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 Ausschnitt der Gesamtansicht mehr past nicht drauf
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
über 7,5 Meter = 3920 liters ~ 1034 gallons (us)
Specific features:
4 pools with self-glued junctions where the fish can swim from one basin to another basin,
three 60 liter transitions,
1 x 500 liters, 1 x 900 liters, 1 x 1000 liters, 1x 940 liter tank
The 1000 liter tank and 940 liter tank with glued 3 D rear wall (Amazonas) and overflow for bio-filterbox have an overflow due to constant water supply (40 piping)
The 900 liter tank with a self-built rear wall (consisting simply glued from Slate, hole rock and separate boulders with aquarium silicone on the glass pane), in the right rear corner is still a small hamburger mat filter fitted with inside filter pump.
The 500 liter tank with back sheet.
3 biofilter with 160 liters, 140 liters and 100 liters
Adds up to a total of 3920 liters of gross which are on the second floor in the living room. Geschätzttes Total weight with particularly about 5 tons.
The good ceiling structure (steel beams and concrete) this was possible.
All aquariums are thus provided with cover plates, the humidity in the living room not exceeding 55%. In addition, air conditioning is instaled for dehumidification.
The water cycle: Each Auarium filters the water for themselves (pot filter).
The biofilter under the 1000 (far left) pumt the water before the 940er
(All Rech)
A circulation pump pumps the water from behind the rear Wannd
Also to have 1000 before the 940er a good water movement.
The biofilter under the 940er will directly back up gepumt (fixed piping).
The small biofilter pumt the water over the waterfall in the 900 (diagonally).
From the plant in the living room, the water runs through a small tube in
the 500 in the water treatment area, where it is mixed with 3 other pools
thereafter via an overflow pipe into the 200 liter drum with osmosis water and
filtered well water provided back in investment is gepumt.
All the water together what counted in the circulation is about 5500 liters are!
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Mitte und Rechs
diagonal 900er
lotus im 500er
Aquarium Aquariumanlage Diskus & mehr Becken 16219
Aquarium Aquariumanlage Diskus & mehr Becken 16219
Aquarium Aquariumanlage Diskus & mehr Becken 16219
Aquarium Aquariumanlage Diskus & mehr Becken 16219
In der Nacht
Alte Gesamtansicht mit noch 2700 Liter
940 Liter Becken seit dem 10.10.2010 mit Biofilter usw.
Übergang mit Fisch
Der neue Aquariumtisch wird erst noch eingerichtet
Aquariumtisch eingerichtet im Aug.2011
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel with unterschitlicher grain and layer height and sand at the feeding stations,
some long-term ground plant fertilizer.
All I get so, because at the high water temperature does not hold any long plant.
2 Big Red Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus)
Many Echinodorus species, 4 Marble Queen, 4 Green Leopard, 4 amazonicus, 4 gandiflorus, 4 ocelot, 8 dwarf sword plant, 2 Indian water Wedel (Hygrophila difformis)
4Wasserkelch (Cryptocoryne nevillii) 3 Narrow-Vallis (Vallisneria nana)
3 Broad Pfeilkraut (Saeittaria platyphylla), 4 Echinodorus Red Devil,
4 Red Echinodorus (Echinodorus reni), 6 Width sword plant (Echinodorus bleheri)
5 Speerblatt (Anubias barteri var.), 3 giant Amazonian plant (Echinodorus amazonicus)
2 Dark Amazonian plants (Echinodorus opacus), 2 Rotblättige Amazonian plants (Echinodurus Osiris), 3 Black Amazonian plants (Echinodorus parviflorus)
