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Mein Aquarium
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120x50x40 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Panoramic window
Aluminum cover
Aktueller Stand vom 03.01.2010
Aquarium am Abend
Aktueller Stand vom 05.01.2010
AQ vom 12.01.2010
Aquarium decoration:
Soil base
0.5 to 1mm quartz sand Black
Populated mangrove roots with Anubias barteri
Various water cup places
1 Wasserähre
Giant water friend
Red and green Tiger Lotus
Would have liked red plants in the aquarium, but be bitten off by someone or?
Roter Tigerlotus
Neue Anubia Barteri Bestückung
Anubia auf Mangrove
Anubia 2
Special features of the facility:
2 large mangrove
3 small mangrove
Aquarium equipment:
1x plant light
1x sunlight
Beläuchtungsdauer: Daily from 8Uhr30 to 21 clock
Moonlight of 20Uhr30 to 23 clock
Eheim Professional 2 thermofilter 2026 external filter
Filters 950 l / h
Hopper capacity 9 L
Filter volume 4.9 L
Eheim 2026
2 Scalare
3 loaches
Unfortunately, only 1 gourami and 6 red neon
1 catfish
2 marble catfish
5 algae eaters
5 pangio
6 Kirschsalmler
12 Rotrücken hyphessobrycon erythrostigma
8 Signalsalmler
Many of the fish are hand tame and can be at feeding sometimes pat!
Scalar und Algenfresser
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25.4 degrees C
Test is carried out monthly by my Aquaristikcenter
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 8mg / l
PH value 6.5
KH 8 dKH
GH 7 dGH
Minimal growth of algae!
Daily 5mi EasyCarbo (liquid CO2) by Easy Life
Flakes Sera vipan staple food
Dried daphnia
Taps Tetra TabiMin for all bottom fish
Frostfuttermix 2 times a week
Cucumber, pepper and fresh salad for my catfish
From time to time Spirulinataps
Feeding 1 - 2 x per day
Make then really let one day Lent the week
Further information:
I am now for 2 years and aquarists have fought me at first by all Literauren! I wanted to do everything right!
The biggest problems I had after six months with algae! Black and green brush algae, exploiting Ehlen plants and roots significantly!
It looked horrible and my Aquaristikcenter gave me the tip with the osmosis water!
The plants were then completely replaced!
I have since only sporadically filamentous algae on the back wall, which I can easily remove with a wooden stick!
Otherwise, the ground is wöchendlich aspirated and renewed 20l water!
Plant fertilizer every 2nd day and liquid filtration 1 times per month!
I Love My AQ and my fish on everything and hope that I have in mind a long time yet my joy !!!