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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 1567
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
80x35x40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Aquarium decoration:
25kg fine quartz sand !! Front 5cm back 7cm high.
Moss balls 3
3 Cryptocoryne beckettii
2 Cryptocoryne spec. legroi
4 Echinodorus tenellus
1 Heteranthera zosterifolia
1 Vallisneria gigantea var. 'MARBLE'
1 Myriophyllum hippuroides
1 Ludwigia arcuata
1 Ludwigia glandulosa
Special features of the facility:
a large root and a stone with "cave"
Aquarium equipment:
1x18W Dennerle Special Plant (rear)
1x18W Dennerle Congo white (front)

Is illuminated from 8:00 bis 20:00 clock
Is filtered with a JBL Cristal Profi 250 (slightly throttled)
800l / h
7l volume
Other equipment:
Euro Therm heater

Home-made CO2 plant, works great !!
16 red neon
5 Platy
6 Marmoriete armored catfish
1 SBB couple
SBB Männchen
Korallen Platys
Water parameters:
Water temperature constant at 26 °
pH: 6.5-7
GH: 8
KH: 5
No2: nn
No3: ~ 10
CO2: 10 ~
Granulate fine to medium, FD Artemima, FD black mosquito larvae, Dafinen, 2-3x a week food tablets for catfish, now and then a piece of vegetable, mostly cucumber
Further information:
The pool has been running for about 3 weeks, the fish have only been a few days there.
That the pool a little "clinical" works just at the camera ... in reality, it is beautifully decorated with natural colors

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