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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Wohnzimmeraquarium Süsswasser
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Aquarium Wohnzimmeraquarium Süsswasser
Aquarium decoration:
9.6 kg Dennerle Deponit mix (first layer)
-> It
25 kg gravel 1-3mm (underbody)
15 kg gravel 3-5mm (top layer)
"7-balls" with larger plants
Crypto Fertilizer tablets in the foreground plants
Glossostigma Elatioides
Mayca Vandelli
Altheman Thera cardinalis
Echinodorus ocelot (red)
Echinodorus amazonicus
Cabomba Caroliniana
Anubias barteri
Cyperus helferi
Hygrophylla Rosanerva
Anubias barteri var. Nana
Hemiantus (Cuba)
and plants from the legacy (Vallisneria, Crypto .., Javafarn on stone)
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Pflanzen im Aquarium Wohnzimmeraquarium Süsswasser
Special features of the facility:
red finger roots with aufgebundenem Moos,
Pagodas stones
Aquarium equipment:
3x aquarium fluorescent lamps, T8 3 x 30 Watt
including 2x in the front area: Power-Glo / Aqua-Glo, Burning time: 9 hours
and 1x in the rear section: Sun-Glo, burning time: 10 hours
(overlapping by 2-he switches).
The 3rd tube in the rear area (Glo-Mat) is an additional installation for standard cover
Eheim External Filter Type 2224
(Standard filter structure + peat)
Filter-renewal as before every 8 weeks
Weekly water changes with RO water verschnittenem 10%
Other equipment:
CO² fertilization using compressed gas cylinder and CO² Flipper
Floor heating 20 Watt Dennerle
100W heater thermostat (not in operation because floor heating completely sufficient).
In the summer of next is provided the heat development of the lighting
dissipate by installation of PC fans.
40 red neon
2 Panda catfish
July 2 catfish one of them survivors of the attack Ichtyio
2 metal armored catfish (survivor of the attack Ichtyio)
1 catfish (survivor of the attack Ichtyio)
1 frying pan Wels (survivor of the attack Ichtyio)
3 ear grating loricariids
1 Grünflossenbare (survivor of Ichtyio attack, the other 2 having failed)
2 killer snails
3 Amano shrimp
10 red shrimp
3 Netzschmerlen (against snails, natural fight)
Water parameters:
GH = 7
KH = 4
pH = 7
Recycled water with RO system
NO2 not nachweissbar
Temperature about 25 degrees C
Live food (Artemia, bloodworms, Tubifex)
Further information:
The old pool (about 8 years old) was the end of January 2010 due to entrained fish disease (Ichtyio), defective floor heating and lush sprawl completely "entkerrnt" and refurnished.
Strong and yet useful plants and Furnishings (rocks, roots and. The like.) Of the old basin were used again without further disinfection.
The pool was for Exact water tests and 3 weeks break-back
staffed by 20 first red neon.
Armored catfish from the vorigem inventory were (from the quarantine tank)
as used again.
Initially, some algae problems, but which dissolve in pleasure through the use of water UO.
Weekly thinning and shortening belongs with us for Sunday afternoon Lichen operation.
Visible on the Neueinrichtungsbildern Zealand grass had in favor of Hemiantus (Cuba) out.