8 Javafarn (Microsorium pteropus)
3 Genopptblättriger water cup (Cryptocoryne crispatula) etc.
So sah es mal aus
Die sind schon etwas größer
Die müssen noch wachsen
Efeutute über den kleinen Biofilter Wurzel im Wasser
kleine junge garnelen red rusty
kann man auf dem Bild nicht richtig sehen, kleine garnrlen red rusty
nun sind wir groß
ich bin größer
ich wachse noch
leider zu dunkel
Special features of the facility:
12 roots two of them built the the discus fish you would like to ask, Slate,
6 coconuts, oak leaves, beech leaves, Walnusblätter Seemandelbaumblätter, flagstones, clay amphoras, flowerpots out of clay
Wurzel als Unterstand am Blumentopf Laichen sie gern
Wurzel als Unterstand im 1000er
Mit Klebefolie verschönert, mit Holzwurzel neuen Unterstand an die Rückwand befestigt
Wasserfall breite 1,42 m x  höhe 0,54 m
Wasserfall mit Farbe und Harz
Wasserfall inbetrieb 14.03.2011,das rote LED Pflanzenlicht ist sehr komisch
Nun müssen die Pflanzen und das Moos nur noch gedeihen
Rotbrustbundbarsche im Wasseraufbereitungsraum
Pärrchen im Wasseraufbereitungsraum
Stirnansicht vom Rottürkismännchen
2. Pärchen im Wasseraufbereitungsraum
Guppy und co im Wasseraufbereitungsraum
Garnelen auch im Wasseraufbereitungsraum
Aquariumtisch mit LED farbwechsel
Aquarium equipment:
Home-built light boxes with neon lights, 2 per tank T5, which has 4 large (T8)
all are individually switchable.
A neon light per well of 8.00 clock to 22.00 clock and all the lighting from 9.30 to 12.30 clock and from 15.30 to 18 00 clock,
and self-built night light consisting of blue LEDs that glow from 22.00 clock until 8.00 clock.
5 pot filters A 10 liter, 3 biofilter 160, 140 and 100 liters, UVC 1x9 W, 1x30 W, 2x rear wall 3 D Amazona behind filter sponges, 2 small internal filter, Eiweisabschäumer,
30 liter container with Peat in 200 liter drum is constantly durchspühlt with a small pump 100 liters per hour.
Other equipment:
Fountains, water purification 180- 600 liters per day, as required,
3 osmosis systems 300 liters per day,
UVC 30 Watts, UVC 11 Watts CO2 Pflansen Fertilizer Set Reusable 600 Quantum Special Edition of DENNERLE course with night off, a small CO2 plant fertilizer Set Reusable 300 Quantum of DENNERLE CO2 long-term test Correct with Special indicator liquid, a protein skimmer 2000 liters of seawater from me rebuilt at the end,
Water treatment area with 9 aquarium tank of 50 liters 4x, 2x 325 liters, 375 liters of 1x, 1x 500 liter 1x 100 liters, with pond outfall and creek about 30 000 liters of reed, as a biofilter for residual water
4 disc magnets Schneckenfalle homemade, conductivity meter, PH meter,
3 Digital Thermometer, Six In One monitor PHT-027 (pH, temperature, conductivity or redox)
A Luftkompresor 6000 liters per hour for 25 different large air stones,
for the aquarium in the living room, in the water treatment room, in the pond, in the biofilters etc. where small air bubbles make your work especially for the protein skimmer,
an ozone generator.
Osmose klein
 Osmose reserve
 Osmose groß 300 Liter pro/Tag
 Filter unter dem 1000er, Stehen nun hinter dem 900
 2 Filter unter den  500er
 Kohlefilter Vorfilter
 200 Liter Fass zum mischen
Hinter dem schrägen 900 Liter, 3 Ausenfilter und CO²
Wasserwerte ganz links Leitwert, oben links Redoxwert. mitte Temperatur, rechts unten
30 discus, (Rottürkis, Fächig Snake, Pigemon Blood, Malboro Red, Brilland Turquoise, Red Skibbelt, Santadrem, Blue Diamond, Snake Skin red, cobalt blue, turquoise surfaces, Alenquer, Golden Leopard snake skin, snake skin leopard, Stenker Tefe` )

9 loaches are in water treatment room,
12 catfish, 60 Neon,
In water treatment room about 20 guppies, neons 10,
2 Gold strip armored catfish, 4 Leopard armored catfish,
30 Rotbrustbundbarsche
10 Calendula Hand shrimp blue red or Red rusty Scientific name: Macrobrachium dayanum var blue red, Blue Syn Mexicogarnele..
In the Blue Mexicogarnele, the males are about 7 cm in length and the females about 5 cm long. Special water values ​​do not require the animals and the water temperature is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C, which is exactly right for my system. Some shrimp have already found the transitions between the aquarium.
