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The spirit of Asia
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
170*60*50 = 500 liters ~ 132 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The spirit of nature - day one 14. 12. 2009
The spirit of nature - 19. 02. 2010
The spirit of nature - 27. 05. 2010
The spirit of nature - 01. 08. 2010
The spirit of nature - 19. 11.2010
The spirit of nature - 24.12.2010
Aquarium decoration:
60kg Dennerle Black diamond grit Excellent optics - super rounded for the soil fauna grains - Protection of Natural Resources and Fish
Hardness free, CO2-resistant, Lightfast, grit 1-2mm

Gravel fertilizer: Dupla Root 600g
Ideal nutrient depot for all aquarium plants. 600g treat the substrate of an aquarium up to 450 liters. Nutrient combination with trace elements and iron in a format suitable for aquarium plants. Phosphate-free and pH neutral. Promotes growth and appearance and prevents deficiency symptoms.
Cryptocoryne x willisii, Nevillii- water cup (foreground)
Cryptocoryne walkerii, Walkers Waser chalice (foreground)
Cryptocoryne beckettii Beckett's water cup (foreground)
Cryptocoryne balansae, pipped water cup (background left and right center)
Vesicularia dubyana, Java moss
Anubias barteri var. Barteri, Barters Speerblatt
Pflanzen im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Speerblatt und Javamoos
Cryptocoryne balansae
Cryptocoryne balansae
Pflanzen im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Pflanzen im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Special features of the facility:
Red Moor roots
Wurzeln mit Javamoos bestückt
WUrzeln - Hinten der 15cm aufschub wo später die Balansae hineinkommen.
Aquarium equipment:
Light color:
Osram 840
Osram 860
Light intensity per bulb 58W
Light time 10 hrs.
New light color follows next week
JBL Cristal Profi E1500
High-tech external filter for aquariums aquariums up to 600 liters
• With overhead prefilter for quick cleaning!
• Filter tank volume: 12.0 l
• Volume filter media: 8.0 l
• L x B x H: 20 x 23.5 x 46 cm.
• Hose connections: in- and outlet: 16/22 mm
Other equipment:
Because I wanted to have distributed a desired temperature changes throughout the day is not a heating rod for use ... Because the pelvis is in the living room of my parents and there always !!! vorrallem in the colder months, never colder than 23crad Zimmertemp. is enough .... this perfectly, which is the water temperature during the day so the 26crad. At night the temp drops to 23crad.
In the vitality and color Bracht it seems the fish to go well.

Did the new skimmer JBL put into. Perfect thing !!! ; o)
@ 2.Dez.2010 ---> 18W UVC clarifier in use because of the germ reduction.
Studioschallmatten um alle Geräusche vom Aussenfilter zu `schlucken`
JBL 1500 --- Perfektes Gerät. Preiswerter als so manches andere ;o)
20Stk Danio Kerri Var. Thon Chong Fah

Southeast Asian Barben:
8 pcs 5M / 3W Tanichthys micagemmae

Southeast Asian fin sucker:
5 pcs Sewellia lineolata (I think it will be 2M and 3W)

White Pearls
Yellow fire
Pseudomugil ARU II
 Raubschnecke (Anentome helena)
Sewellia lineolata
Sewellia lineolata
Sewellia lineolata
Besatz im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Sewellia lineolata
Pseudomugil furcatus
Pseudomugil furcatus
Pseudomugil tenellus
Pseudomugil tenellus
Besatz im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Besatz im Aquarium Spirit of Asia
Water parameters:
Water supply by our own mountain spring
Water change in the run-in phase: every 3 days 50% from the 9th day a week 50%

Water values ​​from 18:02. 2010

Temp: 24 crad
Ph: 6.9
Gh: 10
Kh: 9
NH4: 0.0 mg
NO2: 0.0 mg
NO3: 0.0 mg (0.25 mg / l)
PO4: 0.1 mg (0.25 mg / l)
Fe: 0.1 mg (0.5 mg)
Cu: 0.0 mg
O: 9mg

all values ​​measured by Sera Aquatest
Organic -> color enhancers
Organic -> plants flakes
Organic -> With increased protein

Live food -> Artermia
Frozen food -> Black,
Bloodworm for Sewellia however small dismembered.

Further information:
In 2 weeks 10 pcs Pseudomugil Gertrude ARU II come to my constituents to !!

By, at the beginning but very slow growth, it has now changed after 7 months TOTAL ... It proliferates: o)))