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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x63x67 = 840 liters ~ 221 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin, cover and cabinet are made of a brilliant company Aquarium.
Linke Beckenhälfte mit Schnellfiltermodul
Rechte Beckenhälfte
Aquarium decoration:
50 kg quartz sand 0.5-1 mm
Special features of the facility:
Back-to-Nature (BTN) Rock modules
Aquarium equipment:
1 x 80 Watt JBL Solar Ultra Marine Day with reflector
Lighting time 14 and 22:45 clock;
then 90 minutes moonlight (6 LEDs)
Eheim Professional 3 (2080) external filters (13.5 liters filter volume, nominal power 1.700l / h flow rate)
5 liter nitrate column (resin) in the bypass behind the external filter
Quick Filter in the left-corner module BTN fitted with foam mats + Eheim compact + 2000 (2,000 l / h flow rate)
Other equipment:
200 W immersion heater in the Quick Filter module, which is, however, switched on only after the change of water during the winter months for a few hours.
Eheim 2080
Blick ins Schnellfiltermodul
4/1 Tramitichromis "Red Flush"
2/2 Placidochromis "Phenochilus Gisseli"
1/2 Aulonocara "Red Rubin"
2/2 Aulonocara kandeensis

Gender relations are not at all kinds optimal, but the animals have grown up together from a young age with me, so that a firm has established Rangordung. Serious problems there with the constellation not. Even after assembly of the groups in the new pool, it has not yet come to serious frictions. The "Red Ruby" are still adolescent (April 2009). In the pool no juveniles come through, so that the socialization of Aulonocara represents no problems. Both Aulonocara species I have in my basement pool (separately!) Still breeding animals.
Placidochromis Gisseli
Placidochromis Gisseli, Jungtier
Tramitichromis Red Flush
Tramitichromis Red Flush
Water parameters:
KH ~ 12 °
pH ~ 8 °
NO2 0 mg / l
NO3 <10 mg / l
Söll Organix Shrimp Sticks
Söll Organix Color Flakes
Söll Organix Kelp Flakes
Aqua Food granules containing additives