Altes Bild
Altes Bild
Übergang wo die Fische durchschwimmen
So klein waren sie mal
Altes Bild
Altes Bild
 Altes Bild
Neugestaltet am 28.02.2010,1000 Liter Becken
Seit Nov 2010       1000 Liter
Seit Nov.2010        900 Liter
Neu verkleidet seit Nov. 2010   500 Liter
Seit Okt. 2010        940 Liter
Bock 2
Die Halbstarken
Die Kleinen
Einer der Größten
Der Rote
Pitchen und Schmetterlingsbundbarsch
Ringelhandgarnele Red Rusty
Futterstelle mit feinen Sand
ich fresse
ich habe schon gefressen
Water parameters:
pH 6.3 to 6.8
KH 3-5 ° d
GH 4-6 ° d
NO ² 0
NO³ max 25mg / l
Conductance always around 250-450
Temperature 28-30 ° C
Redox 350-450mp
Daily automatic inflow of fresh water and osmosis water saves wöchenliche water change chaos
Discus Frostfutter what the market will bear (brine shrimp, red, black and white mosquito larvae, discus Life MGF 200 intensive red, SV 2000, all varieties, etc and Lobsteineier soweiter)
and a bit of dry feed (pellets, Tropical D-50 Plus, Tropical D-Allio Plus and catfish food tablets and occasionally a bit of cucumber, pepper, beet, spinach
Life feed max once a week in the summer frequently (water fleas out of my pond)
Because I have small discs (6 cm) in the basin is fed up to 4 times a day, which are now big and get only 2 times a day.
Further information:
This aquarium system complete is only silk December 2010,
A general cleaning I've never performed every 1-2 months I suck off a little rag, as by good water movement will do hardly anything, there come a day
about 180 to 360 liters of osmosis water and gefitertes well water pure, is in a
Mixed 200 Lliter ton and moved by air, is pumped via a float garden pump into the pool, the overflow goes through pipes into the receiving water from the pond
The water heating is predominate with a solar system on the roof and heat exchangers
Zusetzlich I still stick together heater of 900 watts adjustable (heat treatment to 34 ° C possible), they are set to 27 ° C in order to ensure the minimum temperature by prolonged sunshine break.

PS. How to get better, I ask, to the idea of ​​such an aquarium plant in the living room? It all started many years ago with a 30 liter tank with stitch Erlingen of a small river close to me, then there were times small young fish from a lake and soweiter. 30 years ago in my first apartment, it had to equal a 150 x be 50 x 50 cm basin with 375 liters, which I still have, and it is still commissioning. When I expand the barn, on the property of my parents began enstand the idea two or three tanks to see. The static was this great, big fat steel beams concrete ceiling that could be burdened with fewer than amazed with 25 tons, So get and do not put a wall unit in the living room, but a stable flat route to 6 meters, a worktop it a few Squares and pipes and the flat track was done to my old 150 cm long and put 2 new 2m long aquarium top, finished was "only" act. However, I found after 1 year that looked boring out, my wife and I were still what exceptional. A 1000 liter aquarium it should be. At an auction, we acquired a 1000 liters aquarium, two 325 liter tanks and many small parts
(Pumps, biofilters, lighting, etc.). The 1000 liters of pool we had to cut apart because it would not fit through the door. Now, the second major project was
(Akt) in work after 2 months has been the work done and the 1000s was set up with in the living room. As I have brought all aquarium water to a height I was able to connect pipes and direct the water cycle through all the basin with PVC. But since no fish could swim through, how I do it anyway? After many sleepless nights, I had the idea to build a transition from a small 60-liter aquarium and lo and behold it's properly built so quickly a few other transitions and everything was perfect. Round 2700 liters of water in the living room was nice. Someday we browsed the internet and found a great aquarium for small money, we could not resist. The new cars Aquarium had absolutely still in the living room just how and where? First, a 500 liter aquarium out, the true fit but not a problem that large does not have to climb the stairs thanks to the living room, so on the garage roof through the window, so no problem
5 strong men. After two weeks the fish were pure swim here. This was the 3 act, and 4 follows. Now finally arose also a water treatment room, with 9 tanks and around the water treatment.
Now comes the 5 act. We acquired even an aquarium with 900 liters of which is that the go? Na diagonal is clear the 1000s in the corner, the angle 900, the 500 and the 940er on the long side and is good. After four weeks of remodeling is done, and all the fish can clean again, who rejoiced that at last place to swim because about three cubic meters of water is already great. On the slant 900 course with self-made waterfall.
The sixth act now follows even. An aquarium table, it must be even!
An oval must be it says my wife and a new semi-circular seating leather must still be my wife says it well. I bought the Aquarium table after two days he was there. The good leather furniture came only four months later. Entlich we could set up the aquarium table.
And now the lezte act of 7!
Feel good - want to relax Beobachten- be cleaned Staunen- discover- [...]