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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160x60x60 = 576 liters ~ 152 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium was made by the company ATD Friedeberg.

Combination Measurements:
160 × 60 × 147 cm lxwxh
Enclosure dimensions: 160 × 60 × 80 cm lxwxh
Aquariums Dimensions: 160 × 60 × 60 cm lxwxh
Aquarium volume: about 576 liters
with high-quality 12 mm float glass

Aquarium cabinet:
Decor: Black
Decorative doors: White

Aquarium cover
with high quality plastic frame profile and drip edge protection
in the cover are rear left and right each 2 passages
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Ein kleiner Fisch im großen Ozean :-)
Aulonocara Eureka
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Aquarium Faszination Malawi
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Aquarium Faszination Malawi
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Aquarium decoration:
JBL Sansibar black ca. 40kg
Grain size: 0,2 - 0,5 mm

Rock: Basalt approx 40kg
In addition, are also behind the rear wall small basalt stones (ca.10kg)
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
It is quite easy to hold and multiplies through foothills.
The leaves show a beautiful structure and are currently about 1-3cm wide and 10-60cm long.
Grows up to now also very good with Led lighting!
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Special features of the facility:
Back: Rockzolid Kisar

Rock replica in gray, black and a bit green / yellow
Depth: between 0.5cm and 15cm

To install the rear wall, the central web was to be able to use this removed in one piece.
The hole for the Filterausströmer was manufactured with a hole saw.
The back wall I have seen on the left side about 0.5cm cut so that it fits into the pool properly,
this work and the opening for durschwimmen (a 10cm large adapted to the structural hole) I have carried out with a 360 ° hacksaw,
so that the fish can use the space behind it fully.
After installing the middle bar was naturally reinstated.
Ansicht hinter der Rückwand
Ansicht hinter der Rückwand
Aquarium equipment:
SunaECO Reef White 500 LED
2 light units each with 3 white LEDs and 2 blue LEDs ca.14K> 50K

Suna ECO Control
The Suna ECO Control can custom sunrise and the sunset simulate and program individual on and off times for each channel.

Lighting duration:
The lighting starts at 12: 00h with 1% and dims over 3 hours to 20% high
to 20: 00h remains the illuminance at 20%
from 20: 00h decreases the illumination over 3 hours to 0%
so that the light at 23: 00h expires.

Aquarium moonlight 120CM 60LEDs With dimmer dimmable waterproof IP65
From 22: 50Uhr to 00: 30h
Fluval FX5:
Capacity: For aquariums up to 1500L
Pump capacity: 3500L / h
Circulating: 2300L / h
Max. Lifting height: 3.3m
Filter volume: 20L
Power: 48W

Filter materials:
Clay pipes
Other equipment:
Heater: 300W Eheim
Temperature setting 18-34 ° C
Easy and safe re-adjustment (± 2 ° C)
Control accuracy ± 0.5 ° C
The heat is kept constant
Light indicates the heating function
Fully submersible
With dry run protection
Glass jacket enlarges the heating surface and ensures optimum even heat emission
Comfort cable length 170 cm
Suitable for fresh and salt water

Stömungspumpe: NeWave 2200L / h
Consumption: 2.7W
rotating water jet
Lockable ball head
Strong suction rubber feet
Extremely Quiet
Built cable holder
Natural wave pattern

This is located behind the rear wall, in order to prevent
that, too much dirt accumulates on the side on which the filter suction is not sitting.
Technik im Aquarium Faszination Malawi
Technik im Aquarium Faszination Malawi
Sera Testkoffer
Fluval FX5
Suna ECO Control
Rückwand Rockzolid Kisar
Rückwand Rockzolid Kisar
Technik im Aquarium Faszination Malawi
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Technik im Aquarium Faszination Malawi
Aulonocara eureka 1/2

Aulonocara marmalade cat 1/2

Sciaenochromis fryeri Ahli iceberg 1/2

Placidochromis sp. phenochilus Gisseli Gome 1/2

Placidochromis sp. "Mbamba Bay" 1/2

Labidochromis caeruleus "kakusa" 1/5

Synodontis multipunktatus 7

Distributor: Aqua House Gaus

The risk of hybridization with two Aulonocara species is known to me, but as I do not want to breed
this should not be a problem.
Remains to be seen how the aggressions of Aulonocara distribute goats,
currently it funktionierrt very good, should it start, a kind must probably move to my other basins.

