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Becken Profil
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
80 liters ~ 21 gallons (us)
Specific features:
A chic 6-eck Aquarium whose volume we have calculated with a lot of headache.
So whosoever times a tip needs as one that calculates just ask, I know now how to do it :).

The cabinet is originally from my 54l roundels Aquarium.Haben only taken a stable wooden panel, cut in the shape of the aquarium and screwed to the cabinet this!
Aquarium 80l 6-eck Aquarium
Aquarium decoration:
Approximately 5 cm blue / red, fine gravel
- Waterweed (Egeria densa lat.)
- Water Goblet
- An moss ball
- Nixkraut
- Kl. Pennywort
Special features of the facility:
- Two different, small wooden roots

- A bright, large stone .u. three smaller stones
Alles an Dekoration zu sehen
Aquarium equipment:
Poor! Tube too old and probably too little watts. Do I need to look further for a solution ..

Z. z I have the coverage compared a 54 liter tank over it with a lamp with 14 Watt.
Tetra tec internal filter
Other equipment:
Jäger Heater 75W
- 5 Marble Panzerwelse
- 5 Guppy babies (3 weeks old)
- 8 guppies
Marmorpanzerwels Weibchen
Tuxedo Guppy Nachwuchs weibl.
Endler Guppy Nachwuchs männl.
Endler Guppy Nachwuchs männl.
Halbwüchsige Guppy Dame
Junger Nachwuchs
Ausgewachsenes Endler Guppy Männchen
As in 260l. Flake food, frozen foods, tubifex etc.