrown
EHEIM heater, 300 Watt
Technik im Aquarium Barschbecken
Bitterling Barben 10 pcs
Brass Barben Tri color 7 pcs
Eiland Barben 10 pcs
Danio Pathirana 7 pcs
Siamese trunk Barben 4 pcs

Old stock. (Coming soon out)
various South American tetras
Meine Lieblinge ;-)
Ein Versteck für das Bodenpersonal
Ich liebe diesen kleine Fisch ;-)
Danio Pathirana
Messingbarbe Tri color
siamesische Rüsselbarbe
Mein erstes Antennenwelsbaby
Das Gelege, mit Papa Antennenwels, einem Baby und den Eiern ;-)))
Water parameters:
Temperature 25 ° Celsius
The water change is carried out every week to one-third, and it is eMoves every 4 weeks to 50%.
Depending on the pH value, with tap water or distilled water

Co 2 20
PH: 7.0
KH value: 10
Flake food, Vegetable
Food tablets Algea wafer
Artemia Shrimps
Feed Mix tablets for ground staff
Further information:
We have the pool for 10 years, and have now reshuffled it.
Due to an error of the CO 2 system, most fish are unfortunately died. ;-(
The cash pool is running only a week.
We have removed the entire aquarium, combined with new gravel and soil.
With the old pump, or the unwashed filter up again. Water zugeabe with 30 l Backwater, the rest with tap water and distilled water. Water was added.
AquaSafe pure Altpflanzen trimmed and clean
After one week the new Barben pure, and We'll see ;-)
I would be happy for your comments ;-)
Greetings Alex