Aulonocara eureka

The Aulonocara Eureka is a selective breeding from Aulonocara jacobfreibergi Otter Point.

Males 12cm, females approx 9cm

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi among the cave-dwelling Aulonocaras.
He peopled basically two different zones: The southern populations and the Mamalela variant on Undu Reef live in the transition zone, whereas the rest of the northern populations of sediment-rich rocky zone give priority.
But both variants is a strong reference to recognize caves, again a clear differentiation between the Übergangszone- and the rock zone Jacobfreibergis be seen.
The populations in the rock zones prefer large caves, which are also easily shared among multiple blocks, whereas keep those from the transition zone .Rather to smaller columns and this sharen reluctant.
Water depth of jacobfreibergi habitats
All Aulonocara jacobfreibergi populations can be observed in water depths 5-15 meters.

The type described here is one of the carnivorous cichlids.
About the aulonocara-typical sense pits on the head locates A. jacobreibergi invertebrates and crustacean in the sediment, which are then captured by a targeted kick in the sand.
Note: Amazingly, the meaning of the pits jacobfreibergi complex are slightly smaller than those of most other Aulonocaras. The logical assumption that the predominantly living in dark caves species have rather more of these institutions must, in order to better "hear" in darkness can, therefore is not a fact. To assume, therefore, that it is more of in the Jacobfreibergis a Urart the genus Aulonocara, from which the other, better-equipped types have derived in the course of evolution.

Sexual maturity males defend their cave areas regardless of breeding season, which, occupy nearly straight in the populations of the rock zone which inhabit large caves and several bucks together such a cave.
Interestingly, the most popular areas are always close to the cave ceiling, columns or just below it. The females cavort usually at the entrance of such caves and looking in the sandy bottom for food. Only very rarely can be observed on an open sand A. jacobfreibergi.
During the mating the females are lured from the goats in the areas where it is then also spawned - there is no evidence that the males build a special spawning ground, as do so many other ways.

Attitude in the aquarium
For the attitude in the aquarium to replicate a highly structured transition zone with many rocks and caves spacious as possible is recommended in the background. Nevertheless, it must be on free stretches of sand, which are searched in typical Aulonocara-way for food.
The species can be kept in tanks from at least 300 liters.
By unimpressive intraspecific aggression and the fact that several bucks together inhabit a single cavity, a group housing (3m / 6-7w) is highly recommended.
Naturally, the Harem entertainment (1m / 2-3W) is easily possible.

Source: Malawi guru

Aulonocara marmalade cat
Beck size: minimum 300L, bigger is better.
Size: males up to 13cm, females significantly smaller.
Social behavior: peaceful yet revier making.
Attitude: a male [...]
Sciaenochromis fryeri ahli iceberg
Sciaenochromis fryeri ahli iceberg
Sciaenochromis fryeri ahli iceberg und Placidochromis sp. phenochilus Gisseli Gome
Placidochromis sp. phenochilus Gisseli Gome
Placidochromis sp. phenochilus Gisseli Gome
Placidochromis sp. phenochilus Gisseli Gome
Synodontis multipunktatus
Aulonocara Eureka
Aulonocara Eureka
Aulonocara Eureka
Aulonocara Eureka
Aulonocara Eureka und Aulonocara marmelade cat
Aulonocara marmelade cat
Labidochromis caeruleus `Kakusa`
Labidochromis caeruleus `Kakusa`
Labidochromis caeruleus `Kakusa`
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25 ° C

pH: 8.2
GH: 6 ° dH
KH: 5 ° dH
NO²: 0,00mg / L
NO³: 15mg / L
NH3: 0,00mg / L
NH4: 0,00mg / L

Water change:
Weekly 30%
Aquaculture Genzel: Sealife proactive (plus "beta glucans" plus "iodine")
Tropical Spirulina
Tetra Pro Energy
Tropical Malawi

Frozen Food: Artemia

Depending on availability, live food
Further information:
I tried the aquarium set up so that there is a lot of free swimming space for the fish.
Left and right in the aquarium there are small stone constructions, planted with Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia.
These serve as a little privacy for the fish.
Hiding and withdrawal options are plentiful behind the rear wall, there are over the entire length of the aquarium constantly distributed small stone constructions.

Until now the Besatzt harmonizes very well with the establishment, no major aggressions!

A few Rockzolid Stone modules are planned for the future, which should be pasted as overhangs into the aquarium.

For tips and Kretík I am forever grateful !!