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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
66x30x35 = 70 liters ~ 18 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool is conceived as a "small" experimental basin for aquascaping.
Keeping the relatively small size of the financial expenses and plant maintenance efforts have finally got limits.
I am planning a facility to optimize 6-8 months and then carry out a redesign.
In this way, I want to get experience with different plants and layouts.
Later, a pool is planned in the size of about 400L.

The pool is open. It has been found that man thus gets a lot of "intensive" contact with the natural landscape.
It should be noted that my two sons (2 and 4) are enthusiastic about this type and like to keep your nose clean!
Is my first open tank - I'm thrilled!

I attached particular importance to the glass and the cabinet design. Simple lines, clear Berenzungen, transparent silicone, ...
The basin consists of 6mm float glass and is itself glued.
The aquarium cabinet and the Beleuchtungsmosdul themselves are designed, built and painted.

Feature is the agbesetzte to 3cm Aquarium backplane that enables a backlight and thus different sunset or -aufgangsszenarien.
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Layout 1 Sonnenuntergang 21.Tag
Layout 1 Vollmond 21.Tag
Aquarium Aquascape_09
Aquarium decoration:
1 - 3cm Dennerle Gravel
3 - 5cm Water Plant Soil (color: dark brown)
Pogostemon helferi
Eleocharis acicularis
Echinodorus tenellus
Eusteralis stellata
Echinodorus No.3

Is fertilized by Dennerle S7 VitaMix, V70 Complete E15 and FerActiv
CO2 is set at 40 bubbles / minute - PH-regulated.
Special features of the facility:
Seiryu-stones of varying sizes
Red Morkienwurzeln
Aquarium equipment:
GHL lightbar 2x24W T5 + reflector, together dimmable
1x24W daylight 6500K
1x24W plans 3000K

1xGHL ProfiLux Simu-L LED lightbar
Mounted below the aquarium as a backlight.
So I simulate Moondphasen and sunrises or sunsets.

On Thursday's rainy day: lighting reduction by 55%
JBL Cristal Profi E700 External Filter
Filter materials standard
Filter inlet and outlets and made of glass.

The filter volume is available for this pool is more than sufficient. Combined with a restricted circulation of ~ 1xBeckenvolumen / hour this is because of my experience wurnderbare constant water values ​​without algae problems.
Other equipment:
The entire system is controlled by a GHL-ProfiLux Plus II.

Open pool = high evaporation (~ 3-5L / week)
Regulation on float switch and small pump.
6L tank with pure osmosis water in the cabinet.

JBL ProTemp S50 - 50W heater thermostat set at 27 ° C temperature protection
Dennerle Bodenfluter Thermotronic 10W

Dennerle CO2 Profiset 600 with 2kg CO2 bottle and solenoid valve
Control via pH electrode and GHL-Profilux
CO2 injection through reactor project Aquarium MidiJET DM50

JBL UV-C water (connected and as required in the application)
Reverse osmosis plant in the basement
Water changes via external mixing tank with pump Integrated driver. Is coupled to the filter circuit (Gardena makes it possible)
1/1 red Colisa lalia - Dwarf gourami (red cultivar)
15 Trigonostigma espei - Lambchop Rasbora
10 cardinja japonica - Amano shrimp
4 Red Fire shrimp
8 Crystal Red Shrimp

I am aware that the stocking is quite at the border.
Was increased slowly after closing. Water levels remained stable.

Gouramis feel good, hardworking build foam nests. There will be no friction between the two. So pair attitude seems to be working great.

The harlequin were a bit shy. Lush vegetation you came very well. Lining acceptance initially difficult.
For these fish the twilight stages are obviously very pleasant. Thus advantage of my light control.

All shrimp work diligently (algae destruction) and have developed color top.
Lush vegetation, roots and moss as a combination seems optimal.
Crystal Red
Espes Keilfleckbärbling
Espes Keilfleckbärbling Schwarm
Zwergfadenfisch Männchen
Zwergfadenfisch Männchen
Zwergfadenfisch Weibchen
Water parameters:
pH = 6.80
dKH = 5
dGH = 10
Temp. = 24.0 ° C at night 25.5 ° C during the day
Nitrate <10mg / l
Nitrite = undetectable

Water change weekly 50% with a mixture of 50% osmosis and 50% tap water.
No watermaker.
For the shrimp at every water change 0.2g Mineral Powder.
JBL NovoPrawn
Miscellaneous from KITCHENS: makes you happy cucumber, pepper, potato, ... everything shrimp

TetraMin Junior (ideal to eat for the harlequin)
Tropical Spirulina granulate
Tropical D50 Plus granulate
JBL Novo GranoMix

Frozen Food: bloodworms

1x per week, we pay a day of fasting.