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Aquarium Hauptansicht von malawi Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
151*61*64 = 450 liters ~ 118 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Juwel Vision 450 with curved panorama window.
Aquarium mit unterschrank am Anfang
Aquarium fertig eingerichtet
Aquarium bei Mondlicht
Aquarium decoration:
75Kg sand
Grain size: 0.1-0.9mm
I can increase the sand towards the rear so there is a more beautiful optical image but in the end one sees e no longer much of it due to the cichlids.
Echinodorus ocelots (green)
Microsorum pteropus narrow
Anubias Berter
Crinum natans
Microsorum pteropus narrow
Anubias Berter
Echinodorus ozelote (green)
Crinum natans
Special features of the facility:
Slate stones I knew broken so that they are no longer sharp. These plates are super easy to build a cave landscape
Artificial stones
Pond Stones
Aquarium 3D Aquarium rear wall 150x60 rear wall Malawie
Teichsteine mit den Schieferplatten kombiniert
Aquarium equipment:
4 * 54 W T5 fluorescent tubes
2 * 2 * Nature Day
Daily 12 h light
100cm long flexible Moonlight lamp
JUWEL Filter System: Jumbo and an Eheim External Filter.
Other equipment:
Tetratec Aquarium Air Pump APS 400 (200-600l)
Heater: 300 W
EHeim Aussenfilter
luftpumpetetra tec 400 (205-600l)
I currently have:
*** 3 Yellows 2 males 1 females but already 5 young seen a male is an own offspring Have the aquarium.
*** 3 Aulonocara orchid 1 male and 2 females but that a female has eggs in the mouth
*** 3 Aulonocara Eureka Red 1 male and 2 females
*** 3 Aulonocara hansbaenschi 1 male and 2 females
Aulonocara orchidee (Männchen)
Aulonocara orchidee (Weibchen)
Aulonocara Eureka Red (Männchen)
Besatz im Aquarium malawi Becken
Besatz im Aquarium malawi Becken
Besatz im Aquarium malawi Becken
Besatz im Aquarium malawi Becken
Besatz im Aquarium malawi Becken
Water parameters:
pH = 7.2
KH = 6 ° d
GH => 6 ° d
NO2 = 0mg / l
NO3 = 0mg / l
TetraCichlid fish food flakes XL
Tetra Min Flakes
TetraCichlid Sticks
and other varieties
and sometimes self bred Artemix Artemia shrimps