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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Formerly Vitakraft Complete
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Aquarium Mein kleines Erstes
Aquarium Mein kleines Erstes
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel - black - 2-4mm
- Anubias (think nails or so) 2x + offshoot
- Water Goblet 2x + offshoot
- Sword plant ??? 2x + offshoot
- Waterweed
- Chickweed 2 varieties (a thick "leaves", a thin)
- Ne unknown plant - side view of the left of the heating element
- Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (3 bunches)
- 1x moss ball
Special features of the facility:
- 9 roots (sort ka - so leftovers usually cost almost nothing)
- Kokosnußhöhle
Aquarium equipment:
-Osram T8 L 15W / 954 LUMILUX DE LUXE Daylight
-JBL Solar Ultra Reflect
Eden 501 with sponge as a prefilter
Filter data:
-Only 5 Watt !!!
- Max 300l / h (. Shut theo data - running at about 100l / h)
- 2 chambers (450cm³ Sera siporax, 280cm³ sponge)
- 200cm³ prefilter sponge
Other equipment:
- 2 x 5L Karni Ster with Peat for water treatment
(previously Te ** A to * around * n as water conditioners - were powerful algae growth)
Water change every 2 days 5L (I change every few days rather than a 5L times a week 20-30%)
- Söll daily fertilizer (3) half the dose every 2 days
- Easy Life Easy Carbo
- JBL test strips - 1x per month from the merchants Drop Test
- Bio CO2 starter pack of Dennerle (own recipe - 250g sugar, 1 packet of cake icing 0.5l water in a 1L bottle)
- Apistogramma borellii 1M / 2W
- 7x Corydoras habrosus
- 2x Anentome Helena
Besatz im Aquarium Mein kleines Erstes
Helena bei der Arbeit
Water parameters:
PH: 6.5
KH: 4
GH: 8-10
NO2: 0
NO3: 0-10
Temp .: 25 degrees
I do not measure CO2, the plant pearls in front of light going out and the fish also breathe not violently tackle front light
- Daphnia (Frost + + dried Tetra FreshDelica)
- Bloodworms (Frost red, white + dried)
- Artemia (Frost)
- Sera FD Tubifex
- Sera vipagran
- TetraMin Flakes
- Tetra TabiMin
- Cyclop-Eeze (Frost)
- JBL NobilFluid
- Cucumber
- Now and then life lining (white Muelas and Wasserflföhe when do you get good times)
Further information:
- Seemandelbaumblätter
- Self-collected alder cones
- Aquarium running since March 2009,

For all of the Dusseldorf area / Mettmann:
If you are looking for a competent fishmonger writes to me;)
know one in Hilden - do not know if you so may advertise here;.) so I will not tell the name - is a wholesaler (at priv people he sells also individual fish) and has for individuals only on Saturdays on but the prices are much under normal Aquaristikhäusern quasi knalla prices and huge selection;) ...

to my water change strategy:
have read desöfteren that shorter intervals between water changes is not so much be the values ​​in the basin commute - also I drive this strategy because after 2 days in Karni Ster the water the same values ​​has as in the pelvis - I do that feed right after - feed through . already is action announced since the 3 Min aspirate water and refill I do not think a lot more stress than usual;)

and yes I'll give them only every 2 days what to eat